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White Metal Rabbit, 2011

Metal Rabbit watercolour by M.Charlyne Chiasson



On February 3rd of 2011 we say goodbye to the Tumultuous Tiger and welcome the Reserved Rabbit! The fact is, reserved or not, behind the Rabbits steady secure demeanor we will find a shrewd and ambitious energy that will leap and bound at the most unexpected times. The cute cuddly image of the bunny is only the surface of Rabbits personality & consequently just part of the story. 2011 promises a diverse blend of global and personal awakening, providing us with both intrigue & ingenuity with an interesting balance of tranquility and dynamic tension. Overall, a truly engaging year!


In Asian cultures the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood form the basis of understanding of how energy interacts on the planet. Nine Star Ki Astrology & Flying Star Feng Shui are ways of interpreting these elements as they shift and change on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This ancient  integrated system allows us to forecast the upcoming year and its implications as the Metal Rabbit year commences on the 3rd of February.  Forms of Asian and Chinese astrology are becoming  known in the west as more people use Traditional Chinese Medicine and practice Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Feng Shui. To fully grasp the underpinnings of a Metal Rabbit Year is to understand one principle:  and that is that Metal cuts Wood. Wood is the Rabbits core element and 2011 is a year in which Metal rules.

The Wood Element is Rabbits natural element or as we say in Feng Shui its ‘base element’. This is because on the Eastern Astrological Wheel  the Rabbit sits in the East which is associated with the growth of spring, new beginnings and fertility. It takes 60 years (12 animals moving thru the 5 elements ) to complete the cycle. The last time this happened was in 1951, so if you are 60 this year you have finally made the complete cycle. Congratulations!

This is a Yin Metal year with Rabbit ruling and depending on what you read it may be referred to as the ‘White Metal’ Rabbit or ‘Golden’ Rabbit as both names allude to the metallics ‘silver and gold’. This year, as was the case with last year, metal and wood are presenting and at odds with each other. This fact alerts us to be aware of hidden dangers or events that happen unexpectedly.

Metals ability to cut Wood can create disruptions of both a physical and symbolic nature and are most often sudden! In 2011 we will watch the steady enterprising Rabbit and how his natural tendencies towards working behind the scenes are affected by the hidden or yin metal influence. If you find that trouble strikes for no apparent reason remember that this may be evidence of  ‘Metal cutting Wood’. The antidote for this is that when ‘wood’ is hard enough, it can dull metals blade~ an equal and opposite reaction. This may create tension that in the most positive light may lead to a hidden solutions.  Either way this dynamic tension will be an undercurrent played out in a year when the peaceful diplomatic Rabbit rules. When such elements are present its always a good policy to stay calm, double check all your dealings and to take only calculated risks!


The dutiful happy Rabbit is considered the most ‘lucky’ of all Chinese astrological signs! Perhaps this comes from his quiet and observant demeanor, or that fact that most Rabbits are simply irresistible ! One way or the other, he is blessed! More practically ‘what appears to us to be luck’ often has much to do with Rabbits cautious, competitive and no nonsense approach. He may rely on divine intervention but know Rabbit works hard to get where he is! For non Rabbit born folk its easier to project qualities & characteristics of grandeur and miss the due diligence that lies behind the results. Rabbit is like that, his work behind the scenes makes everything look easy! Rabbits sweet and sultry side tends to sooth our fears, and his quiet charm easily wins friends and sways colleagues wherever he goes. Rabbits are loyal but their generosity can have a shelf life. Rabbits will easily ‘jump ship’ on friendships and associations when he feels that he being taken for granted. Rabbits have an adventuresome spirit and won’t think twice about moving on to where they know that the grass is greener. The fact that grass is the color of money is not lost on Rabbit born as they do know how to generate abundance and all that goes with it.

The prominent positive qualities of Rabbit born:  graciousness, kindness, sensitivity, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, good friends, lucky and flexible.Rabbits’ least favorable traits are moodiness, detachment, superficiality, self-indulgence, opportunistic, and stubborn.

For all of us this is a year to hone in on the ‘Rabbits better qualities’, adapting what we can use as a gift of self care. Its also a year to watch the more unfavorable qualities of Rabbit, taking note to control and shift any such tendencies in ourselves while integrating the lessons of self discipline.

If we can learn anything from the Rabbit it is how to live life to its fullest while appreciating the finer things along the way. “Why settle for less” is Rabbits motto! An important thing to know about your Rabbit born friends is that he or she will work diligently to assist others to greatness! If you are lucky that could be you. It’s a most admiral quality with the icing on the cake being that Rabbit will also genuinely enjoy his contribution to your life and will celebrating your successes and well-being.

