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2016 Year of the Fire Monkey


Lonely Monkey ~ India  Photo Cred ~ A.VanNest

Lonely Monkey ~ India
Photo Cred ~ A.VanNest

             FIERY HOT AUGUST 2016 UPDATE   * scroll way down to review this years animal predictions

Its August 2016 and yes as FIRE MONKEY LEO, who just had a birthday ~ I have a very personal vested interest in how this year is going! And I feel compelled to check in and give a bit of info and perhaps some guidelines on how to continue to surf this crazy dynamic year. First I will say that I have huge empathy for all who are being tossed around, physically, financially and emotionally. Perhaps we did not quite know how wild this ride would be. But in this Full Moon in the most FIERY time of the year, double that with an eclipse and chances are we are feeling it big time.

Suggestion: RE READ the predictions below for each animal,  as we face another 6 months of the FIRE MONKEY followed by an equally interesting FIRE ROOSTER year.

What I will say is to be flexible beyond what you think you can be~ and if that means learning how to strecth again and actually doing it, the metaphor will not be lost to you. Things are coming at us from all directions, shifts and small things can seem monumental on emotional levels. Drama can be so easy to fall into, yet it will only create more suffering. Patience is so crucial and as one who lacks it, I pray for grace!

Each month this year I have been blessed then ‘BAM’ out of nowhere I am challenged by sometimes the smallest of things. If we let that one get to us it can be the small thing that snowballs or sets off a chain of events that feels like tumbling in a washing machine, or losing it on a surfboard in a coral break!  If and when you get off that ride its can be difficult to know which way to go or even how to walk. The feelings of devastation run high, yet its not personal at times.

Such is the year of the Fire Monkey. Its about being challenged yet knowing how to go with the flow. Its also about knowing that when a door closes fast and tight, that with a little ingenuity, there is a window wide open somewhere.  Its a year to rely on friends and not being afraid to ask! We really all want to help each other out and when we ‘ask’ we are giving people the opportunity to come forth and offer; often from the depths of their hearts, because they too needed something and could not and now can shift that by doing something!

Its also a year to actually do something about the things you have always wanted to change! Whether that is internal or internal. Its also a year to share your feelings about things, as you may find that many too share the experiences and feelings and have incredible insights to offer back!

I end with a quick look at some of 2016’s world events ( randomly picked ) that started just the day after the FEB 8th arrival of the Fire Monkey Year. They run from the weird to the bazaar and from alarming to hopeful!

FIRST UP on FEBRUARY 9th * Donald Trump was first up in the Republican nominations capturing the lead, and Bernie Saunders headed up the Democratic party favorites over Hilary Clinton! Both these occurrences were unexpected yet heralded in a year of wild US politics that we are going to be sifting thru long after a November election!

  • Feb 11th *Riot between rival drug cartels at a prison in Monterrey, Mexico, leaves 52 deadFeb 16th *China announces it will relocate 9,000 people in Guizhou province, before completion of world’s largest telescope (FAST)  designed to look for extraterrestrial  life         Feb 17th *Oldest known case of human-Neanderthal sex (100,000 yrs ago) revealed by Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig), 50,000 yr old Neanderthal woman’s remains from Altai mountains show traces of Homo Sapiens DNA
  • Feb 22nd *10 million people are without water in Delhi after caste protests in Jat sabotage the Munak water canal
  • Mar 2nd *Longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight by distance, Emirates A380 flies 14,200km (8,824 miles) Dubai to Auckland in 17 hours, 15 minutes
  • Mar 22nd *Suicide bombings at Brussel’s Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station, leave around 28 victims dead and 260 injured, ISIS claim responsibility
  • Apr 5th *San Francisco becomes the first US city to mandate paid parental leave
  • Apr 7th *Indian fertility clinic announces that a 70 year old woman has successfully gave birth to a baby boy
  • June 20th **Rome elects its first female Mayor Virginia Raggi (Five Star Movement) and its youngest at
  • June 23rd *Ceasefire agreement signed between Colombian government and Farc rebels – ending more than 50 years of conflict
  • July 6th *Two Afro American men are filmed being killed in two separate incidences in the USA by  police for no definitive or just reason. Outrage in the USA becomes headlines
  • Aug 9th *Longest ever hunger strike ends, Indian human rights campaigner Irom Sharmila tastes honey after 16 years
  • Aug 11th *A Greenland shark declared oldest vertebrate animal in the world at 392 years by international team of scientists
  • Aug 13th *American swimmer Michael Phelps ends his career at Rio Olympics winning 4×100 medley relay, his 23rd Gold medal, as world’s most decorated Olympian.

