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Creative Soul at ADARSA: Elemental Design

Qi-Mag™ International Consultant, Interior Designer, Geomantic Dowser

M.Charlyne Chiasson

Charlyne started her design career in Yellowknife, NWT in 1982. Fresh out of school with a degree in Interior Design, it was an unlikely place for practicing ‘Architectural Digest’ style of design. Her experiences there as a resident & Facility Programmer for the Government of the Northwest Territories taught her the basics of design. She learned the value of creating long lasting and sustainable interior and exterior environments based on need and availability of materials.
Ten years living in the vastness of the Canadian Arctic allowed Charlyne a unique perspective from which to ply her trade.
 Experiencing the vast cultural changes in the Arctic in the 80’s is such an extreme landscape challenged her perceptions of ‘form follows function’ as a young designer. She learned the value of creating long lasting and sustainable interior and exterior environments based on need and availability of materials. Making sense of flow in an environment where ‘space’ seemed endless was core to her deeper understanding of the power of place. Traveling in the Arctic and living on Cape Breton Island in her formative years, revealed to her the geo-physical impacts of ‘environment’ on both exterior and interior spaces. Her training in both Feng Shui and Geomancy started long before she had conscious knowledge of their existence.

Feng Shui literally translates as Wind Water. For westerners it seems to be as mysterious as the culture from whence it came. It was Feng Shui Grand-master Dr. Lim, who anchored the concept for her by explaining that ‘breath’ is ‘wind’ or Feng and  Shui or ‘water’ our  main body component. From this revelation Charlyne became a translator of its complexities for the Western world.

Noted as  ‘the original environmental impact statement’, Feng Shui’s essence is the quality of orientation within our homes and spaces. It follows with its known definition as being ‘the ancient art of placement’.

After Charlyne’s northern experience her design career would never follow a typical career path. Instead her experiences in the north and her subsequent years of travel to Latin American & Asian cultures evoked a deeper curiosity in the feeling of a space as much as the aesthetic of a good design.
In 1994 she started to use the principles of Feng Shui in her design practice, discovering the powerful and direct link between the two.
The combined wisdom of classic design training and the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and Geomancy has allowed Charlyne to develop a unique approach to sustainable, functional, empowering and harmonious space.

Charlyne founded ADARSA: Interior Design Concepts in 1997. It has since evolved to ‘Feng Shui Design’ then to Elemental Design. The word ADARSA* remains: ‘a dar sa’ : Sanskrit for mirror: a reflector of light, expanding space and a divine mirror of the soul

ADARSA’S early years evolved as Charlyne free lanced while raising her young family in Nelson BC. During this period she encountered teachers in a variety of areas ranging from first nations wisdom to water and energy dowsing masters. She studied the work of Master Thomas Lim who first brought Feng Shui to North America. Marion Peters, was classically trained Interior Designer at Coumbia in New York under the private tutelage of a Feng Shui Master. It was Marion who introduced her to the concepts of geophysical energy and geomancy. Charlyne met her current Feng Shui Geomantic Grand Master, Dr. Jes Lim, of Qi Mag™  International in 2001 ( In turn she met and studied with Dr. Lim’s longtime associate and acquaintance Eric Dowsett. Eric practices and teaches an advanced level of dowsing and energy clearing techniques based on Buddhist philosophy.

Since then Charlyne has lectured, presented and taught a variety of interior and landscape design, Feng Shui, dowsing and geomancy courses throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. She has also trained landscape architects and designers in the ancient secrets of Landscape Garden Activation in Costa Rica C.A.

The synthesis of interior design, Feng Shui and geomancy is evident in the design of the ‘Mir Center for Peace’, which opened its doors in 2007 at Selkirk college, Castlegar, BC. Charlyne’s design insights,17 years of Feng Shui awareness and 7 years of geomancy came together to produce a balanced and harmonious environment in an educational setting. The consistent compliment on the creation of this space is not for the space planning, color schemes, or fabulous functional furnishings but the feel of the space. A space that radiates well being and harmony complimented with aesthetics and function.

Since the fall of 2010 Charlyne has been traveling extensively to work, write and practice her craft. In the winter of 2011 Charlyne was able to actualize a 20 year dream; living in BALI, Indonesia. Having wanted to go there with her young family, life seemed to fly by and instead of having the family adventure she had dreamed of, she arrived there to take time to heal after the second of two surgeries in 5 years. While there, Charlyne took the opportunity absorb a location where ‘Feng Shui’ is practiced every day and in every moment; a pure form of energy work that involves intention and dedication. Bali is one of 2,200 inhabited islands in Indonesia that remains true to its ancient animistic roots while following Buddhist and Hindu practices in the midst of the largest Muslim country in the world. Her time in Bali made a lasting impression and allowed her to delve deeper into her understanding of her work as a Feng Shui designer, energy worker and land healer.

Taken at a temple in Bali, Indonesia in 2011. The image in the background is similar to the Bagua (Feng Shui compass), Medicine Wheels and Astrological cycles used world wide. In repetitive cycles energy is always changing. Information is similar but is  spiraling. Feng Shui takes  a glimpse at our lives ‘in the moment’ which reveals truths through symbolism and assists us in balancing what is found.

The Balinese are primarily Hindu, yet are formed by their Animism roots with Buddhism interwoven their sacred practices. To absorb this cultural experience transformed her direction. Since then she has been working at refining information regarding Feng Shui design to educate Design and Development professionals. Her goal is to foster a deeper sense of awareness in how we approach all space; whether that be large plots of land, the interior of a home, or the design of a simple office space.

Whether working on a Spa Design for a Costa Rican client, teaching or clearing land or trauma in BC, Charlyne’s work continues to evolve. Time spent in Santa Fe New Mexico opened her up to the healing work of the Curanderos of Latin America. Although seemingly unrelated to Feng Shui Design, there are many aspects of ‘healing’ that are directly related to healthy spaces. Many cultures world wide practice a way of clearing and placement that leads to healing. Charlyne’s quest at this moment is to continue to learn various modalities in order to offer the best results her practice can offer.

At present Charlyne is living the life of a Feng Shui gypsy; she is synthesizing her life experiences to be of service in order to make a difference in her clients lives. She has clients in Victoria & Nelson, B.C, Calgary Alberta,and in Latin America. She is available to travel to where she is needed plus she has had success working remotely with clearing.
(check her calendar for her teaching & travel schedule)

Charlyne  has transformed space for a myriad of interior design clients over the years and has conducted hundreds of Feng Shui consultations and geomantic clearings. She has taught her craft both in post secondary institutions and privately since 1998 and depending on where she is traveling is always available to speak, teach and work in a variety of aspects of her training.

Charlyne continues her work with an ever increasing focus on health, well being and sustainable eco based design solutions.

 Charlyne has worked with architects and other design professionals. She has also worked with setting up a Balinese Furniture stores  in Calgary Alberta for multiple ‘pop up’ operations over a five year period.


 Charlyne’s first book ‘Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation’  is due to be released in August 2018.