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2018 Year of the Earth Dog

Beach dog 2018The Year of the Dog

The Dog is the 11th animal of the Chinese Zodiac and is known for its intelligence, protectiveness, diligence and altruism. Dogs are especially loving, kind, loyal and true friends. Humans born in the Year of the Dog years have much the same qualities. Appreciating and even emulating these attributes will help you understand and navigate 2018.

This year we shift from the brilliance of the Fire element into the grounded Earth element. We can look forward  to a settling, nourishing energy that will affect all aspects of our lives and hopefully the world. 2018 is also going to be a powerful, yang, masculine year. This Dog will not be passive, but more awakening in its influence. In earlier posts and blogs, I’ve talked of this being a year of reckoning. Lets find out why.

The Bark verses the Bite

Dogs are man’s best friend or so we are lead to believe. Once wild and instinctual, dogs have been overbred in the last 100 years. Our relationship with them has evolved as they have. The upward trend in dog ownership shows how humans crave the connection, loyalty and companionship of these loving animals.

This year will expose the underbelly of dogs original wildness. We cannot assume it will be smooth sailing. A dogs bark is meant as a warning, and in 2018 listen for the bark, then be prepared for the bite.

The Dog’s bark, its voice, will be heard this year. People, groups and issues that have not been unseen till now, will be. Social, political, and environmental forums will take the forefront. Issues that have been blocked out of our consciousness, ignored or subdued as a result of mass media spin will come to light.

The Fire Monkey and Rooster years were not unlike fireworks. Events, challenges and life came at us in rapid fire. When hit with the energy of Fire and its passion it is easy to forget what happened or what events impacted us. These past two yeas exposed the issues, yet for many it was overwhelming. The Dog year will allow us time to focus and differentiate. It will give us the perspective and ability to choose what to respond to. The earth energy is the ground from which to move forward and the dogs bark, the voice from which to be heard.

White dog with MCC in Script

How this will affect us 

To be onboard with the potential beneficent energy of an Earth Dog we must be prepared to be honest with ourselves about the direction we are going in. After the Fiery upheaval of the past two years, we can now ground in reality. Its time to sift through the ashes and use the nutrients of our experiences to make a plan. Then we have to stick to it. Whether influences were positive or challenging, they are the base from which to build the future. And what could be more optimistic and helpful than the energy of the Dog!

Dog years allow and invite curiosity, generosity and compassion starting with our own lives. Self care begins with evaluation of where we are and how we can be kinder, better and more loving in all we do. One only has to spend time with a puppy to see the unconditional love that comes forth. We have to shine that on ourselves, family and friends in a more intentional way. In an Earth Dog year we can reap its benefits and stay away from the flip side; the mad dog who will take what it needs because its been neglected.

Dogs evolution into domestication has created a questionable level of submission to human owners. This year will be a shift in that historical evolutionary behaviour as the original, primal and forceful Dog will rule. 2018 is a Yang Earth Dog which is outward and innovative; a visible, strong character. We have become accustom to dogs exhibiting unconditional love and desire to please. This is a more Yin expression of dog energy and it makes them vulnerable. In a Yang, masculine year we will see a switch in that energetic pushing us to navigating it with more awareness and intention.This years Dog has a definitive, penetrating energy that is supportive yet awakening.

If you are a Dog

simple schmitty

If you are born in a dog year you feel a shift into the power position. It will bestow and wonderful energy that enables you to move forward. No more holding back; its time to get creative. Dogs who have felt invisible or who have been struggling to reach their potentials will come into their own this year. If you are born in a Wood Dog Year (1994) or a Water Dog year (1982) be advised. If you are a Wood Dog, know that Wood energy absorbs Earth and you will have to take your time, be thoughtful and not force things. If you are a Water Dog, know that Earth dominates Water. You may feel a bit more pressure in 2018 and will have to take care not to be overwhelmed. For Fire dogs (1946 & 2008), Earth Dogs (1958)  and Metal Dogs (1970) it will be smooth sailing. That said, for all Dogs born this it will be a dynamic, full on, energized and a year of romance. Bliss out but do not forget to stay balanced! 

