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Feng Shui Fusion ~ It comes in Threes

Valentines, a New Moon and Chinese New Years ~ Three in a row, a Feng Shui Fusion Solution not a Superstition!


Have you ever heard the old wives tale, it comes in 3’s? My generation was more influenced by these superstitions but I have personally experienced the phenomena. For many, Feng Shui cures are akin to superstition and with good reason. When the dynasties started using Feng Shui practices, they wanted power and prestige. Leaking inappropriate information and ‘cures’ under the guise of Feng Shui, created a belief system in the common folk and their ensuing practices. To this day these beliefs permeate what the rest of the world thinks of Feng Shui. For me as a designer with 24 years practice it is the perfect ‘Art of Orientation’ 

As we sit in the middle of three days of influence; Valentines, A New Moon/ Solar Eclipse and Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog, I want to share my Feng Shui fusion impulses. All three calendar events are pretty exciting and indicative of the new beginnings. With a 3x energy there is a chance to regroup and reevaluate as we bask in the sun and longer days of impending Spring.

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These three Intuitive Fusion ideas may inspire and focus your energy.

1) Clean House; whether this be an actually clutter clearing, or metaphorically ‘letting go’ the energy of winters last days. It is a  perfect time to take stalk and rid ourselves of what does not serve us any longer.

2) Make Lists; New moons are a great time to list what we want, or even list what we don’t want. The power behind committing ideas to paper and revising it the next new moon is powerful. Crossing off a list is an empowering feeling and being aware of what we need to accomplish by even creating a list works much the same.

3) Commit; Start a new project, exercise plan, or do something for yourself or others that you have been thinking of. Use the energy of this New Moon, New Chinese Animal and the promise of spring as the wind in your sails.

*Feng Shui Fusion is a melding of ancient wisdom with modern challenges to allow for healthy homes and hearts.

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