As mentioned, Rabbit is not all benevolence. The flip side to his grandeur is his shrewd ability to survive at all costs. His morality is clear to him and its not just black and white. For Rabbits it’s about what works specifically for him but not necessarily for the greater good. Rabbits can play both sides towards the middle and look good doing it! He has a tendency to hold back and wait to see what his best options are. Rabbit will choose well whom he can work with to achieve his goals. As Donald Trump says ‘its not personal, its just business”

Rabbits know how to live the good life. His combination of resourcefulness and ambition allows  he or she to stay focused and grounded. It’s a quality that not only serves others but allows him to experience reciprocity and balance. At heart he is a peace loving & tranquil animal who moves thru life creating a path with ease and beauty. He is not only kind and good natured but refined as well. You may recognize the Rabbit born by the impeccable cut of their wardrobes, their overall style and how they seem to pull it all together effortlessly. They have a appreciation for the arts and a natural sense of aesthetics. Rabbits seek to create this in their overall personal impression as well as in their homes & work spaces.

Rabbits abhor conflict so are true diplomats. Rabbits will influence others in a way that is never too obvious. As such they do well in human relations fields and are the backbone of many companies and do well supporting politicians. Because of their sway and charm they are also perceived as, and often are, lucky in love. But remember, when a Rabbit gets bored or disillusioned he moves on to new projects and people. Rabbits ability to spread enthusiasm and his infectious love of life keeps the Rabbit lady or gent special and endearing to all of us.


This seemingly shy and definitely prolific Rabbit will spread his calm demeanor through out 2011. Rabbits love the finer things and enjoy security and comfort more than most. This may allow us to restore our sense of Balance after the Tiger whirlwind finally abates. Natural peacemakers, the Rabbits influence will have a profound effect on both the domestic and world scene. With diplomacy  the order of the day and Metal as Rabbits element we will experience his energetic as one who takes nothing for granted while things getting done with a shrewd smile.

The Rabbit is thought to bring peace and balance in the years that it rules. This calming influence will be welcome after Tigers influence abates and moves on. Metals influence is still present if not ‘veiled’ and may be disruptive on a global scale, most notably in political and economic arenas. We have seen many ecological disruptions due to global warming and earth shifts in the last few years. It would be naive for us not to expect this to keep happening as the planet is constantly shifting and coming into her own balance. Being aware of what is happening in ‘the big picture’ becomes more difficult as our lives are speeding up. If you have found that things seem to be getting out of control of late, use the Rabbit year to take time out and be more observant. In spite any and all disruptive distractions, Rabbit years are a good time to take stock and de-stress. The Rabbit has an uncanny ability to plan and see ahead. If this is not your strong point, you can use this year wisely to make future plans from a broader perspective.

Its important to be reminded, especially in a Rabbit year, that doing the right things for the wrong reasons will only cause grief. Getting in touch with what is right for you bodes well in a Rabbit year. Remember that when we are in service to others we allow a deeper joy to enter our existence, and a satisfaction beyond what we can imagine. Reciprocity is the ‘golden rule’ this year. Creating intentions that are less self serving but more self renewing will go far.  If you can, slow down the pace a bit and take time for restorative practices. Tuning into nature or spending time with family and friends will help. Doing things to support all aspects of your life will prepare you for all that will come in 2012, the year of the dynamic Water Dragon.

The mellow retrospective quality of a Rabbit year will indeed bring us a peace of mind and a quieter way of being than the TIGER presented to us in 2010. Understanding that Metal cuts wood gives us some clues as to what may create any conflicts; hidden or obvious. Rabbits born with Metal as their birth year element, 1939, 1951, 2010 tend to be more controlling and shrewd. This combination of a wood & metal creates a dynamic personality and year.

