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Discover your Joy is born out of the many ways I’ve learned how to transform space from the reading of symbolism. When we can pin point where in our lives we need more joy we can actually locate that in our home and work spaces. Instead of actually teaching you the multilayered theory of Feng Shui, we discover together where in your space and life needs work and go from there. When I first offered this course in 2012 I had no idea what to expect or what would happen from this approach. Magically for all 8 participants we hit the nail on the head in each environment! It became a personal look at what you need in your life and where you have to go in your space to shift the energy, or furniture to manifest intention. Its that simple! After 21 years of fumbling my way thru this work, as many of my colleagues at QI Mag International are located in Europe, I have discovered some unique ways of practicing Wind -FENG ( breath) Water-SHUI  ( life force~ H20 of our physical makeup) to be able to present ‘Feng Shui’ as basic as it is ~ being human on the planet. Namaste Charlyne

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September 2014
September 2014

September 2014



Nyoman taking offerings up temple stairs

Nyoman taking offerings up temple stairs

PUJA in UBUD,  BALI , Indonesia


On February 13th in North America at 8pm PST there was a Puja (ceremony) which released the intentions of The Year of the Wood Horse ~ These intentions, were written by those who attended my presentations on Jan 31st, Feb 4th and today in BALI, ( now Feb 14th ~ 16 hrs ahead of NA. Your intentions, if you were not present but are rading about at this moment can be send and added to our Puja because they are honored daily in ritual that the Balinese do as part of their living daily prayer.

In Bali, we are 16 hrs ahead of Western Canada or PST. This makes past future and present kind of ‘irrelevant’ in some ways but the actual ceremony happened between 11 am & 1 pm on FEBRUARY 14th on  Valentines Day ~ These hours mark hours of the HORSE between 11 am -1pm; the location of the HEART organ and on a day  inspired by LOVE ~ Valentines Day ~  It also coincided  with the FULL MOON and the last of the 2 week Chinese New Year celebration of the year of the Green Wood Spirit Horse.

If you were not at any of my presentations but would love to tune into the ENERGY ~ sit and meditate at some point between 8 pm and noon on Valentines day where ever you are. If that time has passed for you I invite you to write intentions for your year and offer them in mediation when it feels right for you ~ but a reminder that the NEW MOON each month is an inspiring day to do such a thing and the Full Moon builds the energy of what you ‘intend’.

Nyoman; our driver and guide

Nyoman; our driver and guide


I invited those present with me in Nelson BC, on the first day of Chinese New Year Jan 31st 2014 & with those in Victoria BC with me on FEB 4th,( the first day of Spring in the Asian calendar and the switch over day of Water Snake to Wood Horse)  and those who are here for the ‘Spirit of Art and Writing’ workshop in Ubud Bali, to write down intentions for this new powerful year. Those of us here in Bali held those intentions, which I had taken with me from BC, as I passed them around in the circle. We then combined them with their own which were sent via ‘Spirit and a Fire ceremony’  to be transformed into Prayer and manifestation for the higher good.

So please tune in On Feb 13th or on any NEW or FULL MOON this year to create and reinforce any intentions you have.

Here in Bali the group & I went to The Mother Temple ‘Besakih’ (at the base of Mount Agung ~ the sacred mountain ) on Feb 13th in Bali time. The energy was amazing &  we were gifted with 2 blessing ceremonies then went to the family Brahman temple of our driver/ guide Nyoman ~ which also was a rare event ~ so really we received 3 blessings !

Chinese altar at Besahki

Now this is the 3rd ceremony of New Year and dedication in the Year of the Wood Horse, we have collectively sent our intentions via Fire,  held by the mystical energy of Bali. This took place in the compound of Kejak, the Balinese artist who created the retreat Santra Putra for Artists that come from around the world inspired by Balinese culture. Kejak presented to on the first evening and fascinated us with his brief sharing of some basics of the art & culture of Bali. He claims to know so little its depths yet is writing his Doctorial thesis on Setkala and Niskala ~ the mystical unseen forces and all that you see here in Ritual and Art. His knowledge and wisdom and participation in the Puja was an honor and blessing. I find that my understanding of the Art of Feng Shui that is rooted deep in the Valley of the Dakini and Green Tara is directly connected to Balinese Culture. I hope to share more as I learn and feel such joy to be here.

