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Events ~ November 2017

A single lotus on an alpine pond full of lotus' blossoming around the edge

A single lotus on an alpine pond full of lotus’ blossoming around the edge

Feng Shui for the Soul  ~ Nov 2nd & Nov 9th 2017

Feng is Wind & breath / Shui is Water, our very essence. Feng Shui for the Soul introduces you to how ‘placement and clarity’ can shift energy in your life. This ancient art that is practiced in many cultures world wide and is ‘elemental’ in nature. Are you Fire, Earth Metal, Water, or Wood? How can knowing your nature allow you a deeper understanding of self, home and purpose. Simple exercises to target where you need to focus, which can shift everything. 
An informal evening hosted by M. Charlyne Chiasson, BID DFS/ Feng Shui Designer, Astrologer and Geomancer. Come with your personal birth information and open mind.

 November 2nd and 9th at 6:30 PM ~ Location 417 Hall Street, Nelson ~ Investment $15.00

Call to register 250 509 0536  or Email: 

NOTE: Complementary Workshop on Saturday November 11th, 2017 …

Simple Soul Feng Shui at Work 

By using a simple floor plan of your home or office we can target the areas you can bring change to. Simple, easy, adjustments  you can make that really can change your life. A four hour, inspired self empowerment workshop. 

November 11th at Noon to 4:pm ~ Location 417 Hall Street, Nelson~  Investment $45.00- $60.00


Charlyne is a trained Interior Designer and has been doing Feng Shui for 24 years. She is about to publish her first book on Elemental Feng Shui and has been practicing Geomantic Energy clearing for over 15 years. Her skills are evolving and the simplicity of her teaching is direct and poignant.