Under the seemingly quiet and tasteful  Rabbit exterior is a an astute mind that could catch you off guard. When you start to relax into the comfort of it all, it can shift very dramatically. Metal Rabbit years will test your ability to remain calm under pressure especially if you are devoted to taking stock and slowing down. Metal and wood together allude to sharp edges being dulled and wood being cut. To best understand this concept it helps to know that Metal in a liquid state its malleable and sensual, with unlimited possibilities. When it turns ‘solid’ it likes to remain rigid. Symbolically this is the need to control; to have everything predictable and unchanging. The most direct way to influence and soften Metal is to apply Fire (creative, spontaneous and dynamic solutions ). A more gentle and lasting approach is to introduce Earth ( grounded and steady procedures ) and watch as Metal is transformed slowly and less dramatically. To mitigate metals ‘control’ especially for this years Metal Rabbit personalities or anyone who has a strong Metal presence ( either as a nine star ki element, or annual element ) is to find the balance point. This will allow you to harmonize all aspect of your life. A Metal Rabbit can have a rather brisk exterior hiding a huge benevolent heart, or they can be the softer, friendlier bunnies who can unexpectedly pull out the knives when needed. Keep in mind that the later will rarely use them to maim.  They are there to remind you that he is no pushover. With that understanding we can navigate best through the year with a mind to rejuvenate, an eye to the creative and a heart that can relax into the mystery.


Looking back at the last Metal Rabbit year in 1951 we can view what events shaped the world. The one that stands out is that the first oral contraceptive (The Pill ) was first invented in 1951. With Rabbits prolific reputation, the irony cannot be lost to us. The first direct dial coast to coast telephone service began in the USA and the first color television pictures were broadcast from the Empire State building the same year. Make note that ‘the telecommunications field ’ is directly related to the Metal element and indirectly to entertainment. Many new shows opened on Broadway;  the King and I being one, and Judy Garland made a splash both in NA and Europe that year.

On the International scene we witness major events like the Chinese troops marching into Tibet forcing the Dali Lama to flee to India in exile. Also Seoul was captured by the Chinese in January of ’51 and then recaptured by UN forces in March of the same year during the Korean war. The first ever nuclear bomb testings were conducted in the Nevada desert in the USA . Also the Great Flood of ’51 occurred in the midwest being the worst flood on US soil before or since. On a more fun theme, the phrase ‘Rock and Roll was coined by a Cleveland disk jockey in that year.  Notable births were Sting, Bob Geldof , Phil Collins and Jane Seymor, which makes them honorary Metal Rabbits as they turn 60 this year!

In 2011 watch for world events that demonstrate the combination of Rabbits calming influence and Metals’ unpredictability. Environmental issues may be prevalent along with a focus on entertainment, telecommunications, travel and distribution industries.


Looking into the mythology of the yearly animal provides insights into the psychic of what we may experience throughout the year. It’s also fun to know how other cultures observe the yearly animal including the Asian perspective. In tracking the myths of Rabbit I came across way more references than expected and my conclusion is the rabbit is a bit of an ENIGMA….

The mythologies surrounding the rabbit are abundant. Most of us are familiar with the ‘the rabbits foot for luck’ myth, which has come to us from many a culture. Even though Rabbit was not seen in a positive light by Christians due to his link with pagan beliefs it was the Christians who promoted this ancient and now common practice

A uniting thread throughout many cultures and their mythologies is the Rabbit’s connection to the moon. In Chinese culture children see the ‘hare in the moon ‘ much like we have been taught to see ‘the man in the moon’. During the fall harvest full moon when the weather is still warm the Chinese celebrated with the mid autumn festival;  as important as Christmas in the western world . Children craft ed ‘Rabbit shaped ‘ lanterns and place candles inside in them in gratitude for the abundance of the time of year while celebrating the nocturnal hare in the moon.

Another myth celebrated in Buddhist, Mexican, Mesoamerican and Cree has a common story and may hold the explanation. It tells us of how the Rabbit who along with other animals has the opportunity to assist a traveling beggar. The beggar in all these stories is a deity who has shape shifted. The other animals offer the traveler useful items & assistance for his journey. To Rabbit the offerings were superior to what he had to give. Rabbit decides to jump into the man’s fire thus giving his life to feed the wary vagabond; the ultimate gift. The deity then exposes his divinity and gives Rabbit the honor of ascending into the sky to become the moon. Rabbits symbolism in many places in the world serves to remind us of our divinity with the moons nocturnal light guiding us thru dark times.

Rabbits association with the moon alludes to the feminine aspects of humanity. In Greco Roman cultures the Rabbit was synonymous with romantic love, lust, abundance, and fecundity. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and marriage revered the Rabbit as a fertility symbol. A woman’s menses and the mysteries of the divine feminine links Rabbit with moon cycles and ocean influences which are abundant with many a myth.

