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"the spirit of place"


JULY 2013~

Preface ~ I currently received a call from a client that I had worked with 3 years ago. I went to assist her with my services as she thought she was ready to sell her home. There was work to be done before this happened, so I did a combination of Feng Shui, Design and Clearing to get the process started. I also gave her a ‘cure’ for selling a home that needed final instruction after a buyer had been found.  As I stated, I have not heard from her since I did the work and well, as it turns out, she was not really ready to sell the home at that time. In this testimonial I recognize the perfection of the ‘correct timing’  or as I like to put it ‘divine timing’ for all things. In spite of what my intention was at that time or what her intentions were for selling the home ~ when you work with the highest good, all needs are met, healing happens and we move forth with ease! 

Thank you Janet for sharing this with me so I can share it further!  Charlyne

Testimonial work with Charlyne Chiasson   ADARSA ~  JULY 2013

Three years ago I called Charlyne to help me sell my house.  I had never met Charlyne before and really just thought “well, it cannot hurt”.  I was willing to see what Charlyne could do to help me sell our family home.   
Charlyne visited my home and cleared the negative energy from an area near one of my children’s bedroom. We walked through the house and Charlyne gave me some suggestions for each of the family members in terms of the elements and positioning of things in their respective rooms. There was some ceremony involved in the visit…which I did not understand at the time, but see now the relevance.
Right now, I am waiting for the buyer to draw up a contract. 

So, three years to sell the house.  Not the fastest sale in the universe- BUT the most perfect timing I could ever have imagined and certainly could never could have planned for. The last three years have seen a ‘de cluttering’ of my home and ‘my life’ ; a real joy return for where we live and how we live. Relationships have mended, visions and dreams have been shared and priorities have been set. Even the meetings with the prospective buyer have been joyful experiences.

My youngest child is going to college in a few weeks. There is sadness about leaving the family home, but due more to the wonderful memories we have shared here. There is also an anticipation and excitement for all the new possibilities unfolding.
Thank you Charlyne. Thank you for helping me to connect with and be guided in perfect wisdom and perfect timing!
Janet Stephenson


APRIL 2013 ~

An unsolicited comment from a student attending DISCOVER YOUR JOY  May 4th Nelson BC …( see workshops )

 “Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us today Char! It was truly inspirational” Maureen Forster


MARCH 2013

A testimonial from a Nelson Client ~ 2013 ~

“Thank you so much for coming to my house and ‘seeing’ in your unique way. The changes I have made at your wise suggestions have made a big difference in my life and in my living environment. The next day two movers rearranged the furnishings in my living room, bedroom, office & reading area to reflect your observations & suggestions to better my environment. Now things make sense and the colors even look better. I know this is just a start and I see clearly now the further changes that need to be made. It will take time but already my life is simpler, less stressed and very changed from your visit. This house begins to offer the comfort of a home for the first time.” R.R. ~ March 23rd 2013


This is an unsolicited testimonial from a Victoria Client ~
I must say that your geomantic clearing not only helped our lot but did wonders for the developer. Shortly after the clearing several lots sold a short time and there’s a flurry of activity in our Cul de Sac. And I am now also the Secretary/Treasurer for our Strata development!



” Charlyne took one look at my office and knew exactly what to do to make it a place where I can be creative and expansive in my thinking.  Her insight and sensitivity to he flow of energy is incredible. She has helped to arrange my office and my home to better facilitate what I want to do with my life and help to cultivate the qualities that I want to see therein.  Thank you, Charlyne! “

P.R.G. SMALL ~  Software Programmer   Santa Fe New Mexico ,  NOV 2012

“I just wanted to pass on that I truly enjoyed your class and your spirit. Thank you very much for all you do for humanity and on a personal note for me. Continue to be blessed, encouraged, inspired and filled with love.

When you have anther class/workshop please email me and if I can I surely shall attend and even spread the word about you to others.

With love and blessings”       Delisa Abraham   Victoria BC   November 2011

“I’m so glad that you were able to come to my mother’s home.  I also felt her presence and yet was not successful in clearing her spirit out.  You have a special gift, Charlyne.  You have done such an amazing clearing for me that the very first couple who came to see her home after your clearing made an offer that I accepted.  I don’t know if my son told you but the very same thing happened when you did the clearing for his purple house although he didn’t tell me this until my mother’s home was sold because he didn’t want to jinx it. Thank you again for your wonderful work.”

Keiko Fitz-Earle  ~ Vancouver ~ BC  September 2011


Teaching and Presentation Testimonials :

I so very much enjoyed the presentation you and Pietro provided – sharing your background, training, skills, and experience; and I acknowledge the breadth of wisdom and intuitive abilities.
Bless you for The Great Work you are engaged in to assist our collective whole and wholeness….. and with such flare!                          Alaria Roer, Questers Conference , Salmon Arm BC  Sept 2011

‘I feel very blessed to have been taught by you. Your intention to teach us the underlying concepts instead of just the ‘facts’ has really manifested. ……and already the house is transformed. On a more profound level,  my awareness is transformed. There is something about awakening to the energy that surrounds us that puts everything into alignment. Even little things make a great difference.”
Katarina Saether , Nelson 2010


About this work ~ 

As a feng shui designer who does geomantic clearing, (geophysical, metaphysical, and electromagnetic) and personal clearing work, I get as many requests to do ‘space clearing’ as I do for design and feng shui work.


Often when a client finds me, its is undetermined exactly what ‘work’ needs to be done. This is why I obtain birth information, address of home or business and have a through interview often prior to meeting the client. I will sit with this information, do charts & take it into a meditation or my dream time. This guides me and I usually have a direction before I visit ‘on site’.


I then trust that what needs to happen will happen, whether its rearranging furniture, choosing colors, working with the ‘Feng Shui Bagua, Feng Shui Landscape’  or doing ‘ Energy Clearing’. It may happen in one visit or two, but I am dedicated to getting done what needs to get done and bringing balance back into the space. When clients find me, they are ready for the work, no matter what level or degree that takes us to.


One testimonial above was the result of receiving an email from a former client living in Argentina,  who’s mother needed some help selling a beautiful condo in Vancouver that had sat on the market empty for 6 months, with no interest ~ even though its location was visually perfect and Feng Shui landscape ‘correct’.


I am so happy to hear the results of our work together & I will continue to post these testimonials. Blessings Charlyne