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The Snake year will be a year of metaphoric shedding of all we do not need or want. As Water rules we will dive deep into the inner worlds to achieve clarity that will assist us in the outer worlds. Challenging us to balance all aspects of who we are and what we bring as individuals to this lifetime, the Snakes‘trans-mutative’ qualities are both alchemical and physical.
The Water Element along with being the purveyor of ‘emotional energy’ has many faces: fast flowing, trickling, steamy, & frozen to name a few. In 2013 the base element of Snake and its essence (Fire) is paired with Water element of the year. The snake is typically secretive, subversive and a loner yet it has vision, clarity & is not afraid to shift paths if need be. These qualities are both Water and Fire. Snakes take time to make the right moves, but can shift quickly.
After the hype of 2012, 2013 is an unknown; much like the Snake. The freedom we have can be compared to how a snake looks underwater ~ Its elusiveness is caused by light refracting in water to obscure its real location. Understanding the value & lesson of ‘shape shifting’ is key. Relying on our intuition to move in the direction we need, slithering and shedding as a new way of being is the process. The less baggage we take the more healing & empowering it is.

This Black Snake slithered into a Balinese restaurant I was dining at one evening~ the staff went wild! The Balinese have a great fear of snakes ~ only a few days prior while walking home at night, I almost stepped on a very poisonous snake ~ there were no street lights, only my headlamp, ~ a very awakening moment! ~ And yes that trip to Bali for me was nothing short of TRANSFORMATIONAL!





My sense about the Snake is that she will step up the challenges ~ what I have been debating and discussing with a fellow Asian Sage is the presence of FIRE and WATER~ How Snakes Fire energy is at its core , yet Water is the ‘presenting’ element this year  & how these two ‘interact’.  They are the 2 most powerful of elements of the 5 we work with in the Asian Transformational Theory, with Water being dominant.  Fire does has its own power and when ‘turned back on Fire it creates ‘steam’ which creates a powerful heat that is deep and penetrating.

The metaphor here is that it clouds our perception, and can inflict a deeper burn if we are  subject to it. It is a time to be awareness and know where your own balance lay. Snake energy is quiet and deep, peaceful and enduring ~ Snakes watch everything closely and make no moves without ‘informed & thoughtful’ consideration. We can all learn from this! As a ‘Fire’ being I tend to be  more spontaneous and impulsive in my nature ~ so I can learn much from the subtleties of Snake medicine this year if I am willing to practice patience and observation.

What are your challenges with Snake energies? Do they evoke fear or awe ? How can you meet Snake with awareness and acceptance ?


The recent FULL MOON in LEO was the last energetic surge we will experience from the Water Dragon as he makes way for his female counterpart , the Water Snake. Both these animals are serpentine in nature and are the ones who will bridge the gap between the much awaited 2012 and the unknown of 2013.

The Yang Water Dragon’s male energy held space for what mysteries lay in the transition times as we anticipated the end of the Mayan Calendar of 2012.  The Yin Water Snake who arrives on the New Moon  February 10th will hold a softer side of the serpent, but none the less trans formative.

In comparison to the Dragons extroversion the Snake will take us to the inner worlds to achieve clarity. This clarity should assist us in the outer world and how we balance all aspects of who we are and what we bring as individuals to this lifetime.  The ‘trans-mutative’ aspects of snake are alchemical as well as physical. This year we will be invited to shed the unwanted or useless parts of who we are and what we do. The challenge to go deep is assisted by the quality and essence of Water . Water has many faces: fast flowing, trickling, steamy, & frozen to name a few. In 2013 Water is paired with Fire; its the base element and the essence of Snake energy. Snake sits in the SSE direction, so it is under the influence of the FIRE element. Knowing the elements we need to balance is one part of the equation in 2013 ~ a general statement on elements can be further investigated on a personal level as well. Its part of the chart work I do when I see clients ~ very revealing. Overall  ‘the Wood element ‘ will be significant this coming year. I will elaborate more in future posts.

