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Three Hot Tips for the Earth Dog Year!

What will inspire us in this New Asian Calendar year?

Festival of Lights, Vancouver BC 2017

3 Inspiring Lanterns at the Festival of Lights,     Vancouver BC, 2017 /photo M.A. Camaiani

It continues to feel like winter even though the sun is making its gradual return to warm us up. Summer in the southern hemisphere will keep our Aussie friends preoccupied for now, but how to get through March if you don’t live on a ski hill?

Here are THREE Feng Shui Fusion Solution insights* that may set you up for spring in a very different way.

FIRST: Think like an investor! ummm, but what if you have zero to invest?! It does not matter, stop and take some time to think about what and how you would invest if you had a windfall. Talk to people about what they are doing. Are they buying bitcoin, land, stocks in new markets or are they keeping to a proven path. When you start thinking like an investor, guess what! Things happen! Your ‘field energy’ expands and you are open to receiving abundance from channels other than what you are use to or expect! With the Earth Dog year favouring up front and altruistic money luck, you won’t know until you try, right?

SECOND: Volunteer! The gift of time is so valuable to so many who need it. Whether it is at your local shelter, giving a free lecture in something that you are good at or showing up at a soup kitchen to help out. I think we have all wanted to and if we have not, then its time. The energy of the Earth Dog is one of giving and leaving no one out. This is a great year to open that door and feel, what time and attention given freely does. You will be surprised!

THIRD Get a reading! Over the years I’ve learned that Feng Shui Astrology (Nine Star Ki), The Tao and Tarot are much like dowsing. When you trust the information you seek the answers are often right there. There are great ‘readers’ all over so seek one out. Or try something completely new with Nine Star Ki. It actually guides you month by month through transitions for 2018. It provides valuable information about relationships, core personality and career. There are great discounts if you book your reading now, before March 1st 2018. All you need to do is book say yes, make a date and get great insights into your year.

Discount extended until EASTER weekend / April 1st 2018 ~ Book before then and enjoy some insights! Email me at ! Spring is right around the corner ~ lots to consider, especially our intentions ! 

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