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Newsletter April /May 2015

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April 2013 Newsletter


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Geomancy and Jack Layton’s Legacy

An article written for QUESTERS MAGAZINE ~ September 2011

by M. Charlyne Chiasson BID DFS  of  ADARSA: Elemental Design

Many people ask me “what is Geomancy?”.  As a feng shui interior designer who has come to work with geomancy and the unseen world of ‘energy’ I have different ways of responding. Usually I tell inquisitive minds that geomancy is the study or understanding of all the energies that exist underground. It is also the recognition and detection of all ‘man made’ energies on or near the surface of the earth which becomes anchored in various locations. These man made ‘imprints’ can fade or change over time depending on their overall impact.

Many of us recognize that there are ‘power spots’ all over the planet. These areas can result from underground mineral or crystal deposits. More visual or obvious areas occur where natural underground faulting combined with water releases energy resultant in the type of geysers found in Yellowstone Park. Other power spots are viewed as ‘sacred sites’, recognized as such by ancient cultures and thus became prayer and ritual sites. Over time many of these areas became the sites of churches, cathedrals, & mosques. This is evidence that man ‘recognizes’ the power of ‘the geophysical environment’ and adds to them his own energy and interpretation.

The death of Jack Layton (August 2011); the well known charismatic leader of the NPD party and at that time the official opposition party in Canada affected so many of us. Although he had a long bout with cancer, he had been in the Canadian political eye for many many years. It seemed both sad and ironic that when he and his party ( the NDP; seemingly always the political underdog due to its socialist stance) made it to this point of success, that Jack’s life would end. It also seemed fitting as well that his prominence and deep love for Canada and its direction was also ‘highlighted’ by his death.

This photo captures the thousands of sentiments written in chalk over every inch of concrete in front of Toronto’s city Hall. Geomancers recognize this as ‘human memory imprint’. The intent and level of heart felt sentiment and love in tribute of a great Canadian will make its mark on this geographic location long after the rain washes it away. Thus, it is a vital part of man made ‘geomantic’ energy and an impactive current example. To read more about geophysical energy go to To see more photos taken of this event go to

Not all human imprints however are so loving or positive in their nature. Many places on the plant hold ‘trauma’ such as battle fields, massacre sites and places where nature has been destroyed such as toxic waste sites or first growth deforestation.

What I have learned in my short time as a geomantic dowser is that these areas can be healed and ‘cleared’. The work I have been taught gives me simple tools to assist with ‘holding space’ so disturbed energies can exit. The love being poured into Nathan Philip square sets up a ‘positive energy vibration’ but a location like Tiananman Square in China may hold disturbed energy from the death and trauma that has occurred there.
When we understanding the impact left behind my mans actions, perceived as positive or negative we can be open to the understanding that ‘geomancy’ is not just what is present underground, but it is also what man leaves as a residue.

Geomancers ‘dowse’ for many things; the most common and well known is ‘dowsing or witching’ for water. When one dowses for water one must tune into the ‘energy of natural occurring underground water’.  Humans are made of a high % of water, and so it is the easiest thing that we can learn to dowse for. There are many methods of dowsing but the most common is with the use of dowsing tools such as ‘dowsing rods or pendulums’. The tool acts as the extension of our ‘inner guidance’.  Observing the instrument assists us in trusting that inner guidance. To become a good dowser is to have ‘trust’ in our intuitive process yet not ‘project our energy’ onto the outcome. Like most skills this takes time, practice and experience.

When I see the photo of Nathan Philip Square I know that in 2 weeks or in 10 years, an experienced dowser will pick up on the ‘memory imprint’ of the intention created in this unique memorial to Mr Layton. Even if that dowser has no knowledge of the event, he or she will be able to ‘detect’ the presence of loving intent that was anchored here during the hours and days that it was created.

This form of man made or man created ‘imprint’ is what can affect us in any given place and any given time. What lead me to working with geomancy may well have started on Cape Breton Island, where as a child as I lived over active coal seams and underground mining. Although I did not understand geomancy till much later in my life, I now know it had a huge impact on my career choices.

My intuition for ‘space’ and how it feels lead me on a journey into the design world, travel and a continuing quest for knowing what affects human movement & aesthetics.
The evolution we are experiencing on the planet at this time begs us to know more about what surrounds us, be it underground or above. What keeps us well and healthy physically, mentally and emotionally is my current quest and why I teach and work in these combined fields. I am blessed that geomancy continues to teach & guide me in finding the ‘genis loci’ or ‘power of place’.


