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Sensual Sweetness ~ A Sweetheart of a Day & Deal ~ 30% off Relationship Readings

Love and Money ~ big themes for the Year of The Year Dog!

Love and Money ~ Big themes for the Year of The Year Dog!

FEB 14th~Valentines Day FEB 16th~Chinese New Years

It’s not every year that these two days are side by side, but occasionally Chinese New Years and Valentines Day coincide. What stands out for me in this upcoming Earth Dog Year is the energy of LOVE that will permeate 2018. Dog years are perfect for love and romance in general. Dogs are very unconditional in the way they love, accept and cherish us. Their loyalty is unsurpassed and their faith is unwavering. In 2018 if you are single and wanting to find a mate, this is a prime year to do so! If you are in a relationship and want to take it to another level, this is the year that you can go deeper. And yes a great year to tie the knot.

So how do you find out?

May I suggest a Nine Star Ki astrology reading as a gift for your relationship. Often the primary energies in a relationship work but the secondary energies are at odds with each other. We each have basic elements that define who we are and at times the combinations affect a relationship in profound ways. 

-Do you want to know if your relationship has potential for longevity?

-Do you want to know what is keeping a relationship from moving forward?

-Do you want to know if a new relationship is worth going all in for?

-Do you want to know who is compatible with you?

-Do you want the tools to figure out who matches with you? 

-Do you want to understand the challenges in your current relationship and move past them?

Nine Star Ki is a perfect way to find out all these things. Viability, depth and intimacy is what we all want in our relationships. This applies to that special someone and to all close relationships, whether it be family, co workers or friends.  Nine Star Ki is an amazing tool to explore what is really going on and how to maximize its potential.

I am offering a 30% discount for of all RELATIONSHIP READINGS and 15% discount on all other Nine Star Ki readings when booked before or during the 2 week Chinese New Year Celebratory Period; February 16th to March 2nd 2018.  

Sensual Sweetness is a byproduct of the Earth Dog tones and variety.

Sensual Sweetness is a byproduct of the Earth Dog Year…earth tones and variety.



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