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Shaking a Tail Feather~ Good bye to the Fire Rooster

full moon penangEveryone I talk to these days is going through intense events. We are feeling the amped up energy of a rapidly approaching ‘super moon’, the last full moon of the Fire Rooster Year!  This Rooster is shaking his tail feathers and bellowing a mighty cry which coincides with a lunar eclipse reaching its apex January 31st.

As my predictions for the FIRE ROOSTER Year warned, Roosters are showy but its what they are hiding that you have to be aware of. *link below


This painting by a west coast artist was on the wall at a place I was living in Vancouver. Formidable Fire Rooster; whose presence is really being felt this year!

The Formidable Fire Rooster whose presence is reluctant to let go in early 2018. *photo of West Coast Artist Elaine Savoie’s powerful rendition of a Rooster.

Each year just before the Asian new year, the animal who’s year is ending makes one last energetic imprint! As we are heading towards a more grounded Earth Dog year we are witnessing lunar events that takes this imprint to another level of intensity!

The subversive and explosive energy of the Fire Rooster is creating a feeling of unpredictability; affecting many  aspects of our lives. Whether it be wind storms, power outages, sudden change of plans or a change of heart; it seemingly comes from nowhere. Holding ones ground when we feel influenced by sources out of our control is not easy now.

Also Capricorn’s influence has been pushing us to stay focused and on task, testing our discipline as we shift into the Aquarian ‘blast off’ stage. This requires us to evaluate what we can control and what we cannot. Is it possible for us to simply surrender to the demands of the moment? When we do there is no time for stress or worry, just focus!

Self care is probably the most important thing right now. While all else swirls around us, keeping to our daily practices or creating them is empowering and valuable.  Taking time alone, doing yoga, meditating, taking long walks, seeking solace in nature or simply spending quality time with family and friends will pay off. It gives us time to breathe and know that this too shall pass.

The Fire Rooster energy will blow over. After January 31st, allow your focus and intentions for 2018 to hone in on the power of the next New Moon and the grounded stability of the Earth Dog.


And yes, the Earth Dog Year will have its own surprises and challenges. We will however see our paths more clearly as his loyal and transparent persona takes over. * stay tuned for Year of the Earth Dog page!

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