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Yakura Condo Design


Feng Shui Design is Inspired by the art of placement combined with functional design. When one experiences an environment that emits a feel that is welcoming and draws you into the space without any one element taking priority other than the overall experience, then you are experiencing Feng Shui Design. A good design should allow flow in and thru it in an un obstructed gentle and inviting way.

Here are some examples of transformation and transition of spaces




In the process of designing the home the issue of my clients present living space came up. He would want to sell it in order to re invest in the his new home so he commissioned  me to redesign the Vancouver condo. As the building was older we faces challenges of brick walls, low ceilings, small bathrooms, and tight kitchen spaces within a 70’s style building. I wanted to create a more Zen space and in doing so to make the space feel bigger. Potential buyers would be attracted to the location and view, so we had to create a simple but attractive space. The buildings age inspired the retro look that took on a more ‘natural feel’ without getting over the top with design or color. The view of the harbor and natural color scheme of blues, grays, soft oranges and beige ~the palate of river rock with some bright orange red as an accent seemed to appeal. Mr Yakura’s neighbor and builder who had reshaped his own apartment/condo to maximize space was excited about the project and we three worked together to create a simple and warm space. We found the natural flooring under the wall to wall perfect as a flooring with beautiful colors and natural warmth. The kitchen and bathroom were gutted and redesigned with maximum function and space. We used over size mirrors to reflect the outdoors and maximize the feel of space. Natural bamboo and grass window coverings were used in feature windows and a bamboo wall was made a feature wall in the living room. The photos are the before and after shots of how the space came together. Mr Yakura was pleased with the outcome and is still living and enjoying the space.