From the Egyptian perspective the waxing of the moon was considered ‘masculine’ and the waning ‘feminine’. Interpreting this from an Asian perspective the moon holds both Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine respectively. This connects Rabbit to a more androgynous sexuality; homosexuality and thus sexual procreation in general. The prolific Rabbit was interpreted as the ‘mad hare’ due to the vigorous & wild energy associated with its mating. For such blatant and obvious behavior the Rabbit in the ensuing Christian cultures was linked to subversive behavior such as witchcraft and all things that lead man astray. Consequently the Rabbit was seen as a forerunner for disasters of all kinds, including fires and mishaps at sea. My sense is that this belief is tied directly to why sailors & fisherman did not want females on or near boats or ships.

Older European Cultures also have the ‘the hare’ as a centerpiece in moon myths, reflecting the more yin and deeply feminine aspects of fecundity, death, redemption and resurrection. The headstrong Scandinavian goddess ‘Frejya’ represents the stronger and bolder side of the feminine as a feisty symbol of all aspects of love, sensuality and woman’s mysteries. The Celtic goddess Ostare like Frejya was also well know as ‘a moon goddess’. Hare or Rabbit attendants served them and were represented in their stories. Ostare represented both the moon and fertility and was depicted with long white ears like the hare. She was the mystical moon goddess who produced magical eggs that were were handed out as fertility symbols in spring. This pagan myth is the origin of the our whimsical and popular Easter Bunny. The deeper symbology is associated with rebirth, fertility and the renewal of Spring that is celebrated in cultures world wide.

Mythologies allow us a broader understanding and appreciation for simple day to day references. It also gives us a deeper look into the potential of what is ahead. In 2011 Rabbit serves to remind us of the potency of the feminine. The most profound & obvious example is Mother earth and the changes she experiences as she reclaims balance in wild and unpredictable ways.

It is said that the time for honoring the feminine has come. Unlike the feminist movement of the 70’s, that sought to compete with men this has more a quality and responsibility to achieve balance and healing between the sexes. Women are called to re-establish the feminine ways while guiding the masculine to reestablish more harmony in relations on a global scale. It requires each gender to do what is theirs to do, not argue or fight for power over the other or for women to act like men. In fact it is a simplistic role of nurturing and growing who we are as humans. For women to be heard in offering their perspectives in order to accompany and compliment the males ability to move outward and achieve. It will require many of us, both male and female to re establish and relearn co-creativity in order to find harmonious and compassionate ways to each honor each other

This process will challenge the old ways of codependency and victimization. It seeks to foster self-responsibility so that our interactions may become more peaceful and loving. What better year to embrace these possibilities than under the rule of the Rabbit. Rabbit’s nature will provide the fecund ground, and the irresistible lure, while the Metal will challenge us by providing plenty of opportunity to grow beyond our wildest dreams on the inner and outer realms. The potential herein is both exciting and provocative. No matter what your relationships are this year, they will provide ground for both healing and joy so long as you stay present to the possibilities!


RATS~1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, & 2008

For the most part this is a calmer year for Rats with a bit of excitement and a few challenges here and there. A time to recoup after a tumultuous Tiger at the helm. Healing and health are the main focuses for Rat born. Exercise caution around family matters as they could bring conflict due to miscommunications. Best to hear out all sides then take a stance; so bite your tongue and avoid direct confrontation as this will be vital for love and family relationships. The key for Rats this year is to put on your Rabbit face. Draw on Rabbits diplomacy skills and other characteristics that will serve you when you feel challenged. Money matters bode well so long as you act according to your nature; frugal and cautious. Do not let the calmness of the Rabbit fool you, remember the metal influence and know things can shift in any moment. Metal Rats will do best and are more able to respond and enjoy this Metal Rabbit energetic. It’s a pivotal year to make new business contacts, and stay focused on your goals as you set the stage for 2012 when you will soar. Maintaining your fitness and health is also important.

OXEN ~ 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 & 2009

This will be a progressive and steady year for the Ox born. There may be a sense of ‘catch up’ this year as the Tiger year may have drained your physical, mental and financial resources. Last years high energy is ebbing so you can take a breath and relax a bit while staying focused on what you need to achieve next. Try to be more flexible in the Rabbit year and less stubborn than your nature dictates. It will be important to keep a close eye on finances as you may feel the belt tightening under Rabbits watchful eye. There may be some sadness related to separation caused by relocation or loved ones passing on. Your dedication to physical exercise this year will act as a buffer to any challenges by keeping the ‘chi ‘ flowing. Although Ox has a strong constitution, health is paramount this year. Be aware of how you want to keep the status quo and instead  allow more flow and less control in all aspects of your life. Borrow the Rabbits approach of diplomacy in your dealings with others be it lovers, work or the day to day and you will sense a gentle transition and a new way of being.

