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PART THREE : Reaching The Turning Point

Spring has fully bloomed and we are sliding quickly into the heat of summer and all its distractions! Part Three of Spring Renewal comes at The Turning Point. A final chance to shift internally and externally into a new you! To start with a new perspective what better place than transforming the space around you. The Turning Point allows the clearing process to move to our exterior living spaces. Gardens, terraces and decks become focal points so take time to be mindful. The changes you make and what you create brings renewal as clearing out old energy welcomes new and wonderful opportunities.

Regeneration is all around us as spring blooms into summer. This new growth is symbolic of what can happen internally. Themes such as renewal, inevitability, new cycles, right timing and steady improvements are core to the Turning Point. Ones we can own!


Practically, its an opportune time for clearing clutter from outdoors spaces. Symbolically, it allows us the ability see a new perspective on our direction in life. Moving forward with intentions hatched in the depth of winter means moving through the ‘wake up of spring’ to embrace the wonder of the Sun and South.

Be mindful of ‘directions’. Even if directions are not your thing, we always know where our homes get the most sun and that is South. In Feng Shui this is our ‘visioning area’ and symbolically relates to what we are calling in and what we are passionate about. Its element is Fire and also relates to fame and or community standing.

Try to avoid placing ‘water features’ in the South. If you are not sure get a cheap compass or download a compass app onto your device. Take care not to put out passion and what makes you aspire to better things in life by drowning it with the Water element. The East or South East are the best locations for water features. Water feeds Wood (East and South East) and Wood feeds Fire. The Balance of the elementals here is crucial.

For more on the elements scroll to the end of  the Year of the Earth Dog, and pick up some tips on your year on your way through.