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geo physical (jee-oh-fiz-ik-cal)  adjective – as pertaining to geophysics

geo physics (jee-oh-fiz-iks)  noun – the branch of geology that deals with the physics of the earth and its atmosphere, including oceanography, seismology, volcanology, and geomagnetism.

geo mancy ( jee -uh-man-see)  noun – greek- geo ‘earth’ &  manteia  ‘divination’ the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously based on geo  physical information. Related term : geomancer

dow* sing (douz  ng)   noun/ verb – a technique used for searching for underground water, minerals or anythiny invisible by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, bent  wires or the direction of a pendulum)  supposedly in response to unseen influences; tuning into earth ‘currents’

geo physical garden ‘activation’ : An ancient practice of observation and working with external spaces to best utilize them through dowsing techniques in order to find specific power spots. Activation techniques are used to determine stressed, positive & neutral zones in the landscape thus finding the best planting areas for crops and plants. It can also be used to wake up water sources, as well as rocks and certain other features in the landscape. Garden design & placement can thus flow naturally and have more dynamic impact on humans, plants and animals who flourish there.

Dowsing for Genus Loci

Dowsing for Genus Loci

Most everyone is familiar with dowsing for underground water in order to locate wells.  What most do not know is that there are over 200 types of energies that can be dowsed.

Geomancy is one of the oldest practices on the planet. The observing of earth energies and their affects is practiced in order to harmonize us with our environments keeping us attuned to life nurturing influences. Our ancestors were very aware of energy in the land and used this knowledge to determine building, garden, and special sites.
We are in constant interaction with all the seen and unseen influences around us. Some are beneficial and support us, others may cause stress or discord in our homes and environments.
Positive vital energy*** rotates to the right and has a high vibrational frequency. Non-supportive or low vibrational energies rotate to the left. All energies can be  dowsed to determine their affects on us.
(*** energy is referred to in Asian cultures as : ‘Chi’ ( Chinese), ‘Qi’ (Japanese) &  ‘Prana’ (East Indian)

Natural occurring underground water is but one of hundreds of earth energies that can be found by dowsing. Typically water is a high vibrational energy.
Subterranean water can be found in many forms; pooling, stagnant or moving. The human immune system responds to the energy released by these various forms and our proximity to them. For example: When our beds are located over water veins, we can experience insomnia, over stimulation or weakness leading to auto immune deficiencies.

Like the human body the land is covered with meridian lines and by the use of land ‘acupuncture’ or ‘geo’ puncture, we can bring harmony and higher spiritual energies to both land and structures.

Dowsing can help us understand the quality and form of energies that surround our buildings and structures. We can follow energy pathways, or ‘ley’ lines throughout a building or a property and in doing so we can ask to be led to any number of geomantic sites.
Human activities related to these Geo-physical influences often manifest as sacred sites, power spots, healing sites, burial & ceremonial grounds. Metaphysical is the term used to describe the effects of these types of sites.
Man made or influenced geophysical areas can cause various reactions. Our human response will differ culturally and personally. An example: If a home is built over an old garbage dump, most people will feel the energies of this underground influence, no matter how beautiful or aesthetic the structure.

It is important to know the nature of a building sites. Certain locations such as burial sites, or areas where people died of diseases, or other historical events can be avoided by the use of dowsing techniques.  When structures are located over such areas it is best that they are neutralized or brought back into harmony with human interaction.

In some areas in Europe when a presenting disease can not be explained , a geomantic dowser is often sent to the house site of the patient to detect if such disturbances are responsible for poor health.
Other man made disturbances are ‘electromagnetic’ fields that are emitted from microwave towers, power lines, and simple electronic equipment. These too can have a negative affect on the immune system. The influences of e.m.f.’s (electro magnetic frequencies) can be diverted or neutralized by using specialized tools, (energy cards, crystals etc) and clearing techniques. Dowsing can determine the size and nature of an electromagnetic radiation field and the scope of its influence on the human body.
Human response to natural or man made energy fields is my primary concern when dowsing. My training focuses on locating and re-balancing  any energies  that affect humans and animals, whether they be geophysical, metaphysical or electromagnetic in nature.
In summary , there are three types of energies that I as a geomantic dowser work with. These are :
●    Geophysical : underground energy & natural earth processes plus above ground fields such as the Hartman, Benker and Curry grid lines
●    Metaphysical : Human responses to naturally occurring power spots or man made sites
●    Electromagnetic: radiation released from electronic sources

Dowsing and Geomantic Garden Activation techniques assist in the healing of land. Gardens offer much to us in the way of food, pleasure and spaces for us to reconnect and be. Garden space can be a place of mystery and intrigue. Monicas Rear garden Before In these examples we see the ‘before’ offers a quick glance and we know all. In the ‘after’ shot we are enticed into the space and given a way to follow energy for heightened awareness, leading us to the spirit of place in a delightful way.

moni garden after

The goal of dowsing is to create, revitalize and restore land and buildings to a harmonious state. Finding the the spirit of a place, its ‘genius loci’,  allows us to  bring forth the positive elements of nature to support all human life nearby.