Snakes are mysterious, dangerous and unknown, but what most do not know or understand is the true nature of snake is very peaceful. He/she observes and acts only when the timing is right. 

Snakes provoke us to find the truth (part of the Fire element ~ burning away all that is not useful). In 2013, how far are you will go to find the truth?  ~ Will it be multiple shedding or one large cathartic shift?













The Snakes appearance in mythology is as old as human existence itself . So much can be said and narrated about the Snakes and Serpents . I can only draw on my personal experience and relate it through that.
I have had snake energy show up at times when I needed a sign ~ it always meant change and transformation ~ always imminent but not always easy. Even the opening  statement on my wed page talks about the GENUS LOCI as it relates to’ the spirit of place’. What I teach in the optimum ‘Path of Chi’ is referred to as the tail of the dragon ~ serpentine energy as is the concept of pooling chi energy ~ Chi entering a place and circling round and arriving in its ‘spot’ ~ that too is a lot like how a snake finds its resting place. Feng Shui Master, Dr. Jes Lim’s illustration of this will stay in my head forever. He instructed by drawing  two lines on a caulk board; one being straight and one being a curvy line. ” This is a dead snake” as he pointed to the straight line and “this is one that is very alive”  as he pointed to the other. He was teaching us how Chi should move thru space.
As I search for the meaning and significance of Snake energy as we move into the Water Snake year I don’t have to look far from what I have been learning and teaching for over 18 years now! Even the illustration on my site is of a power spot that has that pooling chi snake energetic.
Snakes from the beginning of time, by their very nature suggest Death and Rebirth. From the garden of eden to the symbolism of modern day medicine snake, Snakes have represented the initial ‘fall from grace’ on one hand but on the other, a regenerative and powerful healing presence.

The root of our fascination with ‘SNAKE” energy is born in the ancient ‘animistic ‘ cultures that saw in nature around them all the essentials needed for sustenance and growth. To this end they gave names and persona’s to the characteristics and qualities of the animals and plants in their environments. Animals that were the most powerful or useful became dominant in that culture. Its not uncommon to see poisonous animals such as  snakes and frogs become totom animals. Snakes are prevalent world round. In so in areas where Poisonous snakes were prevalent their ‘power’ among primitive tribes grew. Not only was the venom used to hunt, it was used to heal. Snake energy thus shows up everywhere on the planet, in myths, stories, folklore and as an animal to be revered.

There is nothing cuddly about snakes for most humans ~ Snake charmers were thought to have magic powers when in fact they were tuning into the ‘peaceful’ nature of the animals using ‘sound’ to awaken the rhythmic serpentine energies. The venom of snake has power, although not all are poisonous. Some snakes emit an strong oil when touched that has as strong an effect as skunk essence. Snakes ability regenerate itself is a powerful metaphor in many cultures. The simplicity of the process is pure magic and so Snake became a symbol of transformations, healing and an emotional stirring of the senses; all of which evokes its mystery.




















What is the Snake Talisman ?
I have been creating yearly Chinese Animal Talisman’s for 13 years & it all started with the Snake year in 2001. Originally the small ‘animal’ inspired charms were meant to be a reminder of the year and placed in a spot to energize a room according to the Flying Star System.  Flying Star Feng Shui is a more complex look at how energy shifts on a daily, monthly and annual basis. The basis of Feng Shui is a compass with 8 directions and a center ~ this adds to 9 locations that have nine numbers and energetics. These areas are in Feng Shui seen in the BAGUA, or the Feng Shui Compass or Lopan. Although each area has a number, these numbers change every day, month, year and also every 20 years. When the numbers change the energies and ‘flying stars’ create different dynamics in each area of the home. Because it is an advanced study, this was my way of introducing it without you having to think about it.

