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Navigating 2018 with 9*Ki Astrology

Asian Astrology and Feng Shui Fusion

Yang astrology (Western) balances out the Yin astrology of Nine *Star Ki with specific insights into 9 personality types and the 5 elements that rule them.

elemental flowerI get very excited about how amazing readings are when I receive responses like these ….

My Nine star Ki and Elemental Tao reading with Charlyne has given me outstanding insights and a clear perspective. It allows me to trust my process and understand the importance of details that I may have overlooked. The expansion and ease I feel from this reading is something everyone should experience.                        

Amy Kokoska of Hayoka Yoga, January 2018, Dublin, Ireland

“Charlyne provided a Nine Star Ki reading which was just great. Exactly what I needed to guide me forward on this great year of change and mystery. Charlyne provides a knowledgeable and important service. I have particular projects I want to develop this year and the monthly guide in particular provides me an awareness for when best to engage and develop and when to spend time germinating ideas.”

Madonna MacInnis , Cape Breton Island, NS

Nine Star Ki or Feng Shui astrology can guide you towards clarity whether that be for health, finance, relationship, career or travel. Readings done annually chart your energy and timing through the months, allowing you to know when you will be ‘seen’ or noticed or when to lay low.

Combined with the wisdom of the Tao, these readings have a balancing effect whether just for yourself, a couple, family or group.


The Magic Square houses 9 numbers on a grid and relates to the Feng Shui Compass ( Bagua) and the five elements.

The Magic Square houses Nine Personalities and relates to the Feng Shui Compass (Bagua) & the Five Elements. Its wisdom can reveal directional energy for travel, career information and relationship compatibility. 9*Ki Readings reveal much fascinating personal information.

In these seemingly unpredictable times, finding balance and calm to move through then is a gift. I am honoured to have spend 15 years guiding people through this deeply personal process.

In honour of the 2018 Earth Dog Year, I will offer you a 15% discount on readings if you book prior to the end of the 2 week Chinese New Years celebratory period March 2, 2018

Readings are done on line after information is processed. There are a several reading styles to choose from. Go to Power Readings with Nine Star Ki on this web page, link above.

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