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As the Realty markets are in flux in this day and age, working with FENG SHUI, GEOMANCY and CLEARING techniques, may assist you in both buying and selling a space that is seemingly not moving for no good reason.

JULY 2013 testimonial:

Three years ago I called Charlyne to help me sell my house.  I had never met Charlyne before and really just thought “well, it cannot hurt”.  I was willing to see what Charlyne could do to help me sell our family home.
Charlyne visited my home and cleared the negative energy from an area near one of my children’s bedroom. We walked through the house and Charlyne gave me some suggestions for each of the family members in terms of the elements and positioning of things in their respective rooms. There was some ceremony involved in the visit…which I did not understand at the time, but see now the relevance.
Right now, I am waiting for the buyer to draw up a contract.

So, three years to sell the house.  Not the fastest sale in the universe- BUT the most perfect timing I could ever have imagined and certainly could never could have planned for. The last three years have seen a ‘de cluttering’ of my home and ‘my life’ ; a real joy return for where we live and how we live. Relationships have mended, visions and dreams have been shared and priorities have been set. Even the meetings with the prospective buyer have been joyful experiences.

My youngest child is going to college in a few weeks. There is sadness about leaving the family home, but due more to the wonderful memories we have shared here. There is also an anticipation and excitement for all the new possibilities unfolding.
Thank you Charlyne. Thank you for helping me to connect with and be guided in perfect wisdom and perfect timing!
Janet Stephenson


When we are in the process of selling a home there are many things that come up as a result. It is often an emotional process and it involves letting go. What we have to rememeber is that we want the buyer to see ‘their vision’ for the home and often they cannot see the vision for all the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated. Clutter clearing and staging is the first process to consider before selling. It allows us to clear out things that will be moved anyway and begin the ‘detachment’ process to the space that we are selling. I have had very interesting results with assisting clients selling homes , the above testimonial not withstanding. Usually homes sell sooner than 3 years but again it is a process and if we want to sell ‘fast’ we usually are dropping the price below what we originally were hoping to get.

These photos show one room in a home. The space looked much smaller than it is in the first shot and although a living room , the couch was in a tight corner with circulation /hallway too close. The after photo shows a much more expanded space , allowing the ‘now free space’ to be simple. Potential buyers can now see ‘their vision’.

Living room before clearing/decluttering

Living room before clearing/decluttering

Living room after de clutter ~ relocated furniture makes a more appealing, larger space

Living room after de clutter ~ relocated furniture makes a more appealing, larger space


Entrances are very important when you are selling a home. Its the first impression. These shots show the few things added to the entrance so break up the ‘linear monotony’ of all the straight lines. Plants were added, a seat and new welcome mat as well as decoration in the window so the ‘energy’ does not fly out and is contained in the porch area prior to entering the home.

Before shot~ many straight static lines

Before shot~ many straight static lines

window decoration and new bench is welcoming

window decoration and new bench is welcoming

small plant at entry, welcome mat slow down energy and allow a sense of arrival.

small plant at entry, welcome mat slow down energy and allow a sense of arrival.

A plant, seat, and other visual 'breaks' stop the energy from moving too fast and allows one to 'arrive'.

A plant, seat, and other visual ‘breaks’ stop the energy from moving too fast and allows one to ‘arrive’.


When buying a home there are many factors to consider but for the majority a price range is top consideration on the wish list. I often encourage clients to look in the price range slightly below and above of what they are able to spend. I do this so you have an idea what else is on the market and what is available at certain price levels ~ its always surprising.  I also look for the ‘Ahhh Factor’ , as it must have this aspect on some levels if you are to really enjoy your life there. I have a Feng Shui checklist for the purchase of a home, and I go thru each and every one of these things so you can ‘rate the homes’ for you ~ giving you a better understanding of the quality of life each choice offers. Often giving up one home for another can make a huge difference in your joy and happiness in a home and these things may not be things you would have considered on your own.


In the world of real estate and especially that of finding home or selling a home, Feng Shui has an ‘value added’ aspect that many are not aware. Over the years of my practice I have helped individuals find both rental homes and homes to buy based on some simple Feng Shui Practices. The same techniques, with different criteria are used to find Business locations. There are the obvious aspects of ‘placement’ within a landscape which is basic. These include such things like as the geographical aspects such as the suns path and compass orientations, roads, access and proximity to important services. For Businesses that can include the above and such things as  proximity to your client market , including parking, and related business services.

I use a Feng Shui check list which when considered may take into account important things that may have been overlookd. This checklist was designed from practical, design aspects as well as the Feng Shui principles of Landscape, Placement and Geo Physical considerations.

Geo Physical aspects take into consideration such as the  ‘proximity’ to homes or offices man made disturbances. This includes all electromagnetic interferences; such as power lines, generators, microwave towers  (all electromagnetic in nature and potentially harmful to immune system function) ~ Other proximity issues include the location of churches, schools, industrial areas, high traffic areas, dumping grounds, graveyards, quarries and mining sites to name a few. These functions and areas can have a major impact on a homes and businesses and how we feel and operate in them.

As Important as these can be, what has happened in or on a space can also have a major impact on how a place ‘feels’ ~ SEE ESSAYS ~ Geomancy and Jack Layton

As Humans we leave an imprint on space and this can create both ‘power’ places or the opposite~ locations with ‘stressed’ energy.  Realtors are faced with a myriad of issues with each and every place they sell or acquire for clients. A home or business may look great and have what obviously is ‘good feng shui’ but what has happened in a space can leave an imprint that prevents both the selling and buying of a home, condo or business.

This aspect of Feng Shui is directly associated with the Geomancy ( underground energies ) and what may be causing problems that are in the world of those ‘unseen energies’. SEE: GEOMANCY for a broader picture on what that may entail.

The long and short of this is that I provide a service that may assist in “CLEARING” spaces so that the Geomantic imprint is shifted and problem locations are freed from energies, be they underground interference ( water lines fault lines, microwave or gamma radiation etc ) or man made imprints such as trauma, stress or death.

See TESTIMONIALS for the most recent ( AUG 2011 ) for an unsolicited comment of what happened in a condo in Vancouver BC that had been on the market for 8 months. This condo had incredible ‘feng shui landscape’ including a prime location and views, but just would not sell.


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