Back when I started the practice, I would reccommend the placement of the ‘charm’ in an ‘area/location/direction’ of the home, office or room where the most where I felt it to be of most benefit. As I learned more over the years of the Nine Star Ki Astrology and Flying Stars I became better informed as to where and why any such charm would be used. My suggestions became more informed but they always had to do with mitigating any negative influences and to activate the ‘energy of the year’ in a more intentional way. Every year the process of desiging and making the pieces shifted to becoming a Talisman and the process evolved over time. Every year I added more to it;  more energy & intention while putting intentional prayer into the making of each one. 

I noticed that people liked them but were not necessarily present at Chinese New years events to get them. I went from making 60 a year to now making much fewer then to taking orders. I also started to add crystal energy to the talismans and as of last year I am incorporating healing stones that have been activated and therefore more energized for use in your home. I use the same ‘activation technique’  that I use for the home heart ‘activation Pieces’. When crafting those for special order I will usually check in with the person requesting it, dowse for what is needed for them specifically and make it accordingly. I will also be able to best direct them towards the best ‘location’ for them to hang the activation piece. I do similar for the Talisman.

After the year is done, I tell clients to take them down, clear them by putting them in the sunlight for 4 hrs or and reuse them as a decoration. With the ‘energy’ of the year is now past, they are no longer activated in the same way. As you can imagine these pieces take time and energy and I do ask for an energetic exchange which in our culture is monetary. In effect we can place a a talisman much the same way as we as we set a cure: its basically to remind us that we can shift the influence by our awareness.


This years Snake talisman is inspired by a calligraphic symbol for CHI that in Tibet means ‘lung’ or Wind Horse. In a Snake year ‘wind horse’ is a very auspicious symbol to use in your home. The reverse side of the Snake Talisman is imbued with intentional word for the year. They are visible but just , as they are partially hidden under a fine rice paper of blue curvy lines. The idea is that they appear under the waters surface , much like the symbol of the Water Snake that dives into the mysterious element of ‘water’ in 2013.

The Talisman described above is decorated with beads and stones. I have chosen 4 semi precious stones & 1 metal for each of the 5 elements. Turquoise for Wood, Hematite for Fire, Clear quartz Crystal for Earth Copper for metal and Fluorite for Water On the reverse of the Talisman, visible as if looking thru water, are the intentions that are infused into the piece


I will advise anyone who orders one on specific of how to place them and about other cures I know of that they may be interested in using.

Many practitioners of Flying Star Feng Shui have specific and many cures that they recommend to use annually in a home or work space. I find it informative and understandable as a Feng Shui Practitioner but it does not have much relevance to those who are not familiar with this ancient system. My Talisman’s, which started off as a fun offering has become a well though out cure , that I hope will bring awareness to the energetics we are faced with and by our intention and awareness we ourselves can be reminded and assisted by these pieces. I also seek to create beauty, with the talismans and all the pieces I make. Creativity and Joy are in each piece I make.
If you happen to have a cure from last year I can advise you on what to do with it after the year is thru. Feel free to email me at to inquire.











Snakes are close to the earth, they live in environments that keep them near plant roots. Their venom has an association with fungi & plant materials. They have always been viewed as wise beings & often associated with the afterlife and thus the ‘divine’ . When we hear the term ‘snake medicine’ it can conjure up the revivalist ‘medicine’ shows of the 30‘s & 40‘s where people purchased ‘miracle salve’ to no avail. Snake evokes the shadow & has since the beginning of time. In truth Snake oils are a potent part of the *traditional folk medicine of Mexico thru the work of ‘Currenderos’ or healers. Rattle snake oil was and is still used for Rheumatoid arthritis and has been effective in curing certain cancers. As such Snake cures are widely varied around the planet. When used homeopathically snake venom can cure a potentially lethal bite of the snake from which it was taken. As a symbol of renewal it is one of the few animals who shed old Skin to become ‘reborn.’ As such snakes carry both an awe & stigma in modern & ancient cultures.
the ancient Greek God of Healing carried the Snake staff as his symbol for rejuvenation & healing & it is the modern day symbol of medicine world wide.