2016-01-26 08.23.46  Chinese New Years display at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, January 26, 2016




In a nut shell I was feeling a little murky. Unsure if my intuition was right and with lots of shifts happening in my life, I thought about Charlyne and the readings she does. I know her to be a very intelligent and highly devoted to her practice; she has alot of experience and knowledge. Her reading was exceptional and perfect timing for me too. I highly recommend  it.  The insights were very deep and pragmatic as well. I feel very fortunate and inspired. The clouds have parted. If you have the opportunity take it!  Give yourself a gift .”         R. Ryan, Vancouver, BC  February 2016 

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I am offering a special for the year of the Fire Monkey  Approximately 2 hrs total * A Skype or in person reading after analysis of a your individual birth chart. Your personal information allows me to tune into specific intentions and inquiries during my ‘dream time’. These readings also give you a glimpse into your own personal Feng Shui; an added bonus.

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Fire Monkey Calligraphy ~ drawn by M Charlyne Chiasson Jan 2106

Fire Monkey Calligraphy ~ drawn by M Charlyne Chiasson Jan 2106

2016 ~ Year of the FIRE MONKEY! 

Are you ready for the all the possibilities and movement that the FIRE MONKEY will bring? After two Wood years and the Goats stealthy reign in 2015 be prepared to watch the FIRE ignite!

This Chinese New Year arrives February 8th directly after Tiger month begins on Feb 4th, heralding the first month of Spring in the Asian calendar. Arriving annually on the second new moon post Winter Solstice,  Chinese New Years traditionally brings a welcome shift.  

Tiger and spring embody the Wood element. New beginnings, change and hardly a pause while new growth takes hold. Barely able to catch a breath after double Wood years ( Horse and Goat) we are launched into  the first of two Fire years! 

When Fires brilliance is added Monkey’s energy, a plethora of adjectives come to mind. Dynamic, unpredictable, energized, illuminating, exposed, motivated, destructive, productive, competitive, challenging, community building, and truth seeking. These are a glimpse of what whats in store with the Fire Monkey at the helm.  

The transition will be noticeable as the strong independent Wood Goat holds steady till the end of his tenure. Mountain goats are tenacious and stubborn. The Wood energy will fuel the advancing Fire so expect some fireworks. With Mercury Retrograde in play in January it seemed to create an unsettled and unpredictable time. When that is over, we may experience a bit of a lull till the fireworks kick off but ….

Be prepared to be prepared! 

Fire energy is not easily ignored! Fire people, whether they be #9 Fire in the Nine 9 Star Ki system, Aries, Leo’s or Sagittarius in Western Astrology or one of the Chinese Fire signs, they are memorable personalities. 

Embodying the eternal flame they bring truth, illumination and action. # 9 Fire personalities in Feng Shui Astrology ( 9 Star Ki) are the ones who will give voice to the ideas of the group; as they stand out and are listened to. We take notice of them especially those who are in the public eye. Think of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Bush presidents – all 3 are #9 Fires personalities.

Aries people blaze a trail; for Leo’s the heart energy rules and Sagittarius intelligence shines through. Fire can be destructive and unpredictable but it is necessary for life to regenerate. To this end Fire years must be approached with caution, anticipation and clarity! 

The flip side of Fire is that without being tended, it dies! Fire people need support from their peers. Without it they lose confidence and grounding. Know that in a year such as this one, it is imperative to refuel, find your grounding, take breaks and know where support comes from. Fire Monkey years can be like walking a tight rope; there can be ease with practice and assertiveness but do not lose conditioning or get over confident. It takes conviction and knowing who you are to maneuver in a Fire Monkey year. You will be tested, but if prepared, the rewards are great! 

Fire burns away all that is not necessary; leaving ashes that feed the Earth element, which in turn becomes the soil for new growth. In metaphoric terms FIRE exposes the raw truth! Its alchemy shows what is needed to shift. This year will call for integrity and courage.  A Fire Monkey year will assist us in finding the path by illuminating the dark places, exposing what needs to be ‘let go’ and possibly shaping your destiny. Fire Monkey years shake up the status quo in both good and challenging ways.  Clarity is the by product, the tool and the intention to hold in focus.