TIGER~ 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 & 2010

Whew, you can finally take a break and get some well-needed rest! It may not sink in until March as the new year always arrives in the month of the Tiger, so know its up to you to apply the breaks! You will find the calmness of the Rabbit year satisfying and less demanding when you embrace the pace. There is good news and luck associated to with romance and business transactions. Tigers will have to keep an eye on financial issues closely as the Rabbit is frugal and you love the risks. Any challenges you face this year will be easily surmountable if you flow with Rabbits ability to ‘bounce over obstacles’. It may be difficult for the Tiger to hold back when you get your second wind in late spring or early summer but you must restrain impulses. Act only on sound  advice and make sure you follow your gut. You will do well to practice agility in all areas of your life; letting go here and starting over there. Overall it’s a good year for health and romance. You will feel content with all you have accomplished to date while you make ready for 2012’s Dragon to let loose!

RABBIT ~ 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987,1999, & 2011

Its time to shine, smile & lavish in your true luxurious nature. Typically the years we are born in are often a challenge and the Metal aspect of this year is no different for you. It can cause unexpected disruptions just as you feel you are settling into a wonderful flow. Keep in mind your agility and work from your intuition. I will still say that in spite of the warning that its going to be a stellar year for Rabbits across the board! You will receive much deserved recognition in your career and you love life is a under favorable star in 2011.  You need not utter a word, just smile and know that its all flowing so take your bow & teach by example. You may recover money from past investments and or have your natural charm assist you in keeping it moving your way! What ever you find challenging will have either an easy solution or a karmic lesson that you are more than ready to move with. Your peaceful beneficent nature will make you the center of attention, so use it wisely. The only caution here is to watch overindulgence whether it be it spending or imbibing ! Enjoy but don’t overdue !

DRAGON ~  1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, & 2012

The Dragon born may find the Rabbit year a little too reserved for his dynamic nature. If you experienced a busy time under the Tiger you can use this year as a respite as you are preparing to take the spotlight in 2012 and will need to be on top of your game. Finances will recover and you will feel the energy of the Rabbit as a good influence in many areas. Although the Rabbit and Dragon have history of conflicting personalities you will find your home life to be more relaxed so you can take care of over due projects. Romance is fair this year yet it has the potential to be superlative if you are willing to put in the effort. This will require that you let go a bit more in order to receive! Be diligent with your health and keep your vices in moderation while staying fit and eating well. It is a good year to travel and get a broader perspective on life as next year you are at the helm. Education is indicated but so too is staying under the radar and avoiding risks with money or investments. Tie up loose ends and get ready for a wild ride in 2012.

SNAKE ~  1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 & 2013

For Snake born the Rabbit year will be one of constant ‘flow’. It may be a bit quieter for you but for the Snake this will be a welcome change. Money will come and go and you will be busy with commitments and obligations. It is a very good year to promote your interests on all levels. New business ventures are indicated but you must do your due diligence. 2011 can be a stellar year but you will have to work for it. Focusing on your goals while networking within business and social circles is key for self promoting. The down side is that you may find that you are not home or with loved ones as much as you would like. The lesson is to find balance and be creative with your time management. The main thing this year is a positive attitude and to have an unfaltering belief in what you can accomplish. This attitude will go far in a year where you have the potential to do amazing things. With so much happening you will have to take big time outs or create a balance with health and spiritual practices. 2011 will serve to challenge you in the best of ways.

HORSE ~ 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

Horse born natives fall under a lucky star in 2011. It will be a stellar year for adventure and smooth sailing provided you are prepared and mentally ready for all your endeavors. If not you may find yourself being the cart instead of the horse. Intention & creativity are both the keys and the challenges under Rabbits influence. The Rabbit’s Metal may throw you a few curve balls so do not get fooled by the his quiet sensibility and keep your senses alert. Metal horses may do better than most or be challenged more than most, it will depend on your attitude. Investments and finances do well if you keep an eye on them with shrewd attention. Do not take needless risks with money this year. Your love life can blossom or bust, depending on what you are prepared to call in. Freedom is always calling the horse and so long as your love interest gives you plenty of space you will flourish. Rabbit teaches flexibility and sensitivity which are the best lessons and guides lines for Horse born individuals. Balance your tendency is to take flight against Rabbits tendency to remain calm and you too will find the sweet spot this year!