About the Elements ~
The study of the five elements can be a life long endeavor. As I say to all my students ~ I offer a simple explanation to what can easily be a 20 year study.  The Transformational Theory or 5 Element Theory is the basis of all the Asian disciplines including Tai Chi, Qi Gung, Traditional Chinese Medicine to & Feng Shui.

Understanding how inter-dependent the elements are is a crucial part of my job, just as it is for a Chinese Medical Practitioner. If you want a full explanation please scroll down to * THE ELEMENTS AS KEY TO READING THE YEAR” in the WATER DRAGON YEAR write up .
We are all born in a year where ‘one’ of the five elements is dominant~ FIRE, EARTH, METAL WATER, or WOOD. This element is with us for our lifetime and in a key factor for feng shui analysis.  Nine Star Ki astrology gives me further insight into‘personalities via the 5 transformations’  but the element we are born under and the directional element are key. This year is a snake year, but each snake depending on their elements will have a different experience.


 METAL SNAKE in A WATER SNAKE YEAR ( born 1941 & 2001)

Metal snakes are the most successful of all snakes in business. They are shrewd in their approach and it serves them well. Metal is a supportive element for Water so this year the Metal Snake will be protective and interactive with Water Snake energy.  Metal is the element of control and these Snakes are very ‘exacting’.  The Base element of snake is Fire and this tends to melt the Metal Snake. For an animal who needs to be in control this come show as stress or if embraced it can create a more relaxed year for the Metal Snake. Make sure you slow down an appreciate it. Ever on the move a Metal Snake will always be looking for opportunities and this year will be no different. Key is to enjoy the ride and let go attachment to the outcome.

WATER SNAKES in WATER SNAKE YEARS ( born in 1953 & 2013)

Water snakes are also very successful, but they have a much softer approach than other snakes. They tend to use personal relationships and intellect as the base of their movement in the world. They cultivate situations and people with charm and insight-fulness. It creates an illusion of effortlessness but any success earned is hard earned. 2013  can be an amazing personal & business year for Water Snakes; not only is it a culmination of 60 years on the planet and the wisdom that goes with it but they enjoy the command position over the FIRE element which is at the core of the snake. They will do well to moderate any need to control situations knowing that their very nature is in flow. This is your year, enjoy and use it well.


Wood snakes tend to be more stable than other snakes. The yang Wood element gives them more ‘backbone’  than the typical snake born. Wood allows them the ability to inspire and motivate others, while still getting dome what needs to get done. In a Water Snake year its the wood element holds the magic balance between Fire ( base element of Snake & a  Water year which can put it out. In short Water feeds Wood feeds Fire. Wood snakes can achieve much this year & have a great time doing it so long as they have a strong focus and intention. With joy & laughter as a calling card you will reap the best of both worlds in 2013.


FIRE is what makes Snakes tick (base element)& so Snakes born in a FIRE year has the gift of rhetoric and vision. He is not afraid to speak his piece and he will be heard . The most dramatic of all Snakes the  Fire Snake should tone it down a notch this year. Your powers of persuasion will have to take a back seat this year.  Its best to focus on personal and business goals in a methodical way and curb impulsiveness where important decisions are concerned. The color green (wood element) will be good for you to have in your environment via plants, color etc and if you wear green well, boost your wardbrobe with some Emerald this year. Water will not put out your Fire if you are aware of its power so know that Wood is the balance !


 EARTH SNAKES IN WATER YEARS  ( born in 1989 )

Earth snakes are very predictable snakes. Not unlike other snakes they are smart  & operate alone but unlike other snake born they are  wise beyond their years.  They  are also a more social and friendly snake. They have a balanced approach and are easier to get along with. In the Year of a Water Snake the Earth Snake is more in control of life and situations more so than other years. The combination of Fire as its base element feeds its Earth nature and its command over Water gives the Earth snake the upper hand. A great year to start new projects and use your personal relationships as a source of comfort and inspiration. A stickler for details creates success as well as your ability to apply yourself. Work hard play hard ~ this years motto.