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Now add Monkey energy to the equation. I will preface this narration by revealing that I am a Fire Monkey. I have lived through all the elements and animals for 59 years to arrive here on the eve of my 60th rotation on the planet! I am living proof what a Fire Monkey is; the good, the bad and the ugly! I have no illusions but I do have experience and a life of lessons from which to ‘temper’ what is shared here. I know what to watch out for and what to go for! As a monkey I can be reckless but I am also informed. When I take a leap I usually know my limits although to others it many not appear that way. Monkeys are both highly energetic and relaxed. We move with intention and have stamina but we are energy conversationalists. For many this appears as ‘unpredictable’. It is quirky!  Those who do not align with Monkey energy will not trust it. It holds the clue to what will stimulate us in 2016, which in many ways will be a ‘kick ass’ year! 

Overall Monkeys are not boring. They are constantly on the go, moving from place to place, from adventure to adventure, creation to creation, and manifestation to manifestation. Although seemingly narcissistic they are deeply tribal and take their cues from all who surround them. Monkeys love their down time and know how to rest up for the next adventure. 

Intelligent, innovative and relentless they capture attention by crafty, manipulative playfulness; which is often without rules!  Monkeys can pull the wool over your eyes with the sheer scope of their ideas or their antics. Nothing less than entertaining, a Monkey can preform for the simple joy of it or with an intentional hidden agenda!  

What keeps the Monkey grounded is its sense of community. Under all the show they do have the highest good of the collective in mind. Their razor sharp instincts and vision go beyond what most people can imagine. See them in their natural habitat; high up in the trees. That perspective allows them the ability to see beyond what others are able. Monkey’s keen eye observes all that surrounds them. They can be true visionaries if they do not self sabotage first!  Sometimes a banana is dropped for the promise of a better one in the next tree. They are not without being short sighted at times. Adding the element Fire to that personality results in a fast moving, intelligent, intuitive Monkey who can leave you in the dust. But for his tribal spirit, he or she will always return to assist you in finding your way! 

Fire is illuminating, warming and fascinating to watch. It can also be destructive and fast moving. Wind can provoke it out of control and yet without air or wood it will die. The formula is to keep the fire steady this year. Do not go full steam ahead only to run out of  ‘fuel’ later! Make sure you have sufficient ‘energy reserves’ and let discretion prevail.

A Fire Monkey year will have an unpredictable quality. Due diligence is required before action. A theme of ‘change afoot’, so fuel it with hope, joy and innovation. Fire is a motivating force so I invite you to ‘close your eyes’ for a moment and invoke what that means to you. Feel what it inspires as well as the hesitations it cautions. Be ready to meet that energy with compassion and strength; your greatest assets in a dynamic Fire Monkey year. Fire is a metaphor for passion and purification and when it presents in a Monkey year you can expect both to manifest.

Mythology and the Monkey

Monkey’s have featured in cultural Mythology since before 1000 BC.  Monkey mythology allows a us a deeper world view as we embrace its energy this year. 

Predating Buddhism in China, Monkey animal lore via the Chinese zodiac goes back to 1100 BC. Mirroring its western astrological equivalent Leo, the Monkey was given the role of the Su-Wukong, or Monkey King and  reached the apex of popularity in the 16th century. Monkey god festivals are still celebrated in Hong Kong and throughout areas of China today. 

In Japan the Monkey rose to prominence in the 5th century BC as a messenger to the gods eventually reaching its own ‘God’ status.  “Hear no evil, see no evil & speak no evil” has its origins in this Japanese Monkey lore. It was here that the Monkey was directly tied to * Geomancy ( study and understanding of underground earth energies and its divination, as in water dowsing). As such the Monkey was held as a proctor against demons and disease which in many cultures are tied to Geomantic or Geopathic stress.  Monkeys were also considered the patron of harmonious marriage, fertility and childbirth. 

India has a rich connection to the Monkey through the Hindu God Hanuman. Revered for his strength, loyalty, and bravery Hanuman is a justice seeking and devoted simian. His story is told in the Ramayana, the sacred Hindu text and enacted in many plays and dramas in Hindu/Buddhist culture. Hanumans name is the one chanted when ‘heavenly intervention’ is required.  Honoured in many places in India and Asia, Monkeys are connected to the wild and brilliant aspects of nature such as the Sun and Thunder. 

