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I am an Interior Designer with an extensive background in feng shui design and its application. I have a degree in Interior design & architecture from Ryerson University in Toronto and also hold a diploma in Feng Shui: Advanced Studies from Qi-Mag International , under the tutelage of Dr. Jes Lim. My work includes energetic space clearing and rebalancing & was taught to me by both students of Dr. Lim & his acclaimed associate, Dowser Eric Dowset.



The first Feng Shui Home I designed was for an Asian client living in Vancouver and was to be built in Rossland BC. The use of  Feng Shui principles was vital this for this clients new homes design. We worked initially with ideas and concepts from sketches and plans he was drawn to. From here I created a unique space & a floor plan for a 3 story home that included all aspects of Feng Shui, interior design, and architecture; from the inside out. The project was than passed over to an architect to create the shell for the design. He combined his talents with mine to create an exceptional space. The design reflects Feng Shui Design at its best and was a collaboarive effort between the client and an architect totally new to Feng Shui. The home was to be built in Rossland in the spring of 2011, the year of the Metal Rabbit, the same year and element as the homes new owner. 

During the process of this house design, my ciient asked me to do redesign his condo in Vancouver as it would have to be sold when this house design was complete. My portfolio shows this condo and its transformation. My client fell in love with the transformation of his living space. He also had met a special someone whom he wanted to spend time. Even after considerable investment in his retirement home in Rossland, He decided to remain in Vancouver and enjoy his new Feng Shui Condo. Feng Shui can transform a space and allow you the very things you wanted, with out knowing you have ever desired them.


Another major project I was the Feng Shui Interior Designer for was the MIR Center for Peace, located at Selkirk College in Castlegar. This appointment allowed me to practice my skills in Design, Feng Shui and Geomantic earth re balancing through activated dowsing applications. ( see geophysical page)


Amongst my favorite diagnostic tools is a type of Asian Astrology called ‘Nine Star Ki’.  Its use in consultations allows me a deeper knowledge base from which to work. As a separate function, I do readings for businesses in order to determine compatibilities in the work place. I also offer it  the form of individual and couple readings. NINE STAR KI  provides insights into personal elemental balance, as well as pinpoints health and well being issues. It addresses directional orientation in the home and workplace, provides guidance for career development plus assists in directional movement for travel and the relocating to a new home or business space.


I have also co taught geomancy, garden and dowsing courses with Pietro M.Comelli a fellow dowser and student of Eric Dowsett. Other courses offered include Landscape & Garden Activation,Tao and Zen Garden Design plus specialty courses in Interior Sesign, Geomantic Dowsing and customized classes in Feng Shui for parents with young children, teens and travelers. Watch for updates and courses on my workshop page.

I am available for appointments, consultations, inquiries and for speaking engagements. I do pro-bono work for specialty groups and situations. Please feel free to contact me at 1-250-509-0536.