This beautiful Asian Graphic reveals the aspects of the 4 Directions & Seasons but encloses it with the flowers in 5 Elemental System ~ a most beautiful combination.


Its important to know that every animal has a BASE ELEMENT ~ the element which gives them their ‘specific energetic’ . Rats, Ox and Pigs for example have WATER as the base of who they are, and Snakes, Horses and Sheep/Rams have FIRE as their base (note these animals are on opposite sides of the compass and there for opposite).  Tigers, Rabbits and Dragons have Wood as their base and Monkeys, Roosters and Dogs have Metal as their Base element.
It begs the question, where is  Earth ?
 ~ Earth is in reality, our collective base. We cross over  WESTERN understanding to EASTERN Practice with elemental understanding. The aspect of 4 directions, 4 elements 4 seasons are known in the west but for me to stop there is to just view ‘outer’ reflections . When we view the 4 knowing that we stand in the energy of the center, we start to understand the 5th direction. The sacred center or TAI CHI is where ’heaven’ meets ‘man’ meets ‘earth’ ~ Its where the element EARTH lives; where ‘we ‘ live.
In the 5 elements, the SNAKE lives in the Center with each element & direction having an animal ~ This year Snake rules ~ and as such this is but a glimpse the complexity of the Five Transformations.


This illustration is of an old Chinese LO PAN or Compass, as indicated by the needle in the center.
Rat is North, Rabbit is East, Horse is South & Rooster is West.
Ox & Tiger share NE, Dragon & Snake share SE, Sheep & Monkey share SW with Dog & Pig sharing the NW.



THE RAT    1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, & 2008

Great opportunities will open you up to a fulfilling learning curve in all aspects of life. Being your astute Rat self should steer you clear of legal pitfalls and offers that do not suit you. A big focus will be your career & setting up your future course. In love your relationships will grow or die. Know that being alone this year can be a positive thing.  Its best to focus on what you want in life and take in all the potential for growth that ‘shedding skin ‘ will offer you. Take care with finances & don’t loan money or get involved with schemes that are not of your design. Its wise to watch your health this year by getting and/or staying fit. Watch  your diet carefully and eliminate anything that can cause chest and stomach ailments. These are your weak area and illness can linger if you find your self afflicted. Don’t neglect important relationship due to busyness; you need your confidants in order to get perspective in a Snake year. A very busy and fruitful year for a Rat born. So long as you keep it in balanced you can make gains on all fronts in 2013


THE OX  1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 & 2009

Ox’s are hard workers & Snake years will see their competitive side arising; know that you may very well be competing with yourself !  Ox’s modus operendi is  determination and this will serve you well in a Snake year. If you are after something in particular you will work relentlessly to achieve it. In a Snake year you can achieve great things. If its a partners affections you are after try not to come on too strong!  Know that the Ox streak for ‘achievement’ must be tempered by a deep look at what you need vs what you want. Pushing forward on principle alone may see you fall short. Remember the Snakes biggest lesson is how to shed skins & this will happen to you as well. For Oxen its best to be prepared rather than ‘see any threats as a potential losses’. Have a critical eye this year; know where the battle lie and be careful not to step the toes of those who will assist achieve your goals! Do not neglect your diet and health. Take time away with loved ones and alone to rejuvenate. Snakes know how to chill as well as effortlessly ‘shed’ and it will serve you well to do the same.


THE TIGER  1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 & 2010

The intensity, passion and and confidence that is Tiger will have to be used wisely in the year of the Snake. These powerful traits can threaten others and in a Snake year can create argumentative tendencies for Tigers. Your skills at balanced diplomatic delivery will be tested but it will allow your perspectives heard this year. Don’t worry about who likes you and who doesn’t; just take care not to take things personally. When it comes to love, go after those who you know are a good match for you, otherwise your precious time is wasted!  As for work, you will find it demanding and challenging. You may have to relinquish ‘your ideas’ for the good of the whole while effectively finding new venues for your brilliance this year. If situations do not suit you, find the venues where people appreciate what you have to offer. If you are willing to roll with the punches and keep your intensity on simmer, while wining over people instead of overpowering them, you too will shed the old and emerge refreshed and refined! Tigers can learn much from Snake if you take the time to listen deeply and stay balanced.