Playing with Dog Year energy

In a Dog year its important we reevaluate our lives and come clean. There is no room for evasiveness, procrastination or back room dealings. Its a great year to house clean our affairs and in doing so to prosper and move forward. On the world stage, injustices of the past will move towards reconciliation and restructuring. On a personal level it is auspicious for both Love and Money.

Even when we are not so fortunate, any good will spread to others will benefit us in the long run. This applies to time as well as attention and finances. Teamwork and joining forces with others in well researched ventures will see success. Hoarding or holding back with time and resources will backfire in a Earth Dog year.

Business owners who care for co-workers and staff will prosper. The fairness principle of the Dog year prevails with more influence than ever. Remember the Yang energy of this dog will make its mark. Here are some inside insights as to why Dog Years are great years for being generous with time, finding love and investing money. 

Time: The technological age was supposed to free up time, so we would have more leisure. Now with social media and cell phones being prevalent it seems to have distracted us, creating a the feeling of having no time. The most valuable gift you can give yourself, family, friends is presence and full attention. When we do it expands our sense of time. Dog energy demands that we connect, play and have fun. This results and being fully present with those around us. Disconnecting from the net or devices for set periods is worth a try. Then watch your stress levels drop and a sense of expansiveness take over.

Love:  Earth dog years are known to be prime years for finding that special someone. Dogs love stability and are loyal beyond a fault. This energy allows our intentions to be more sincere and heart felt. People around you will feel it and respond whether they are loved ones or colleagues. A genuine feeling of community expands when we commit to people, love and letting others in. 

Money: Metal is the dogs base element. Earth is the parent of Metal and as such will nourish it and its growth: hopefully in our bank accounts. Metal is associated with both communications and money. Bitcoin is the new buzz and yes, it relies on the internet and communications. A boost to Metal combined with the altruism of Dog energy, will create opportunities. Always do your due diligence when it comes to investing. Creativity is key to the manifestation of abundance and cash flow in Earth Dog Years. * see the 5 elemental theory at bottom

Reflections on the Earth Dog Year of 1958 

Its good to look back and make note of the interesting events and the people born 60 years ago.Wikipedia has a detailed list yet these are some that catch the eye. Note that these events in 1958 were far milder than those that took place in the Fire Rooster Year of 1957. It is an indication that we will not be in for such a rough ride in the Year of the Earth Dog.

Notable people born in 1958, and who turn 60 this year are Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter, Alex Baldwin, Andie Mac Dowell, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Bush, Tim Burton, Viggo Mortensen, Tim Robbins, Shaun Cassidy, Madonna, Gary Oldman, Ron Regan, Drew Carey, Annette Benning, Kevin Bacon, Andrea Bocelli and Prince if he was still with us. Other notables are Ice-T and Helen De Genres who born before February 18/’58 which make them Fire Roosters. The Earth Dog year ended on February 7/’59.

The events that caught my eye were :

Finally, its fun to note that if you were born after 1958 you are no longer considered a baby boomer. Post WW1 the population spiked giving us the largest aging population in the Americas at this time. After 1958 there was an 11 year decline in the birth rate as measured in the USA. It was the longest decline ever noted in that country’s history.  

Dog Mythology ~ Sirus the Dog Star

The mythology associated with the ruling animal can give us insights into the year. Sirius, the Dog Star, a notably bright constellation is considered an important marker of events and guidance, thus sacred in many ancient cultures.

It stands out as the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major. Its significance reaches back to ancient Greece where its name is derived. Then known as Seirios, it meant glowing or scorcher. The Egyptians used its appearance, along with 35 other stars to chart ancient calendars. It was associated with the fertility goddess ‘Spdt’, and its rising not only coincided with the Nile flooding, but with the onset of a New Year.

dog star, year of the dog 2018

Sirius, the Dog Star can be found by first finding Orion’s belt, it is a very bright star and should be visible easily

To the ancient Greeks, Sirius was relate to the dog days of summer when the grasses wilted, men became weak and women became aroused. Greeks also associated sickness with being ‘star struck’. Interesting that Dog years in Asia have love associated with them, and these ancient cultures believed the dog star Sirius was related to both fertility and feminine sexuality.