The Howler Monkeys of Mexico and Central America were worshiped by the Mayans. The Monkey God was the ritual keeper and history custodian. The Aztecs connected Monkey energy to the Sun. It was believed that Kokopelli, the fertility god, popular in South West lore, was Monkeys protector.

Monkey Mythology gives us insight to animistic and ancient cultures. Monkeys intelligence and behavior equates him as the animal closest in nature to humans. This should place Monkey above all other animals of the Chinese Zodiac, but this not necessarily so. All animals and their abilities play a key role in the gifts and teachings of the Chinese Astrology. In 2016 if we imitate Monkeys’ keen powers of observation and vision it will allow us to experience much growth and wonder this year.  

As risk takers and adventurers Monkeys often get dubbed vain, foolish & mischievous. Monkey is a trail blazer and for many it is easier for to watch his antics from the sidelines and laugh as his follies.  But when he/she makes headlines, finds a perfect humanitarian solution and shows us off as ‘skeptics’, do we give credit?  Not often. Monkey learns through mistakes and experience, gaining redemption by finding incredulous solutions to impossible problems. By taking Monkeys’ lead, we too can find ingenious solutions and inspiration in our lives. Monkey years are prime for shift, which can and does happen. Don’t wait on the sidelines; step out, take calculated risks and feel the exhilaration that accompanies doing your best! 

Reflecting back to 1956 

The last Fire Monkey Year was 1956; (5 elements x 12 signs = 60 years). Looking back we can see what a vibrant time it was. The past offers a glimpse of the Fire Monkey in action;  the ‘flash fires’ and newsworthy items…..

In politics 

-The Suez Crisis created a wave of events that put the middle east on the world radar this year and for years to come.

– Egypt vowed to win back the Saiani peninsula which to this day has is a contentious and troubled area

– The Hungarian Revolution started in Budapest by a a student demonstration in protest to the The Red Army marching on Hungary

– Tangiers; considered up until this date an international city was reabsorbed into Morocco as the country gained independence from France and Spain. 

– The first spy planes started flights over the Soviet Union

– Fidel Castro and Che Guevara left Mexico by boat, arriving in Cuba with 82 men; shifting history that has affected America till this day. 

Legends were born

 -A young 13 year old Bobby Fisher defeated Donald Byrne in New York City: Byrne was a long standing chess Grandmaster until that point.

– Elvis released several hits on his Heartbreak Hotel album. His debute on the Ed Sullivan Show and appearance on the Milton Berle show earlier in the year had him emerge as the most provocative ‘hipster’ in rock and roll to be seen on TV to date.

– Hollywood star Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Morocco going from actress to Royalty overnight. 

– Norma Jean Mortenson changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and later that year married playwright Arthur Miller.

The element Fire ‘lit up’ these events in 1956! Fire left its mark on both politics and in entertainment. Elemental influences shape each year. To know the element of your year will give you clues to influences you may be feeling. Enter your birth year into a search engine along with the words Chinese Astrology and you can discover the Element that ruled your year and the day that year began; different every year. If you were born prior to that day, you belong to the year before.  

The FIVE ELEMENTS  are the core of understanding the Asian world view. These elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. The flow of elements show us a harmonious cycle and a controlling cycle. When these are balanced the flow of energy is its most beneficial. 

The Harmonious cycle: follow the outer lines of the diagram below 

FIRE feeds EARTH which feeds METAL which feeds WATER which feeds WOOD, which in turn feeds FIRE.


Five Element Image

Five Elemental Balances

The Controlling Cycle is this : follow the inner lines of the ‘star’ on diagram above

FIRE melts METAL which cuts WOOD, which displaces *EARTH, which controls WATER which extinguishes FIRE. 

This dynamic interrelationship creates a set of circumstances which play out differently each year depending on the Element of the year and the Base element of the animal whose year it is. 

Each year as we move through the Chinese signs of the zodiac we also move through the 5 elements. With 12 Chinese animals and 5 elements, it takes 60 years to ‘return’ to the year of your birth. 

Monkey sits in the SW direction on the Chinese Zodic wheel and August is his month; Monkeys align with Leo’s in the Western Zodiac.  The Base element of Monkey is Metal which means that all Monkeys have qualities that are reflected in Metals characteristics. If you are born in the year of the Fire Monkey you carry Fire and Metal. If you are an Earth Monkey you carry Earth Metal etc.