THE RABBIT 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987,1999, & 2011

Rabbits tend to get ‘excited’  the the presence of Snake energy. But instead of being nervous you can stay alert and focused and have 2013 be an epic year. Know that your actions this year will affect you long into the future. Snakes ‘transformational & trans mutative’ qualities can bring a new ness into all aspects of life including shifting up your work and/or your love life. 2013 will offer many new opportunities which can change things up dramatically…. if its what you want. Make sure you consider all motivations and options before taking the plunge into new ventures and avenues. Also be careful with all legal documents;reading them well before you sign. Guided and well thought out plans will yield powerful results & any shedding will add to the energy you will be embracing. Remember the grass is not always greener on the other side. If your objectives are to self improve and the changes you have considered are balanced then your gut will tell you what to do. Key is not to over think nor under think your strategy!



THE DRAGON 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, & 2012

Dragons will be tested in the Water Snake year, as  many of us are. The realms of work and career are up for review. The key is to be ready for the ‘new and different’ and do not back down from the challenge.You may have to work harder if you have a set career that needs transformation. Let go of the past and use your smarts, charisma and good sound practices to take yourself to another level. If you see this as a positive then you will go far with the demands that face you. If you are single think twice before looking for a mate; it takes energy. Know that you need someone who stands up to you, while not letting that trigger any bully tendencies you may have. You also need emotional support and it this takes time to nurture. If a current relationship is not working, do not force it. Let go of what does not serve you. Remember this year is a ‘shedding’ cycle and you will feel energized and in your power . Control is important but giving it up for deeper growth is transformational.


THE SNAKE 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 & 2013

Snakes have the opportunity of putting the past behind this year and starting afresh. Let go of old grudges while embracing the amazing opportunities that present this year. If you are a Fire Snake you will face times of absolute transformation, and yo must be ready!  The Wood element is important for all Snakes (*see the Elemental Snake above for deeper insights). Wood energy comes in the form of being ‘innovative & courageous enough to move thru things.Its a more Yang approach in a YIn year but it is good ‘snake medicine’! Also using the colors green will prove very beneficial. Overall the Snake born will face a success in work and in personal issues if you let others in; knowing when to let down your guard! The water element is deep and it affects the Snake born in ways hard to define. Your tendency is to be more secretive, but know you already are.You will be challenged to break the mould of your own nature and trust in deeper ways; shedding externally and internally. Manipulation will not cut it any relationships ( personal or work related)  if you want authentic and intimate interactions. Be honest & face problems head on. No slithering into the bush to wait for a better time. Let the warmth of snake energy shine thru and burn off any fear based behavior. It is your year after all; you are the example we all need to follow, as trans formative as that may be .


THE HORSE 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

Horses will face both ups and downs this year. Your base element Fire is same as Snake but with Water ruling this can be a challenge if you let it. Horses independent nature must be tempered with common sense. Although you are always ready to bolt to greener pastures when you need to, this year will be an exercise in knowing when to move, when to seek assistance and when to simply be still. Your intrinsic nature is to go, do and try new things as long as its fun and easy. Take care with finances and don’t gamble on any level. When it comes to romance you must be very clear in your intentions. If you want to be single then do so, but do not keep anyone hanging. If you are coupled up its best to be with someone who is as adventurous as you are. You can try new adventures, flavors & places but do not risk being frivolous with peoples hearts. Horses adaptability in the workplace is invaluable, and you always need a job that requires you wit and problem solving skills. If its too predicable its not for you.Stability is important for Horse in a slithery snake year as it will allow you to shed your skin, keeping your ground while doing it .