Gratitude, Blessings & Namaste


view from top Besakhi

Dragon energy


Besakih ~ The mother Temple ~ Mount Agung. Bali Indonesia

Besakih ~ The mother Temple ~ Mount Agung. Bali Indonesia








Karja burning the collective intentions in front of Saraswati, Ubud Bai

Karja burning the collective intentions in front of Saraswati, Ubud Bai





















I was honored to be asked to join Della and Dale Burford in their “Spirit of Art & Writing” in Bali Indonesia that commenced on the Full Moon in February 2014. I spent time with them in Bali in 2011 and found their work inspiring and deep. Della’s vision to do her own writing/ painting workshop was inspired by the SPIRIT HORSE ~ and without realizing it she set the timing for the very end of the 2 week Chinese Wood Horse New Year. It was through our conversations that I understood my connection to the more mystical aspects of Horse and it prompted me to create an image of a horse with wings for my calligraphy for my 2014 annual talisman. I have designed and made these each year to commemorate and mark the Chinese New Year and to be placed in an auspicious location in homes to remind us of what that years animal energy offers.

  When she asked me to present to her group and be available for them to do readings/clearings or whatever their needs may be, I was thrilled! That lead to my creating three Chinese New Year presentations ~ one in Nelson BC , one in Victoria BC and the last in Bali. I had planned to leave Canada for the winter to finish a writing project. This invitation to go to Bali seemed more than synchronicity, as this workshop was starting on the Full Moon, the last day of the 2 week celebratory period that is ‘Chinese New Years’.

I was inspired to mark the 3 aspects of this special time; the start of Chinese New Year, the shift over day from the Snake of 2013 to the Horse on February 4th, and the finale at the Full Moon, by doing three ceremonies in three different locations. I was and always will be, inspired by the deep ceremony the Balinese create in their every day life. It seemed fitting to create awareness around how deeply our intentions can affect desired outcomes in our lives by sharing this with friends and clients in Nelson, Victoria, and with the group I would be assisting and learning with in Bali. For over 15 years I have celebrated this time of year by offering an informative and fun celebration regarding the current year’s energy, writing about it and creating a talisman of the animal year. This year, with only 2 weeks to plan, I was for the first time going to do this 3 times in 3 places.

I love how when we follow our deepest desires doors open to allow them to happen. I moved from Calgary to Nelson, packing and planning for this trip and with the help of dear friends did the first ceremony on Chinese New Day in Nelson BC. The second marked the Shift from Snake to Horse, in the middle of the 2 week period on Feb 4th. I offered this at Arakara, a beautiful Bali import store in Victoria and lastly the in Ubud, Bali at the Full Moon culmination of the Chinese New Year.

Holding space with Della, Dale and participants we set strong intentions for their work there, their exploration in Bali and for participants future intentions. I presented an in-depth ‘Wood ‘Spirit Horse’ teaching on Day 6 of the gathering. Afterwards I was available to offer participants what ever they may needed from my tool kit, which included Nine Star Ki readings and a look further into the symbology of Feng Shui in their lives. It was magic to be a part of this wonderful experience with Dale and Della and the class. I did yoga, relearned chakra clearing exercises I had taught my self years ago, participated in numerous ceremonies and pilgrimages to Balinese sites and met people who will forever be a part of my life in deep ways.

From not knowing exactly where I would be spending my winter at the start of 2014, I opened up to guidance. The wind behind the WOOD HORSE moved me towards my goal of learning more about the Bali traditions that follow the very core of Feng Shui Ideology and delivered me there to guide a group of remarkable people in a very special way. My gratitude is deep.