In 2016 as it was in 1956,  Fire melts Metal. For Fire Monkeys the heat is on; care must be taken not to ‘over’ melt the Metal. Metal is a element of control which given any circumstance can be good or bad. Balance  must be maintained so as not to lose control, but to stay pliable. Balance in a fire Monkey year allows a flow with the years energy.  A good pointer for all Animals in 2016, is understanding how hot you want the burner. Passions can run high but so can creativity and selective risk taking. Due diligence and knowing what there is to loose or gain is a  good personal assessment technique.

Animals that have affinity to Monkey energy such as Dragons, Rats and Snakes will be able to ride Fire Monkeys wave. Rats and Dragons are at Monkeys right and left hand as his cohorts and best friends. They stand to benefit the most in a Monkey year. Snake’s base element Fire and his ability to observe is in line with the energy this year. For Tigers it will prove to be challenging as Monkey is your nemesis, being opposite to you on the Chinese animal wheel. Monkey provokes Tigers and vise versa. Although the Tiger appreciates Monkeys intelligence, Tiger wants the Monkey to share his secrets. For obvious reasons Monkeys will not be cornered by the Tiger, no matter how much prowess you have. Best to wait, observe and learn from Monkey. He has to do the same in Tiger years, so its a test at best.

East VS West in Astrology: 

When we look at Nine Star Ki Astrology we find that the 2 Earth holds the center position in 1956. 

Western astrologers are predicting a year of reckoning. Alignments that feature Virgo & Mercury squaring Mars for one creates an exciting debate. In brief we will be urged to getting to the core of things; again the themes of integrity and truth. The Fire Monkey supports this core energy, moving through things quickly even if he as to be in your face to do so. Fire burns away all illusion,  leaving ‘truth’ in its wake. Fire is also a metaphor for passion and with Mars and Scorpio in action the hot pot will get stirred. What may have lay dormant for you for years may get the  spark needed for manifestation this year.




Chinese Zodiac Wheel

Chinese Zodiac Wheel


                             WHAT IS IN STORE FOR YOU THIS YEAR ?

                                 Predictions for all Animals of the Chinese Zodiac 

Rat:   Year 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948,1960, 1972,1984,1996, & 2008 

2016 will be an exciting year for Rat born people. Rat, Dragon and Monkey form a compatibility trio and that is very good news. Water is the base element for Rat separate from your years element. Water tends to dampen Monkey’s Fire. This can translate as Rats tendency to override Monkey wisdom. It will be a dynamic year and Monkey is giving you the heads up but know to take your cue from his lead. Monkeys base element Metal feeds the Rats incentive and business savvy. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew or squirrel away more than you can use. To fully succeed you must let go all that is unnecessary. The fire element will force you to curb your pack rat tendencies; best to clutter clear on your own incentive. More will come to you when you make room physically, emotionally and spiritually. 2016 is a year to be efficient with your energy, ideas and emotions. Love is favoured if you take time to flame the passion. If you make work a priority there may be little time for romance so take time and enjoy your successes with others. What better way than to share the spoils while relaxing in a spa or on a well timed breaks.

KEY WORDS for RATS: Informed choices, Regulated expenditure, & A balanced pace  

Ox: Year 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985,1997 & 2009

 The steady OX will benefit this year when you decide to get off the sidelines and live life to the fullest. Ox tends to deliberate before taking action but in a Monkey year do not wait to long or opportunities will pass you by. Monkey will both challenge you and yet support the courage it takes to make a change. Due diligence and your expert knowledge combined with your innovative ideas see you poised to make big shifts. Matters of love and romance are also in for a bit of a shake up. Its either time to fly solo or take your passions and commitment to a higher level. Back up plans give you the confidence to proceed in all areas of life. With all the change afoot your digestive system could take a hit!  Take care to eat well and exercise, as yes all the amazing possibilities could be a little difficult to digest for the staid OX. Know Monkey will support and promote you this year if your have mastered your inner confidence.

KEY WORDS for OX : Movement, Dreams to Realities, Miracles,  & Acceptance

Tiger: Year 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 & 2010

 Tigers will have to sit back and learn from the Monkeys rule book. Its not a settled time for Tigers so stay grounded and maintain your power base with patience and resolve. Chasing after the Monkey for clues will simply not work. Tiger and Monkey energy are opposites so they act as balance points. When one takes the lead the other holds back, watches, learns and waits.  Stay objective in 2016 you will be ready to move forward in 2017. This year is not for Tiger to take risks. Although there will be movement in your life on many levels, make sure to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. Family and home will take on more meaning this year as the support you get there will sustain you in times of frustration. Know that Monkey energy is paving the way for your future success. Be wise and aware.

