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Spring Renewal through: Revolution

 PART ONE: Revolution can mean Letting go

The tulip gives us hope of Spring

What is it that we ‘hold on to’ and why is it so hard to just let go?

Feng Shui is at the essence of who we are. The metaphor behind ‘an issue’ is what we seek when assisting those who want to ‘change things up’ but are having difficulty letting go. Whether it be years of clutter, or an old warn out sofa.

With Spring we feel the stirrings of renewal. We want our energy to match that of the returning sun. But with Sun comes vision. It shines its light into dusty corners and exposes what needs change. Transformation asks if we can find a new way of doing things.


It’s a season which benefits from our taking stock, much as this Earth Dog begs us to a deeper examination. Letting go of emotional attachments that do not serve can be tied profoundly to physical things we own yet no longer need. Spring begs us to bring light to dark places and gives us the perfect opportunity to clean up and clean out.

Where to begin you may ask.

STEP ONE: Start small and observe the results. If you have a junk drawer in your kitchen or a junk closet, start there. These areas are metaphors for all the loose ends in life. Take note how you feel prior, during and after the process. You may be surprised at the ‘revolution’ and revelation that occurs.

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