In Polynesian and For Pacific island cultures, bright stars like Sirius were important for navigation. The location of these islands, between both north and south hemispheres made this star a significant marker. In Hawaii, Sirius had many names in their language, ranging in meaning from ‘a glowing star to one that makes the canoe sail’.

My hope is that Sirius, the dog star guides us well in 2018. Coupled with the element Earth the dog star should portend to moving towards with a more grounded and balanced approach to life. That under its influence we can take,  care of the planet and each other in a more meaningful way.

Nine Star Ki, the Magic Square and                                                                            Flying Stars in 2018

Nine Star Ki astrology is a Feng Shui astrology. It uses a nine number system, based on the 7 stars of the the Big Dipper and Polaris and Vega as the Yin and Yang balancing Stars. The magic Square in Feng Shui is the base for the Bagua Compass, which is used for locating energies in any given space or environment. These Stars or Numbers move each day, month and year. When charted through the Magic Square, Nine Star Ki can reveal just how you will experience the next 12 months and year to come. 

The Nine Star Ki System determines what Element and Number you are as an adult ( Principle #) as a child ( Character # ) and as others see you ( Energetic #) . The combinations are as unique as you are. I like to refer to it as the Yin system vs the Yang Western System, which tracks all the stars. See testimonials and try something new!

The Nine Star Ki System determines what Element and Number you are as an adult ( Principle #) as a child (Character # ) and as others see you (Energetic #) . The combinations are as unique as you are. I like to refer to it as the Yin system vs the Yang Western System, which tracks all the stars. Review the testimonials and try something new. Now is the time!

Nine Star Ki Astrology traces the movements and offers information and advice on such things as career, relationship, finances, spiritual issues, health, travel, and guidance for future projects and planning. An excellent system for planing ahead and knowing when to work hard, when to promote, or when to slow down.

During Chinese New Years I like to offer a special reduction if you book within the two week celebratory period. If you are at all curious, go the the link of testimonials I have received over the years. They are proof that these readings are unique and have guided people at pivotal points in their lives and processes.

Web page and blog links:


The Magic Square houses 9 numbers on a grid and relates to the Feng Shui Compass ( Bagua) and the five elements.

The Magic Square houses 9 numbers on a grid. It relates to the Feng Shui Compass (Bagua) and the 5 elements. Each number moves to a new house every day, month, year and every 20 years. Flying Stars Feng Shui refers to this cyclical movement. In 2018 the number in the centre will be number 9, as shown in the illustration shown below.

Note that in the first illustration, there is a direction in each of the 8 outside boxes. The centre Number is considered the location of the Tai Chi, the spiritual centre, where the Yin Yang Symbol is found. The second illustration shows where the numbers will be located in 2018.

IMG-2414Flying Star Feng Shui is only a part of Nine Star Ki, yet it is a complete science for some A  year. I base the design on the Animal year and guide you as to the best location to hang them should you want one.They are made with prayer and intentions using symbology and elemental energy for balance. Price for the talisman and activation is $21.00 before the end of Chinese New Years.

Good luck pieces for 2018

Talismans for the Earth Dog Year are made with intention and are activated for use in your home of office.

After Chinese New Years the price goes up to $30.00 each. What you get with a Talisman is a personal directional reading, which determines the best direction to hang the piece. The reading will also allow you to know your best directions and your basic elemental Nine Star Ki Numbers & what to expect in the year of the Earth Dog. 

Each Talisman is reversible, here the one in the middle shows the reverse of the piece.

Each Talisman is reversible, here the one in the middle shows the reverse of the piece.