SHEEP/ GOAT ~ 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015

Sheep are one of the Rabbits chosen ones in 2011 due to the Sheep- Rabbit -Pig triad. It can be a great year if you play your cards right and do your work. Finances will be favorable even if you are catching up but do not assume anything and keep a watchful eye on your spending. Its will be a great year to travel and be creative. Rabbits will challenge you not to control as much as you would like. Letting go while being attentive is your lesson this year. Gratitude is key so replace worry with grace and enjoy what you have instead of looking beyond. Stay focused and present when out and about as unnecessary accidents happen when we try to do too many things at once. Meditative practices will work to keep stress at a minimum. Romantically the Sheep is blessed and will find satisfaction if in new or a seasoned relationship. With this in mind you can relax more, enjoy family and friends and take a breather from the stress of the Tiger year. Rabbits love of luxury will suit Sheep born and with the right attitude you should experience a good flow in all aspects of your life in 2011.

MONKEY ~ 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 & 2016

A good year overall for the Monkey but know that it will have its highs and lows. Tigers years are an ultimate challenge for the Monkey and now with Sheep’s quieter energy you will not only recoup but find support from many and unusual sources. Its time to rebound with fresh ideas and a new perspective on your career and life. Take your queue from the Rabbit and embrace a more peaceful approach even though its not your nature. Adopting Rabbits finer qualities and making them unique to you will be your challenge in 2011. Taking risks will not fly this year unless your confidence is backed up with your abilities. Your environment may change as may your home, job and significant other. You love life can be exciting, but only if you make the time to enjoy it not destroy it. It’s a good year to network and build upon the past as next year the Dragon will see you in a prime position. Although there may be a lot of change for the Monkey it can be tempered by the fact that there is restoration and healing. The trick is for the Monkey not to be tricky!

ROOSTER ~  1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, & 2017

The Rooster may face a challenging year after the fun ride of the Tiger. Rabbits demure and reserved ways are no match for the boastful, colorful Rooster so you may have to pare it down a bit and work towards your goals in a more thoughtful & generous way. What qualities of Rabbit can you put to work in your life? Adaptation is Roosters challenge this year. Investment risks are not favored as profits are low and often more will be lost due to taxes and hidden factors. Work can take unexpected turns but if prepared you could take advantage, like only a Rooster can. Its best to work from behind the scenes or join forces with others rather than work independently. Your love life will be a bit disappointing especially if you are particularly needy or looking for a mate as few tend to meet your high standards. If already happily paired then you will find new opportunities for growth and renewal coming to fruition closer to years end. Rabbit will ultimately assist you if you have strong intentions and reign in your tendency for drama. You may be able to turn it all around with a creative focus while trying a more conservative approach.

DOGS ~ 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 & 2018

2011 will be another fruitful year for Dog born as you fall under a favorable star. It will be a progressive year for Dogs especially if you have a defined intention of the things you want to achieve. There will be many opportunities to coming  your way with partnerships in business featured. Dogs share many of Rabbits qualities such as diligence, loyalty, perseverance so you will find his behind the scenes, steady approach easy to work with. The tenacious dog thrives in the comfort and security that Rabbits influence brings. This will provide the backdrop for you to step it up and step out. Unlike other signs this year you will be able to take more risks with all your creative pursuits. Love is aspected well and will only be a challenge if you allow it to take over your life. Any problems you may encounter will be met with easy solutions, as you are able to navigate and negotiate you way to success. You will find yourself in the spotlight and your achievements noticed. Take care to eat well, exercise and take down time so you are mentally and physically prepared. There is much you can achieve in a Rabbit year so best be ready.

PIG/BOAR ~ 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 & 2019

The Pig – Rabbit – Sheep triad puts you in a most auspicious position this year as it indicates success in love, career and a satisfying home life.  2011 will be a happy social year for the Boar /Pig born. The calm after the Tiger storm will allow the Pig to rest and enjoy instead of being constantly bombarded. Rabbits love for the good life will suit the Pig born very well and you will be able to indulge in the finer things this year. Although a modest year for finances you will hardly care. There is a lightness in your life that will just make things seem easy and you will have all the resources you need. Rather than dwell on problems, just know all challenges can have stress free and easy solutions. You may find that you are traveling more and/or re experiencing aspects of your life that you though were in the past. It has the potential to be a personal re-self discovery year with opportunities and attitudes being opened up daily. It will only be accentuated with attention to health, exercise and diet. Your steady manner will allow you to do just about anything you set your mind to this year! Enjoy!