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WOOD ‘Spirit’ HORSE 2014

I create an image for each year ~ both this year and last I am combining the calligraphy with an image of the animal to portray the ‘feeling’ for the year.






This is considered to be a WOOD over FIRE Year 

~ 2013  WATER SNAKE fed the

WOOD of 2014 to ignite FIRE creating


  Male, Direct, Vigorous, Enterprising, Bold, Passionate and Visual

The combination of all these forces show us a year of




As we move from winter into spring we also move away from any and all the challenges we faced in the past. From the reflective contemplation of the Water element of the past two years, into the world Wood’s dynamic growth. The year of the Green Wood Horse will take us to new vistas and if we are ready it can be immediate. When prepared to accept the changes & challenges we will move at a different pace than ever before. This movement may be as internal as it is external/physical. Its time to let go of the past and all we have carried that does not serve our higher good. The Wood Horse will show us how quickly it can happen and how easy it can be if there is no resistance.
The Wood Horse carries with it the dynamic energy of  ‘spring bursting forth’; especially true in the Northern Hemisphere. The longer days allow the latent ‘winter seed pods’ to burst forward into the light of day. Wood Horse embodies all that newness, all that possibility and all that is growth.

The WOOD Element will feed the Horses base element FIRE  and  together they will be an unstoppable force.


In the Chinese zodiac the Horse sits in the south on compass.  In Feng Shui what we call this compass the ‘Bagua’.  Due South relates to Fire, the heat of the day and mid summer. The Fire element invokes heat, vision and transformation. Thus we refer to Fire as the ‘base element’ for the Horse. From 2013 Waters element we move around the cycle to Wood of 2014 . The Wood energy of the year combined with the base element Fire will result in the dynamic and sometimes explosive heat, light and transformation. So hold on and get ready for a year that combines elements and an animal forces that that may change your life.

Horses placement in the South yields an animal that stands out. They are magnificent animals; strong, independent, active, energetic and animated. They tend to take center stage and are natural actors and performers. They attract people to them and in doing my have more acquaintances than actual friends. They can be self centered which is born out of their independent nature,  but know that under all that they are very caring creatures. When Horses  channel their energy towards a worthy goals and causes for the collective good they not only gain support and momentum; they reach their finest moments.
Horses have a strong will and love freedom and independence.  They are also a herding animals and must find balance between the group and individual needs. They tend to be very social & love being surrounded by friends and family.
Horses have a shrewd way of operating in the world and run with their instincts more than their intelligence. Although they will seek and listen to advise they may not heed it; as under all that power they can lack confidence. They bounce ideas off others with the hope of seeking approval and momentum. None of us are what we appear to be and so goes the magnificent Horse . The beauty of Horse born is they speak to their minds and their truth. As they age their wisdom comes from discernment and experience. The Horse is a worthy friend and powerful ally.

Horses Strong Points ~ Horses are noble, intuitively smart, talented and good speakers. Horses are survivors; they work thru issues until resolved. They have a ‘fight till you die’ mentality  when it comes to problem solving and resolving tickey situations. Horses are good humored and positive. When down they tend to go away from the limelight to replenish, bouncing back with more vigor than before. These qualities may present in 2014 as forward movement, prosperity growth and a palatable aliveness.

Horses Weak Points ~ Horses independence can create issues in intimacy and friendships. This can also affect their work and coworkers unless head of their own companies.  Some horse are better ‘team players’ than others. The Fire aspect of Horse gives them a short fuse and they can anger easily if provoked. They can be stubborn and unbending until they learn the lesson of being with ‘the path of ease’. They are highly competitive they will not back down from challenges; as a result they can be ruthless and suspicious. These qualities may present in 2014 impulsiveness, a sense of being out of control, dominance and wild speculation.

In conclusion ~ Knowing how the horse operated can give you a one up on the energetics of the year. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are as a person and what part of the horses personality you can work with is a key factor. If you are not competitive for example, avoid being drawn into those situations. If you area competitor then the energy of the Horse year support your endeavors.


As the Wood Horse rides us into the Spring we will  feel the Fire it ignites and with it the inspiration to shift. We will want to  ‘align’ with the energy of  Horse  who’s greatest gift is this year is ‘Intuitive Awakening’. Symbolically the strength of Horse energy and it bright light can show us a new way. I cannot help but think of what the Dali Lama said in his 2014 new year address~
“Whether it be a happy year of a miserable year depends on us”  ……..and then he laughed !
Knowing that we face one of the most ‘dynamic’ years  in awhile can be exciting and or threatening. You can run but you cannot hide ~ no matter what your constitution, your animal, elements, or western zodiac ~ the Wood horse will make its mark on each one of us. It will also affect us deeply on a global scale in both the political  and environmental realms. As we expand into summer we will be affected more strongly as both the elements of wood feeding fire (spring to summer) will be in its highest power and influence. The fire ~ the heat ~ the passion for life & love will be paired with the ‘visionary’ aspects of FIRE. This is where transformation lives. Fire always burns what is not pure and leaves the truth.
For many it can be very overwhelming and our tendency will be to shy away from it. But  if we move towards it with clarity we will receive the gifts it reveals. When we are not clear with our intentions we are at risk of losing it all and depending on what is happening in your life that can be a big risk. Horses do take risks but in 2014 the risks taken with hope and joy will win hands down over those taken with fear as the motivating factor.

