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PART THREE : Reaching The Turning Point

Spring has fully bloomed and we are sliding quickly into the heat of summer and all its distractions! Part Three of Spring Renewal comes at The Turning Point. A final chance to shift internally and externally into a new you! To start with a new perspective what better place than transforming the space around you. The Turning Point allows the clearing process to move to our exterior living spaces. Gardens, terraces and decks become focal points so take time to be mindful. The changes you make and what you create brings renewal as clearing out old energy welcomes new and wonderful opportunities.

Regeneration is all around us as spring blooms into summer. This new growth is symbolic of what can happen internally. Themes such as renewal, inevitability, new cycles, right timing and steady improvements are core to the Turning Point. Ones we can own!


Practically, its an opportune time for clearing clutter from outdoors spaces. Symbolically, it allows us the ability see a new perspective on our direction in life. Moving forward with intentions hatched in the depth of winter means moving through the ‘wake up of spring’ to embrace the wonder of the Sun and South.

Be mindful of ‘directions’. Even if directions are not your thing, we always know where our homes get the most sun and that is South. In Feng Shui this is our ‘visioning area’ and symbolically relates to what we are calling in and what we are passionate about. Its element is Fire and also relates to fame and or community standing.

Try to avoid placing ‘water features’ in the South. If you are not sure get a cheap compass or download a compass app onto your device. Take care not to put out passion and what makes you aspire to better things in life by drowning it with the Water element. The East or South East are the best locations for water features. Water feeds Wood (East and South East) and Wood feeds Fire. The Balance of the elementals here is crucial.

For more on the elements scroll to the end of  the Year of the Earth Dog, and pick up some tips on your year on your way through.

April 17, 2018
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Spring Renewal through: Discipline

 PART TWO: Creating the Discipline to Let Go
Often we are not aware of how much stuff we hold onto, until spring cleaning! Then it takes Discipline to get started and that is both physical and mental.
It takes discipline and a view to the results , which are as physical as well as mental
It can be a […]

March 25, 2018
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Spring Renewal through: Revolution

 PART ONE: Revolution can mean Letting go

What is it that we ‘hold on to’ and why is it so hard to just let go?
Feng Shui is at the essence of who we are. The metaphor behind ‘an issue’ is what we seek when assisting those who want to ‘change things up’ but are having difficulty letting go. Whether […]

These Earth Dog charms and the many crafted for previous years are bejewelled for a reason.


The Earth Dog Years charms/talismans are bejewelled as are many from prior years.

A talisman, charm or totem is an object that is said to bring luck or have magical powers. I started making these mementoes over 15 years ago to mark the Asian New Year. As a Feng Shui Design consultant, it seemed fitting, that when celebrating and writing annually about the animal of that year, I would make a small object with its image as a memento and give away.

Over time these mementoes took on a new meaning. The design and style of each, taken from the ruling zodiac animal was an intentional creation. I began infusing my own blessings, wishes and intentions into the pieces. It became a labout of love, time and dedication. At one point about 8 years ago, I started to do various things while making them. I would crush quartz crystal to infuse the piece with its energy and properties. A few years later I started to bead them with semi precious stones. The stones I chose aligned with the presenting elements in order to balance them.

Sometimes the elements of the year are at odds with each other. For example, in the Fire Monkey year of 2016, the Monkey’s base element Metal was compromised. As Fire melts Metal, it created a weakness in the ‘core aspect’ of the Monkey’s energy.

The Earth element was needed to create a balance. Fire feeds Earth, and Earth feeds Metal. These three form a triad of harmony and  instead the Fire of the Year melting base element of the animal, Metal, Fire energy serves Earth Metal. Earth was added with color and stones in each piece.


With this use of crystal, stone and color to balance and harmonize, these pieces took on a more intentional energy and became Talismans. Made by hand with love, prayer and intention each one would bring that to those who had them.

Now they are offered with the activation and personal directive based on the birth information of the recipient. A limited number are made based on numerology. This makes each piece unique yet similar in its intentions.  Using personal directional information, the location to hang them in a home or office is determined.


Some pieces from past years …..

Fire Rooster Talismans ~ good luck pieces for the year of the Rooster made with intention, semi prescious stones and love. Activation and location come with the package. $15.00

Fire Rooster Talismans ~ good luck pieces for the year of the Rooster made with intention, semi prescious stones and love. Activation and location come with the package.

Feng Shui 5 elemental Balance Activation Pieces

Five Elemental Balance Pieces made for a group

A limited number of Earth Dog talisman are left, go to this link for more information, and drop me an email if you are interested.




What will inspire us in this New Asian Calendar year?

Festival of Lights, Vancouver BC 2017

3 Inspiring Lanterns at the Festival of Lights,     Vancouver BC, 2017 /photo M.A. Camaiani

It continues to feel like winter even though the sun is making its gradual return to warm us up. Summer in the southern hemisphere will keep our Aussie friends preoccupied for now, but how to get through March if you don’t live on a ski hill?

Here are THREE Feng Shui Fusion Solution insights* that may set you up for spring in a very different way.