Key words for TIGER: Caution, Rest, Objectivity & Family

Rabbit: Year 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 & 2011

In 2016 the Rabbit will feel the wind at its back. Ideas and plans that you have been working on over the years will see movement and success. Know that your reputation is key and in 2016 there is a larger audience waiting to learn from you. Rabbits ‘lucky charm’ will come into full fruition with Monkey at the helm. The Fire energy of the year is a natural for your Wood impulses and ventures that you may have held off will be centre stage now. The Rabbits multifaceted abilities and charm is seen and appreciated in a Monkey year. Although you tend to play your cards close to your chest, you will not benefit from non disclosure this year. Look beyond your security tendencies and trust the universal flow. Home life may be stretched while you take Monkeys lead but make time for life’s pleasures. Marriage may be the next step in your romantic life; at least a deeper commitment is required. 

 Key words for RABBIT : Balance, Trust, Movement, Surrender, & Commit

Dragon: Year 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 & 2012

2016 will be a dynamic year for Dragon Born. Monkey is a friend, an accomplice and touch stone for what is happening in the world. Your base element Wood feeds Monkey’s Fire. Monkeys tree habitat allows him to show you the openings and best opportunities. You are mutually supportive and this will pay off in 2016. Your natural gregarious charm and instincts guide you towards new ventures and or a new job. Your love life will brighten up as well as ties with family and old friends could be rekindled. Much movement in work and social life may see you burring the candle at both ends, so health precautions are at the forefront. Your cardiovascular system is taxed so stretching exercises, yoga, long walks and relaxing baths should be scheduled frequently. Staying balanced and taking time to renew is more important in a Monkey year than in others.

Key Words for DRAGONS:  Trust, Inspiration, Balance, & Romance

Snake: Year 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 & 2013

Snakes will do well if they stay focused this year. Choose when to shed your skin as timing is crucial in a Monkey year. The Fire of your base element matches the Fire of the year. For Snakes Fire illuminates the areas that you can expand into. Snake’s natural tendency is to watch and wait; your challenge this year is not to wait to long. Monkey can ‘show you the money’ via the opportunities that abound but its up to you to go after it.  Fire energy will inspire you to new heights if you play your cards right. Water Snakes (1953) must take care not to dampen down Fire; do not extinguish the possibilities. Weigh out options follow your gut. Snakes are able to self determine and balance their ingenuity but in 2016 you will have to work ‘smarter and harder’ to achieve goals.  Snakes are known as the ‘sexiest’ sign of the 12 so you can really maximize on your charms this year and find new love or amp up an old one. 

Key words for SNAKES: Objectivity, Timing, Clarity &  Flow

Horse: Year 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

Horses in a Monkey this year will prosper but it will take work. Fire is Horses base element so it’s natural to flourish in a Fire Monkey year. 2016 could very well be a breakthrough year but your challenge is not to burn out! Career changes or promotions will arise. Horses dynamic and independent energy matches the energy of the year. Horses know the value of the tribe yet can operate well solo. Watching Monkeys diversity allows you to discern what role and direction is best for you. The movement in 2016 is familiar so maximize your talents by following through with ideas that have been brewing.  Fires light will allow you to look into some dark corners that you have been afraid to explore. Time to flush out extinguish old worries, ghosts and fears. Horses must take time to rejuvenate, and rest and especially not to overdue it as is your norm. Take care with injuries to muscles and tendons. Partners and loved ones are your ultimate support so do not neglect them. 

Key Words for HORSE: Innovation, Clarity, Self preservation, & Trust

Sheep: Year 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015

Winding down after your year takes transition time for the sure footed Sheep/Goat. Our personal years don’t  always leave us with a fuzzy feeling. I’m guessing this past year was as much of a shake up for the Sheep as it was positive and successful. With the Fire Monkey taking over you will be able to rest awhile and contemplate the knowledge gained in 2015. It will take a few months into the year to reap the benefits but only if acted wisely. 2016 will see a new balance being set as you patiently manifest goals you set in 2015. For Sheep/Goats its important to be a bit more transparent and trusting this year. Monkey energy will flush out the truth, so an attitude of gratitude will go a long way. Reveal your secrets to others and you will find answers you have been long seeking. Take care with health especially that of stomach and colon. Eat clean organic, non processed foods. Focus your attention on your family in 2016. Mending fences and being present to those who support you will the assist transition into a more successful place in your life. 

