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Surfing from Fire Rooster to Earth Dog ~

Shaking off the Fire Rooster to be one with the Grounded Canine?


Even  Schmitty here * The Earth Dog mascot; is wondering what taking the leap will be like! As we shake off this past full moon it is prime time solidify plans and intentions.

The transition between a Fire Rooster and an Earth dog year can be a bit jarring if you are not prepared for change. Although influenced by the grounding energy of Earth, the dog will bring a year of reckoning. The typical domesticated and submissive dog energy will shift into an audible howl. Those who have been crusading for environmental and social issues will have a voice. On a personal note, its a healing year and we can look at the things we have been running from to meet them head on.

The eclipse and supermoon of January 31st was a turning point. Metaphorically we are now able to come out of the dark, and consequently look into dark places. We can now shift fear into acceptance and love. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

IMG_2071 (1)

Those born in Water and Wood years will need to exercise caution in an Earth year.   Water may find the dominance of Earth difficult. photo credit @filmbyranz

2016-02-15 17.27.35-2

Wood relies on Earth for nutrients, often leaving it depleted. In an earth year wood will have to be less demanding.

From the new moon in January until Feb 4th was a preparation phase. February 4th, the first day of the Tiger month is recognized as springs beginning in Asia. Passing through this challenge is akin to the time between a seeds germination and when it pops through the earths surface, heading towards the sun. The new moon and new year heralds the symbolic empowering phase; when sprouting begins. The perfect wave will show up, so be ready to ride it into 2018 with a smile, a plan and determination!

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