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Elemental Feng Shui

 The Art of Orientation  

Charlyne’s  Feng Shui Book is both a reference guide to demystifiying Feng Shui and an introduction to your basic elemental nature.

Feng Shui knowledge that grounds you in your orientation on the planet and in your personal spaces .

It is now available at the Friesen Press Bookstore.

Released in August 2018.

M. Charlyne Chiasson BID DFS has been a Feng Shui designer for over 25 years. Her insights and experience come through in her fun interactive workshops. Charlyne’s first Feng Shui book shares a wealth of information in a clear, concise way. 

Past workshops and Classes :

Pacific Design Academy, Victoria February 7th 2017, Charlyne offers Feng Shui in Design as a new 36 hour evening course. Hit on link below for outline and information.


 FREE 90 minute workshop/presentation at the Pacific Design Academy, 1252 Wharf St. Victoria BC  Starting at 3:30 pm January 27th , 2017 

Getting Elemental with Feng Shui and an introduction to Fire Rooster Year.

The elements in Feng Shui Design play an important role in colour, layout and energizing an environment. This 90 minute workshop/information session will introduce you to the basics of your personal ‘elements’ and balancing them in living spaces to create more vitality, harmony and flow. On January 28th we transition from the Fire Monkey to the FIRE ROOSTER. The element remains the same but the energy will shift dramatically. What can that mean for you and your element? FIRE ROOSTER 1 image

February 13~ February 23, 2016 ~ Bali Indonesia ~ Magic on a special island.



I am very happy to be joining Della and her group of amazing presenters at ‘The Spirit of Art and Writing’ in Penestanan, Ubud, Bali 2016. Dellas insights as a dreamer, artist and writer allows us to go deeply into the spiritual aspects of inner transformation. Held on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia, we can sink deeper into the process. The background of ceremony and ongoing Gamelon orchestras practicing and or preforming during ceremony wafting into your dream time creates a perfect setting. In 2016 we are blessed to be here during two large ceremonies; Galungan and Kuningan. The visuals are breathtaking and well the Balinese people; so gracious and devote in their practices of daily offerings. It a joy to witness their deep connection with the ‘Spirit of Place’ overlaid on their Hindu/Buddhist/Animistic roots.

I will be talking about Animals in Symbology via the Asian/Tibetan zodiac and Elemental understanding. I will  doing Nine Star Ki Astrology readings for all participants and also presenting excerpts from my future publication ELEMENTAL FENG SHUI.