 Key words for SHEEP:  Vulnerability, Adaptability, Trust & Being in the Moment

Monkey: Year 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004  & 2016 

For Monkey born it will be nothing short of energetic and full steam ahead. Your tendencies of innovative thinking combined with a positive attitude could see you reaching levels you thought you would never achieve. Know that our personal years are also challenging ones so as you ride the wave be aware of the sharks in the water!  Your knowledge, experience and wit will shine but also know to keep a low profile for balance.  The Fire illuminates and reveals all, so be prepared to face the truth of your limitations. Do not hesitate or second guess things. Use logic, your gut feeling and trust your Monkey magic. Take time to discover new things along the way and not get wrapped up in others drama. Allow your gifts to shine and take care to share. Family life and love life will not disappoint when you set time aside for them. Your health could suffer if you overdue it and take special care with injuries to limbs. Physical activities that are stress relieving will suit you. Know its your year to let loose and reach for the stars; showing the way for all of us to learn from.

Key words for MONKEYS : Trust and be trusted, Joy, Innovative spirit, & Sharing 

Rooster: Year 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993,2005 & 2017

Roosters will experience challenges in a Monkey year however if you exercise flexibility you will adapt in true Rooster style. Monkey years may challenge the ‘posturing’ Rooster but the positive side is you hold your own with sheer willpower. Monkey can ruffle those precious tail feathers but it forces you to be innovative and inventive. A year to keep your wits about you and watch investments carefully. New ideas in this powerfully fused Fire Monkey year will fly only of you are diligent and careful with your intentions. Watch and wait before you act. Fall of 2016 is when you will see that progress has been made. Only take calculated risks and trust your instincts. 2017 is when the Fire Rooster rules so you all you do is in preparation for that shift. Roosters tendency to rule the roost can find you scrambling if you don’t keep focused. Love and family life will be a comfort in a year. Know that intimate partners can dominate this year, so its best to exercise diplomacy at home. Spend more time in nature and take care of your health, especially air quality and lungs. Don’t burn out by  wasting precious energy or worrying about things you cannot change this year.

Key Words for ROOSTER: Observation, Innovation, Being with what is & Planning ahead

Dog: Year 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 & 2018

Dogs are often challenged in Monkey years. Monkeys are fast moving and the Fire of this year will tend to rattle you. The positive aspect is that you will not be complacent and that Monkey can illuminate your direction based on what you want in life. Being observant is a great strategy. Plan for the future while keeping a watchful eye on ‘conditions’ in the market place. Job security remains steady but if you have a chance for a promotion, take it.  Focus on the things that mean the most to you and initiate ideas that have been on the back burner. You too can leap into your potential and take ‘calculated’ risks this year. Go with the flow and the innovation that Fire Monkey years bring.  Loved ones will prove to be of great support this year on all levels. Take care with your health, especially anything to do with Lungs and Skin. Avoid dangerous sports and watch for injuries to limbs and bones! Take time in nature, do yoga and meditate. Quiet and solitude will suit your nature and allow you to run with the energy when you are ready. 

KEY WORDS for DOG:  Trust, Focus, Goals, & Fun 

Pig: Year 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983,1995 & 2019 

For the Pig born the Monkey year is challenging especially in a Fire year. Water is the Pigs element and it likes to control Fire but this year that will just steam up your windows and make you frustrated. A great year to look internally and moderate water at the source. Explore emotional issues that have not been addressed as healing old wounds is expediated in A Fire Monkey year. Truth is key to the Pig in 2016. Being too fluid or wishy washy about choices will not work either. Your challenge will be with ‘self’ in 2016. Set clear goals then you will achieve them. This works for business and personal undertakings. Fire Monkey energy is here to instigate change for the better, so use Monkeys innovativeness to advance instead of going in circles. The time is now; although this is uncomfortable once you get your bearings you will transform with style. Your love life is due to heat up this year with shifts in current partnerships or meeting someone who inspires you romantically. Take care in shifting your career. Putting things in place for a shift in 2017 would be advised.  Follow your instincts with a level head and all will work out! 

KEY WORDS  for PIGS: Patience, Personal Transformation, & Planning