FIRST: Think like an investor! ummm, but what if you have zero to invest?! It does not matter, stop and take some time to think about what and how you would invest if you had a windfall. Talk to people about what they are doing. Are they buying bitcoin, land, stocks in new markets or are they keeping to a proven path. When you start thinking like an investor, guess what! Things happen! Your ‘field energy’ expands and you are open to receiving abundance from channels other than what you are use to or expect! With the Earth Dog year favouring up front and altruistic money luck, you won’t know until you try, right?

SECOND: Volunteer! The gift of time is so valuable to so many who need it. Whether it is at your local shelter, giving a free lecture in something that you are good at or showing up at a soup kitchen to help out. I think we have all wanted to and if we have not, then its time. The energy of the Earth Dog is one of giving and leaving no one out. This is a great year to open that door and feel, what time and attention given freely does. You will be surprised!

THIRD Get a reading! Over the years I’ve learned that Feng Shui Astrology (Nine Star Ki), The Tao and Tarot are much like dowsing. When you trust the information you seek the answers are often right there. There are great ‘readers’ all over so seek one out. Or try something completely new with Nine Star Ki. It actually guides you month by month through transitions for 2018. It provides valuable information about relationships, core personality and career. There are great discounts if you book your reading now, before March 1st 2018. All you need to do is book say yes, make a date and get great insights into your year.

Discount extended until EASTER weekend / April 1st 2018 ~ Book before then and enjoy some insights! Email me at ! Spring is right around the corner ~ lots to consider, especially our intentions ! 

Power reading : blog



February 15, 2018
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Feng Shui Fusion ~ It comes in Threes

Valentines, a New Moon and Chinese New Years ~ Three in a row, a Feng Shui Fusion Solution not a Superstition!

Have you ever heard the old wives tale, it comes in 3’s? My generation was more influenced by these superstitions but I have personally experienced the phenomena. For many, Feng Shui cures are akin to […]

Love and Money ~ big themes for the Year of The Year Dog!

Love and Money ~ Big themes for the Year of The Year Dog!

FEB 14th~Valentines Day FEB 16th~Chinese New Years

It’s not every year that these two days are side by side, but occasionally Chinese New Years and Valentines Day coincide. What stands out for me in this upcoming Earth Dog Year is the energy of LOVE that will permeate 2018. Dog years are perfect for love and romance in general. Dogs are very unconditional in the way they love, accept and cherish us. Their loyalty is unsurpassed and their faith is unwavering. In 2018 if you are single and wanting to find a mate, this is a prime year to do so! If you are in a relationship and want to take it to another level, this is the year that you can go deeper. And yes a great year to tie the knot.

So how do you find out?

May I suggest a Nine Star Ki astrology reading as a gift for your relationship. Often the primary energies in a relationship work but the secondary energies are at odds with each other. We each have basic elements that define who we are and at times the combinations affect a relationship in profound ways. 

-Do you want to know if your relationship has potential for longevity?

-Do you want to know what is keeping a relationship from moving forward?

-Do you want to know if a new relationship is worth going all in for?

-Do you want to know who is compatible with you?

-Do you want the tools to figure out who matches with you? 

-Do you want to understand the challenges in your current relationship and move past them?

Nine Star Ki is a perfect way to find out all these things. Viability, depth and intimacy is what we all want in our relationships. This applies to that special someone and to all close relationships, whether it be family, co workers or friends.  Nine Star Ki is an amazing tool to explore what is really going on and how to maximize its potential.

I am offering a 30% discount for of all RELATIONSHIP READINGS and 15% discount on all other Nine Star Ki readings when booked before or during the 2 week Chinese New Year Celebratory Period; February 16th to March 2nd 2018.  

Sensual Sweetness is a byproduct of the Earth Dog tones and variety.

Sensual Sweetness is a byproduct of the Earth Dog Year…earth tones and variety.



January 30, 2018
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Shaking a Tail Feather~ Good bye to the Fire Rooster

Everyone I talk to these days is going through intense events. We are feeling the amped up energy of a rapidly approaching ‘super moon’, the last full moon of the Fire Rooster Year!  This Rooster is shaking his tail feathers and bellowing a mighty cry which coincides with a lunar eclipse reaching its apex January 31st.
As my predictions […]

January 24, 2018
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Navigating 2018 with 9*Ki Astrology

Asian Astrology and Feng Shui Fusion
Yang astrology (Western) balances out the Yin astrology of Nine *Star Ki with specific insights into 9 personality types and the 5 elements that rule them.
I get very excited about how amazing readings are when I receive responses like these ….
My Nine star Ki and Elemental Tao reading with Charlyne has […]

January 15, 2018
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2018 New Moons and Dog Years

What to expect with Jan and Feb New Moons 

As January’s New Moon slides in and restores you resolve to shift things in 2018 know that  February’s New Moon begins the Year of the Earth Dog on the Asian Calendar.
A huge shift from the Fire Rooster, the Dog will demand loyalty, common sense and stability. Things that have been hidden by […]