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ADARSA: Elemental Design


Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients and taught thousands of students. Each person, situation and environment is unique.
To this end, I customize our consultation to meet your needs and budget.


ASSESSMENTS are often the first place to start. A preliminary meeting, in person or on the phone allows me to determine exactly what your needs are. From here I can offer an assessment or we choose one of the services offered below, agree on a budget and schedule the work

REAL ESTATE consultations are geared towards either finding a home or office for clients, or the clearing  of a property in order that it sell more rapidly.

STAGING is also an option for selling a home, and I use feng shui techniques as well as my design skills to modify or simplify a space so that it is more appealing to a prospective buyer. Energy clearing is also an option and value added to my type of staging.

HOME consultations target design, feng shui or both and can encompass ‘clearing’ within the consult.

BUSINESS & CORPORATE consultations for design, feng shui or both & can employ ‘clearing’ techniques

GARDEN & LANDSCAPE consultation has a broad application, from an initial design based on the power areas of an environment or the redesign of an exterior environment based on feng shui principles.  Garden &  landscape activation is yet another layer of work using Geomantic techniques and ancient garden activations to ‘ re- awaken’ an external environment

DIAGNOSTIC & ENERGY CLEARING consultations is a  service primarily for GEOMANTIC concerns, but can expand into aspects of Chi flow and blockages that can cause problems in a home or office. See: to fully understand all aspects of what geomantic Dowsing is and what it is that ‘can be dowsed for’  in a home or office that needs clearing. Personal Clearings are also considered when I home clearing is conducted, so the home and occupant are in balance with one another. This service which is also done separately for clients, is offered at a considerable discount when done with a home or office clearing.

PACKAGES are designed to be personal & comprehensive. Although they are  time sensitive we work to your needs and budget for optimal results.


FENG SHUI SERVICES : The basic  Feng Shui consultation is  a minimum of 2.5 hours for the home visit and chart work and includes basic dowsing of Chi flow and locating blockages, minor clearing work where required plus Landscape analysis, 3 Door Analysis and the Eight Mansion Analysis. This visit includes elemental re-balancing suggestions based on birth chart information.

A more in depth service includes the 24 Mountains which target each specific areas within the home indicating how they work for family members and how to fine tune them. There is a follow up within several weeks which includes the recommendations and written analysis for the 24 mansions.

An ideal consultation is to work a total of 6 hours over a 6 week period and includes the Three Harmonies and Flying Star Analysis in addition to the above. The flying star analysis is an in depth look at the home’s history, its impact on the occupants based on its date of construction, the current 20 yr period and the current year. Recommendations are made according to time lines, balancing each of the 9 segments ( 8 mansions plus the center) based on star combinations and the cure elements required.

This consultation allows for complete rebalancing, timely cures, design advice, any garden activation required,  geomantic dowsing and clearing plus additional follow-ups. Remedial design is also part of this work.

Packages are designed to suite your specific requirements and needs.

Prior to each consultation I do a complete a pre-analysis based on physical location, birth information and a brief interview. I arrive with charts and a starting point for the work.
I can then plan the consultation based on the information and my 18 years experience as a specialist in Feng Shui. I draw upon Traditional Compass School combined with Landscape Feng Shui principles and I apply any necessary geomantic corrections.
* (see Geomantic diagnosis below).

A Feng Shui visit could include any of these layers of the ‘feng shui onion’ including a Personal, Interior & Exterior Analysis and dowsing Chi Flow and clearing blockages. The 3 Door Analysis, The Eight Mansions, The 24 Mountains, The Three Harmonies, and The FLYING STAR Analysis continue to unravel information that may affect your space. Remedial Design based on energy flow may be also addressed. I work with your needs and within your budget.

INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES: Design services range from space planning and facility programming to pre-design & interior design. This includes style concepts, layouts, lighting plans, floor plans, perspective drawings, plus furniture and fabric advice and choices. My services also include the review of floor plans for feng shui application. This can involve locating proper sites for new homes & offices buildings according to specialized Feng Shui Landscape techniques and & Geo-physical principles. it is a true application of  Feng Shui or Elemental Design. My background & training assures design work with a noticeable difference, both in the feel and in the look!

GEOMANTIC DIAGNOSIS: Geomantic work becomes an integral part of feng shui design in that it works with the ‘unseen earth energies’ that affect us. When anomalies occur in this area, it is harder to know what is happening in a space. This diagnostic  service so allows us to evaluate the site and check for what may be causing any discomfort, health concerns or disturbances that can not be accounted for through other methods. I check for blocked energies, and disturbances in the geo-physical, metaphysical and electromagnetic fields. From here we can determine the best course of action.

ENERGY CLEARING: Geo-physical, metaphysical and electromagnetic disturbances are common in many spaces. After a diagnostic, I am able to effectively go to work on the ‘re -balancing’ of the space through energy clearing techniques. I offer the same for home, land, business and personal

* ( see personal clearing under other services).