The Earth Dog and hanging a crystal for love in 2018

The Romance Star, which is associate with the Earth Dog energy in 2018 lives in the South this year. As Dog energy is promising for love, it many be an area to take note of or infuse with intentions. One way to activate love is to place a lead crystal in a south facing window. When the sun hits the crystal you will see the rainbow colors and be reminded of your own intentions and what you want to call in. 

How will your animal fare in the Earth Dog Year?

Generally Dog years are good for each sign, but a few will have more luck than others. As the Dog is directly across form the year of the Dragon, People born this year will have to exercise caution and keep things in order especially in the world of business. If you are a Water Dragon (1953) then keep your eyes open, your pocket books closed and your loved ones close. Earth dominates Water, which makes it as it’s a challenging year in general for Water Dragons especially and for Dragons in general. 

Other animals to be aware and cautious in an Earth Dog year are Rabbits and Oxen. Water Rabbits (1963) should take extra care in all financial dealings.This applies to both investing and spending. For Oxen (1973), it is good year for harvesting seeds sewn in the past for but save some of that harvest for a rainy day. Exercising caution in general is optimal should not stop you from enjoying the fun aspects of infectious Dog.

Chinese Zodiac Wheel


DOG BORN 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 & 2018

This is your year and a time to celebrate. All the hopes and aspirations you have dreamed up in these past years can come to fruition in 2018. Although the magic of your own years shines on you, hard work is still required. It is important to plan and be smart about how you shape your future. There should be a sense of freedom that perhaps you have not been able to fully actualize in recent years. And yes there are a lot of causes to fight for outside your own personal world, but know to pick the one that is important to you and focus on that. Your love life will be spicy, and will go where you direct it. Do not be surprised if you magically bump int the one. Also be cautioned that in a personal year you can feel scattered. There is such an influx of energy its important to take time to slow down, rest and observe. Its an exciting year, so take some time off in order to keep up your energy levels and enjoy the ride. Key Words: Self Reflection, Intentions and Fun 

PIG BORN  1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 & 2019

For Pigs, the year of the Dog is all about creating a good strategy. Pigs can easily find themselves afraid to get out of their comfort zone, but the Dog energy this year will keep the Pig on his toes. Pigs will do like to maintain the status quo, and that works well for the most part. This year the Pig will have to look further afield to protect its interests and investments. It is a year for new things and with guidance and trust even the pig can step out and find new ways of doing things. Pigs natural sensuality and charm will come into play with just letting go worry and stepping out in the light of the Dogs infectious energy. Take part you piglets and enjoy the freshness, let go the fear and manifest those dreams. It will do you well to practise self care to balance out any feelings of overwhelm. Seek good council in all business matters and solace with family and friends. Key Words: Curiosity, Enthusiasm and Confidence.

 RAT BORN  1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948,1960, 1972,1984, 1996, & 2008

Those born in Rat years feel themselves smarter than Dogs as they can maneuver and hunt and night, right under the dogs nose. In a dog year however, it would be wise to tone it down and play it cool. Rats are hoarders in general but in a Dog year, generosity is key. Keeping an eye on finances and investments is a must. Work may find you having to go further a field than you are use to, but it brings with it opportunities for new contacts and future successes. Love, generally great in Dog years is not so favoured for Rats. Its best to keep any liaisons on a slow burner and allow things to develop. Not a year to rush into things. A great year for Rats to recharge and rest, gain a new perspective and appreciate all that is around you. Key Words: Caution, Expansion & Self Care.

OX BORN 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 & 2009

For Ox born, the Dog year can feel a bit unsteady. Oxen get nervous with a Dog underfoot and will never fully feel at ease. This shake up will push the Dog agenda so the Ox can reevaluate his dealings with others. Family life may be affected as well as business dealings and interactions with colleagues. It is the perfect year for the Ox to stIck to his steadfastness while cleaning house. There is much opportunity for personal growth and deep happiness when the Ox lets go of stubborn habits and shifts to embrace the positive changes and opportunities around you. Not everyone has the same hardworking ethic, strength or endurance as you have. Practicing compassion, generosity and patience will give you a new platform from which to share your gifts and be recognized. Key Words: Letting go, Sweetness and Benevolence.