PIT TALK: The Legacy of Cape Breton’s Coal Miners

Ian’s comment to me was that it had a spiritual aspect to it that the book needed, I was thrilled and delighted as I wrote it as an impulse based on a recognition of what my ‘birth placement’ on Cape Breton lead me to in my work. This is was the edited version of what I wrote initially.

Thank you Ian
























“This Story Is Very Personal”

“My story starts on Kootenay Lake, British Columbia.  After my first child was born, I was dealing with anger issues sparked by motherhood, I am guessing.  I also had issues with claustrophobia which I managed by staying out of tight confined spaces.  I had not lived in Cape Breton for many years.

“This story is very personal, and it borders on being a ghost story, but also ties directly to the work I do today.  I clear energy from spaces and am a dowser of water, among other things that relate directly to the design field.  When this happened I had not yet discovered this work.

“I met a group of great women who did retreats at a pristine place called ‘Tipi Camp’ on Kootenay Lake.  A woman introduced us to the ways of the medicine wheel, and other first nations practices. I have since found out that I have Mi’kmaq in my linage. This was my introduction to a form of healing the body, mind and spirit.  I went on to study with her every summer for several years.  The practice of going into sweat lodges really tested me.  I hated confined spaces and would go berserk.  I had to pray really hard to endure the sweat lodge.”

“I Was Very Freaked Out”

“One year, a group of us gathered at Tipi Camp for our first ‘vision quest’ with a man from the B.C. coast, a sun-dancer who led many powerful healing sweats and vision quests.  Going on the mountain meant going without food or water for days at a time.  You must first be purified by doing a sweat lodge ceremony with the group at dusk.  One evening something happened that changed my perceptions of where I come from and what I am here to do with my life.

“I was very freaked out about the sweat.  Roy, the leader, was like a big bear.  With my husband along, I felt stronger than usual.  Sweat lodges represent the womb of the mother from which we all come, a magical place where prayers are said aloud and many things are confessed, a healing place.  The first round of grandfather stones came in and Roy did the first round of blessing prayers.  By the third round I was really starting to get hot and claustrophobic, so I prayed like I never prayed before.

“Suddenly I was transported into another time and space. I was raging mad and screaming, stuck underground and I could not get out.  I was dying slowly of asphyxiation; yet I was not hurt or disabled.  I was a miner after a mine collapse, I was in the prime of my youth, but trapped and desperate and really pissed off.  I tried everything to free myself and my fellow miners but could do nothing but slowly die from lack of air.”

“I sensed the roof of the lodge suddenly open.  I could see the stars and felt a huge sense of relief.  I was back in the lodge, sweating and praying out loud.  I have no idea how long I was in that trance but all my discomfort and claustrophobia was forgotten as I had witnessed something very strange and unusual. I also saw that my rattle ( used in lodges) was now sparking, lighting up inside; I’d never seen this before. It oddly felt like some validation for the experience I just had. I have not witnessed this since.”

“My Life Changed”

“It took a while to understand exactly what happened that night.  I realized that the hole by my childhood bedroom window was a small tunnel that energetically connected me to those miners.  It felt like a collective group moved through me that night, men who died a slow death in the mines.  In my empathetic way, I had a closer connection to these men than I had thought.

“It went beyond the miners’ holiday in the summer, when as kids we would go see the pit ponies, or the coal bank we used as a killer toboggan run in the icy winters.  For the first time in my life I could relate to why I was so darn claustrophobic!

“After that fateful night, many things slowly came into place for me.  I worked harder to resolve my anger by becoming an observer, thinking of those miners who had reason to be angry. My life changed and I went on to meet teachers who helped me to develop my gift of clearing energy.  I became a channel through which energy clears.  I don’t actually do anything.  I have since studied techniques and have released many trapped souls in North and Central America.  I feel I was predestined to do this work, although I don’t tell many people about it.  Those who need me find me.  The miners of Cape Breton, my birthplace, allowed this to come to light.

“I have a special place in my heart for the men I felt that night, and will always be grateful for their release and their lives.  It keeps be connected to my past, grateful for their gift, & humbled by their sacrifices.”

M. Charlyne Chiasson  grew up in Reserve Mines, Cape Breton.

Charlyne continues to live in British Columbia and works in both in Nelson, Victoria BC and Calgary Alta.

If this story intrigues your interest in this part of Canada and its history please contact

IAN MC NEIL , the Author of PIT TALK  ~The legacy of Cape Breton’s Coal Miners

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