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2018 New Moons and Dog Years

What to expect with Jan and Feb New Moons 

Earth Dog

As January’s New Moon slides in and restores you resolve to shift things in 2018 know that  February’s New Moon begins the Year of the Earth Dog on the Asian Calendar.

A huge shift from the Fire Rooster, the Dog will demand loyalty, common sense and stability. Things that have been hidden by the flashy Fire Rooster will be revealed and whether that be good or bad, whats up is out! Being an Earth influenced Dog, you will see justice and environmental issues at the forefront with the media having a field day keeping us informed.

Its a year for getting grounded and being real in your life. Time to nurture family and friendships and to know who has your back! Dogs are about loyalty, devotion and yes romance. A good time to be clear about who you want in your life or how you can be ‘a better you’ for those near and dear.

So as we prepare ourselves for the energy of the new moon Jan 16th keep in mind you can take your ‘personal resolutions’ up another notch on February 16th. It can very well be your year of reckoning; so lets make what we start with now count.

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