TIGER BORN 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 & 2010

Tigers are smart and fast and in a year of the Dog you will feel very energized. Although you are a mighty force, remember to give way to the dogs lead and be a bit more reserved than you may want to be. You share the compatibility triangle with Dog and Horse so the year will be abundant and prosperous. Dealing with emotional issues and really listening my be a challenge. Your altruistic self takes you out into the world and family and self care can be neglected. Dog years are as much healing years for Tigers as they are opportunistic. It will be wise to face the demons in the closet and let some light and fresh air into this spaces that need clearing. Spending time with loved ones and seeking others council will prove to be rewarding and informative. Key Words: Clarity, Self Awareness and Celebration

RABBIT BORN 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 & 2011

Rabbits are pretty self assured and intelligent. They know how to protect themselves from impending dangerous situations and avoid conflict. Dog years are good ones for Rabbits, so long as you don’t try to hide anything, this year should be smooth sailing many levels. Key for you in a Dog year is taking time for yourself and maintaining a steady flow throughout the year. Sudden emotional upsets will hit your immune system, so keep to routines. Maintaining balance will be important should uncomfortable situations arise. Your investments will do well this year but make sure you keep an eye on things and not get complacent. It is a year to get and keep business affairs in order. It may not be one of your favourite things, but in a Dog year it is imperative to stay on top of things. In doing so you will feel a new sense of empowerment. The Dogs protective energies will be felt in all areas of your life in 2018. Love is in the air and you can bask in its limelight so long as you keep perspective and enjoy the ride. Key Words: Decisiveness, Self Care and Alertness

DRAGON BORN 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 & 2024

Dragons are located directly across from the Dog on the Zodiac Wheel (see above illustration) and this portends to a challenging year. You have the strength to overpower the Dog but in his ruling year, it is unwise to so. The key for Dragons is to stay grounded, see the Dog eye to eye and don’t disappear in your ‘ cave’ waiting for things to pass. Ultimately this year is great for building your character, self esteem and practising the simple things that you tend to overlook. Strive for patience, simplicity and selflessness. Take your cues from the loyal and trusting dog. Dragons are always up for the challenge even when emotions  run high, which can happen this year.  Keep your heart open, spend time alone in nature and seek out those you love to share with. Sometimes what may seem like a challenge is ultimately a gift in disguise. Key Words: Stability, Acceptance, Ecology

SNAKE BORN 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 & 2013

Snakes do well in Dog years so long as you take it easy yet stay fully aware. Any challenges must be met head on, with wit and your usual Snake savvy. It will be an industrious year for Snake born and your intellect will be put to the test, just the way you love it. It may force you out of your den more than you like but you will find yourself energized and supported by Dogs benevolence. It is a good year for self discovery. Developing new practices and aspiring for better health is a win win situation. Love is featured for all this year and for sexy Snake it will be more so than other years. This could test an established relationship or it could also bring fresh air into stagnant situations for growth and rejuvenation. It will not be a year of curling up in the sun for long periods and although self care and balance is advised, your energy this year will surprise you. Key Words: Innovation, Mediation and Expressiveness.

HORSE BORN 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

Horses will see the need to step back somewhat in the Dog year. Independent and strong willed, Horse born often do not see when their self interests cross boundaries and affect others. This year is a good year to take stock and plan your next moves wisely. Dog years act as a protective umbrella for the wary  Horse born so it will be wise to use this time to stop and take stock. It will be a good year to put your affairs in order and keep things on a solid footing at home. Distant travel is not in your forecast. Focus instead on self improvement, education, financial security and the simple joys that make you smile. Self care will become more important in order to keep your surefooted ness. Being in nature, and around family and loved ones balance you and assist in pushing through challenges. Slowing down in itself can be stressful for a Horse, but nurture your nature and know the Dog has your back as a loyal and loving ally. Key Words: Surrender, Simplicity and Investing in Self.