THE SHEEP 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015

Sheep will have to exercise caution, be prepared and get advice from colleagues this year. If you stay grounded you can use the momentum of the Snake year to move ahead in new projects and see old one thru with panache. Make sure  some cash aside now, as your finances may see some challenging times; nothing that good planning cannot smooth out. If you are unprepared for down times the sacrifices you may have to make may create stress levels that you may be able to negotiate. The Ram’s strength and endurance will be tested in Snake years: know that you are not always in control. When you let go you will experience the most beautiful & profound moments  Your friends and partners will factor into your experience so make sure if you seek advice ~ listen. Although business will demand lots of attention know when to take time off and shift gears. Make sure you take time for friends and family.  The snake year offers opportunity to shed many layers that will transform your way of being for the best.


THE MONKEY 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 & 2016

Monkeys had a great surge in beginning of the Dragon year that seemed to wain. Know that this year will be brighter and easier if you play it well. Your career has the potential of financial rewards but only if you take things slow, while evaluating risks and benefits as you go. If its not broken, don’t fix it, but if you are unhappy, this is the year to instigate change. If you do your due diligence and your guts says yes, then the more drastic and empowering the shift the better.  In love continue to trust your instincts. It could be a bit rocky but in the long run but worth the risks. Know that important relationships will find balance and those that are not will fall away. If single you may have too much choice which can be distracting. Move into serious mode if your instincts say yes but don’t feel the need to move too quickly. Take full advantage of the snakes transformational qualities and watch for the fireworks; they will appear even if its you who sets them off.


THE ROOSTER 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, & 2017

For Roosters, a Snake year may be just the boost you need. Roosters loyalty and honesty will serve them well in 2013. The key is finding people who appreciate those attributes and concentrating on situations that suit your needs. When you try fitting into set standards it under uses your abilities. You may have to accept that you are not center stage this year; a challenge for the strutting Rooster. Know that your ideas, while intelligent, thoughtful and coming from experience may be overlooked. Choosing opportunities that will give you acknowledgment is key, as not being appreciated is not an option .In romance take care to choose partners and relationships who can match your expectations! In both love and in career know when to step back and let others lead while not loosing yourself in the process.The key is having the wisdom to know the difference. The Snake year will prove transformational on all fronts for Roosters.


THE DOG 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 & 2018

For Dogs the key is to graciously ‘receive’ what others are so willing to give you. Your loyalty and giving nature is going to be reciprocated. Know that you are also giving with the gesture of receiving with grace. To fully appreciate all the Snake can offer you in 2013 is to allow that SKIN to shed. It will be a busy but rewarding year; not without hard work and laying the foundations for what it is you really want. Travel is in the cards and you may have to travel to find the work you want or need. Its important to choose well and not let employers but not let them walk over you nor let others take credit for your work. In love you have to realize that you have high ideals and that you must be forgiving of those around you. You will be tested as the energy of ‘betrayal’ is in your energy field. Let go minor incidents, but if your integrity is seriously affronted you man have to Let go friendships. Be ware of rekindling old flames as the reasons you broke up have probably not changed. Learn how to speak up and shift  ‘sweet puppy smile‘  to a bark. It can be empowering. The Snake year can be epic for Dog born. Shed the old and embrace your new found respect !


THE PIG 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 & 2019
Pigs will be challenged to stand up for them selves this year! Do not allow those close to you to take advantage, Remember its a year of letting go, shedding skin and finding a better way of being in the world. For the Pig born this may mean having to take a stand both romantically and in your career. Honesty is your best asset and it should always be appreciated. Its a fine balance between being authoritative and being taken advantage of. Know the snake supports the Pig who is willing to take risks, speak out, walk the walk and not stand down. Finances should remain strong if you are on top of it going into the Snake year. Take care with contracts legal documents. Take care to nurture both your health and your pocket book. You are resourceful and can do what ever is needed to be in control of your destiny. Your inner transformations will be powerful and will not go unnoticed.