My work in the geophysical involves neutralizing the effects of disturbances from fault lines, natural water lines and other naturally occurring underground energies. The metaphysical involves working with energy from the past events involving human interaction. I also work with electromagnetic (e.m.f.) radiation from microwaves, computers, power poles, power boxes, hand held phones.
This work is specialized and can be highly effective.

GEOMANTIC GARDEN ACTIVATION: I have been teaching and doing activated Garden Feng Shui work for 8 years. In this consultation I connect in with the inherent earth energies that exist on the land and dowse for the ‘power spots’  in specific areas or in the overall environment. Often this step leads to actual garden design. Although an excellent time to conduct such a consult is prior to buying land or starting a major landscape project, anytime is a good time to learn about the deeper aspects of your surroundings. I have visited many established gardens and worked with seasoned gardeners to activate space and further awaken environmental awareness for clients.
Locating and connecting the heart of the land to the heart of home is of great significance in raising vital and supportive life force energies. It is an important part of my esteemed teacher, Grand Master Dr. Jes Lim’s work in the past years. see Stepping stone, heart stone and other stone activations create a higher vibrational field for the land to support both  structures and occupants. Application and balancing of LANDSCAPE FENG SHUI creates a powerful and harmonious environment that can influence interiors and be up to 75% of a structures auspicious feng shui.  This aspect of my work is specific to the earth energies and is a deep attunment to what is.


I offer other services such as PERSONAL ENERGY CLEARINGS and NINE STAR KI READINGS for personal attunement and guidance in many personal areas including health, travel, and career. Please contact me for more information.

PHYSICAL DESIGN : I offer hands on ‘physical’ services for a lessor fee.
These include:
-drafting designs for building permits.
-Re arranging space and clutter clearing /clutter busting
-Specialty painting including mural design, faux paint finishes and lasure
-Tile design layout execution & installation

TEACHING and LECTURING: I am available for private or public lectures for service groups and private gatherings. Some appearances are free of charge depending on the event. I speak on numerous subjects ranging from design and landscape and gardens, to feng shui topics . I teach courses that range from one evening to longer 9 sessions comprehensive interior and feng shui design.  I also teach a  manifestation course based on the ancient wisdoms that I have been taught.

NINE STAR KI ASTROLOGY READINGS are based on a feng shui astrology and the use and understanding of the ‘Five Transformations’. Often referred to as the ‘5 Element Theory’ it is the basis of all oriental disciplines, including Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong etc. I work with birth information to give a reflection of how the elements in your chart influence your life based on Career, Relationship, and Health. The flying star system mentioned above in the Feng Shui Consultations also applies to our specific personalities and how we operate. The 5 elements and nine star ki system is interrelated and reveals aspects  of our personal makeup, our bodies, our home and our life paths in both a practical and a fascinating format.

I studied Nine Star Ki Astrology as a way to understand my clients better and fine out where imbalances may lie in their lives so that I could remedy these in my feng shui work. Over time I started to offer readings as a way to assist clients on a more personal level in their life choices aside and separate from feng shui consultations and or a part of the overall work.

Readings are 90 minutes and couples and family readings are 120 minutes.

taught to me by teachers and masters I arrange and support the intention of creating something new in a ceremonial and celebratory way. Each situation and request is unique so I invite you to call me or write me for details.

PERSONAL CLEARING: Often when I am called in to do a ‘ land or building clearing’ the owner or occupants also see the value in personal clearing so they can fully be ‘in tune ‘ with the energy of the space that has been transformed. We often pick up energies in our environments that can hang around or ‘stick’ to us. Based on the ‘metaphysical’ influences, clearing seeks to dislodge these sticky bits that no longer serve us in our lives.

Separate from land clearing , I have worked with individuals to ‘clear energy’ in order for them to move forward in life, assisting them in ‘unblocking’ forces that seemingly holds them back or burdens them on some level.

With Personal Clearings, I work through 13 levels of energies, starting with Entities, and moving on to Astral, Etheric, Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Home, Gaia, Chakra Rebalancing, Past Lives, Karma, Diving Love and ending with Miasiams, in which there are three catagories~ Acquired, Planetary and Hereditary. I am happy to explain in detail what ‘personal clearing’ means as it is a more complex level of working personally with clients and can be done as a completely separate service. The first clearing usually takes 90 minutes, with follow up clearings about 15 -20 minutes.

*When I do a personal clearing in combination with home or land clearing, the price is part of the package and offered at a reduced rate.


I am open to assist all who seek my services and will consider all proposals and partial trades only.

I work on an HOURLY RATE  or within a custom made PACKAGE
My HOME rates are lower than  COMMERCIAL / CORPORATE rates.
Services listed under ‘OTHER SERVICES are a lower per hour rate
than the more specialized services above.
Please write me at for full rate package or to books lectures and or speaking engagements.