SHEEP/GOAT BORN 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015

It will be a mixed bag for the stealthy goat born in 2018. Your natural charm, magnetism and generosity will suit the Dogs temperament and you will benefit in many ways. If you have been working on projects over the last year, they will come to fruition in 2018. However you must exhibit a healthy amount of reserve and care with finances, like many in 2018. Many have the opinion that sheep are herd animals and thus weaker, but as you well know its a great disguise and you tend to use it to keep people away from the real goings on in your life. Your sure footed and decisive actions serve you well, but you may have to be a bit more transparent in a Dog year to reap the full benefits. There is no hiding things or slipping away unnoticed. Team work and cooperating with those who support you will find you surfing into new adventures and opportunities. The more you disclose the more the dog will allow your independence to flourish. After all, Dogs are there to protect and guide you and in a  Dog year you can really benefit from this. Love is in the air for Sheep and if looking for a mate this is a great year for finding him or her. The grounded earth energy of this Dog year aligns with your energy. Just know you have to step back and take note of who is really in charge this year. Key words: Levity, Due Diligence and Teamwork

MONKEY BORN 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004  & 2016

Monkey’s in the year of the Dog will be tested on all levels. Monkeys tend to keep ahead of the pack. They have a natural tendency for manipulating situations to their advantage and it usually works. In a dog year you will have to sit back and be very observant of the energies that be. It will be a year of self examination and sorting out what your priorities are. Challenges in business can be expected and honesty on all fronts is a must. You may have to fight some battles but take a page from the dogs guide book and exercise generosity and level headedness. An attitude of gratitude and your keen powers of observation will serve you on all fronts. It will not be a year to bask in the sun; no expensive trips or extravagances are advised. In love you will be lucky if you act with integrity. It will full disclosure in every moment, that way you will have your needs met and attract those who can appreciate your talents, wit and fun side. Delving into mystical practices, books, and more celestial based knowledge will ground out and balance your life this year. Self care is a must. Treat yourself to massages, down time, nature time and good company. Key Words: are Articulation, Intuition and Calmness.

ROOSTER BORN 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 & 2017

Well congratulations are due, you made it through a very powerful, dynamic and personal year. When we have our animal year it can be a mixed bag. We are in the spotlight the whole year and we feel it, especially in a Fire year. Fire tends to expose everything, the good , the bad and the ugly. For Roosters, who like to keep things under wraps and show only what they like this exposure can be challenging, so welcome to the Earth Dog year. This will be a time to regroup, to relax out of the spot light and put all you have learned last year to use. Not a time for a vacation just yet, but a great time to bask in the glow of grounded energy of Earth. This year should feel really good for Rooster born people as they can now reap the rewards of past projects and start a new cycle. Whether this be business, relationships, investments, the Dog year will be positive and rewarding. it will be important though to take stock of the past year, and develop clear and distinct intentions for your future. 2017 was active, and you may have stepped on some toes. Its time to review relationships and reach out to those you may have neglected, and forge new beginnings. As the dog year favours love and good relating, acting on things sooner than later is advised. Also know that after the whirlwind of  the Rooster year, lulls and quite times many seem disconcerting. Use this time to plan or take personal space; you deserve it. Key Words: Satisfaction, Expansiveness and Transparency


The FIVE ELEMENTS  are the core of understanding the Asian world view. These elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. The flow of elements show us a harmonious cycle and a controlling cycle. When these are balanced the flow of energy is its most beneficial.
The Harmonious cycle: follow the outer lines of the diagram below
FIRE feeds EARTH which feeds METAL which feeds WATER which feeds WOOD, which in turn feeds FIRE.

Five Element Image

Five Element Image

The Controlling Cycle: follow the inner lines of the ‘star’ on diagram above
FIRE melts METAL which cuts WOOD, which displaces *EARTH, which controls WATER which extinguishes FIRE.
This dynamic interrelationship creates a set of circumstances which play out differently each year depending on the Element of the year and the Base element of the animal whose year it is.