  2014 will be a year  pace ourselves so we do not burn out. With the power of wood burning fire we will want to run with the energy but we must have an awareness of what we can handle physically and emotionally. If you have Wood in your constitution, either your Base element (Tiger, Rabbit or Dragon ) or you are born in a Wood year you will feel it even stronger than the other animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
Metaphysically, the brilliant light that results from Wood burning Fire speaks to the vision we hold for ourselves, the planet and of humanity. The Horse is the one who will pick us up and gallop off at high speed to show us what he sees ~ it may be things we want to see or things we do not. If we have tuned into power of the depth of 2013  Water Snake teachings we will  have experienced the purge and shedding of the snake year. The gift of the snake was to go deep into our true natures to source what was important; a necessary  preparation for the transformation that the Horse brings.
If we shied away from that opportunity, then the happenings of the Water Snake Year may have left us befuddled. I am sure that at one point the Snake took us to the depths. Recognizing what ‘shifted’ for us in 2013 will allow us to recognize the process we can embrace. The Wood Horse’s gift is to shed on those dark corners so you can better understand the challenge of the Snake and move forward to a new way of being.

THE ELEMENTS as Key to understanding HORSE YEAR

The five transformation or 5 element theory is key to understanding how energy shifts and changes all around us. Unlike the 4 elements refered to in the West ~ Fire, Water, Earth and Air, the Asian study integrates AIR equally between the elements Metal and Wood. Earth takes up a center position as the other four elements take up the four directions with WOOD in the East, FIRE in the South, METAL in the West and WATER in the North. As we live on the EARTH, it takes its place in the center, holding and connecting the other four.

As I continue please know that the simple explanation of the 5 transformations  is in actuality a complex system that takes many years to master. This diagram shows a visual of their inter relationship with a brief explanation following.



As in all Asian disciplines and Eastern philosophy, Chi or Energy flow defines our vital life force. Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) are the polar influences that affect the flow of chi or energy. Simply put, Yin is inner, dark and mysterious: Yang is outer, light and visible. Yin moves towards Yang as Yang moves towards Yin. At the root of this interaction is the relationship between the 5 Transformations’ or the ‘Five Elements’ Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.
In the West we refer to 4 elements ~ Earth, Water, Fire and Air. In Eastern philosophy Air is transposed onto both Metal and Wood equally. The combination shown above illustrate both a ‘harmonious cycle’ and a ‘controlling cycle’ that when balanced allows the flow of energy to be most beneficial.

In that cycle, Wood feeds Fire, Fire’s ash creates Earth, Earth’s compression reveals gems of Metal, and Metal collects and holds Water, which nourishes the Wood to start the cycle all over again.


(the outer circle in the diagram and most positive )

FIRE ash creates EARTH erosion & compression reveals METAL melts like water & also collects and holds WATER allows the growth of WOOD which in turn feeds & supports  FIRE.

Each element in the ‘Harmonious cycle’ is said to be the ‘parent’ of the next.


(the inner star shape within the diagram) & the reverse affect of that ‘Control’

FIRE melts challenging the strength of  METAL which in turn cuts WOOD, WOODS need to grow depletes & displaces *EARTH. EARTH can control WATERS flow and WATER extinguishes FIRE’S glow.

What this means for this year is very profound and very powerful. After 20 years of being a Feng Shui practitioner I tend to look more at the * ‘Symbolic’ meanings of the elements ~ both how they present in a home and with personality aspects of Nine Star Ki Astrology.

When we look at the elements metaphorically we find that the SWITCH from the Feminine YIN cycle which degenerates and composts the old ( EARTH moving to METAL moving to WATER) we are at the end of a full 6 year period of composting the old to move into the NEW YANG CYCLE of full on growth, and INSPIRING CHANGE.

* refer to top of page and what happened as I wrote my edit on line *

As Horses true Nature is FIRE, this years WOOD element will fuel new growths and a dynamic energy will be released. When we are able to ride this momentum, by letting go of the past, we bring a fresh awareness to our own ability to move at lighting speed, shifting into what we can become.

With the Water Snakes last cleansing release and Shedding of the final skin she reveals a totally new way of moving into this new cycle of Growth, Movement, Intuitive Awareness and Power.


In general everyone can do well in the year of the horse if you are ready to follow your deepest desires and move toward them in a positive and methodical way. We all will face challenges but if you are in tune with your higher self and know instinctively what you want,  this is the year to move towards your goals. The energy of the Winged, Wood and Fiery ‘spirit’ Horse propels  you on a journey and best if its one of your own design.
When you find that you are feeling overwhelmed its time to step back ~ take time and create strong intentions for what you want to have happen with your life this year.  It is far to easy to be anxious by all that is around you; there are always distractions, emotions and happenings that will set you off your path. This is life ~so continue to strive towards finding a grounded, balanced approach, moving towards your destiny. In the Wood Horse year it will be rewarded with swiftness and direction. Knowing that we can override any hesitation, fear or doubt you may be holding onto and that it can happen in a matter of moments!

Fully embracing the energy of Wood Horse can result in us moving with lighting speed towards our destiny. The choice is this or to watch others do so from the distance. It is important to pace yourself as the expansion of energy you will experience when you take the lead may take you by surprise. The Wood element creates what I have mentioned earlier a vigorous start so take care not to burn out.

Tiger, Boar, Dragon, Snake and Dog may experience some obstacles this year. It will require work to problem solve and overcome the challenges. The sense of accomplishment you will feel is worth the effort.
While the Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon share Wood as a base element it indicates that they resonate with Wood Horse so they should be able to navigate the high energy of the year better than most.

Monkeys, Sheep and Oxen may experience a year as full of ups and downs. This may not be so different from the Water Snake influence of 2013. In 2014 know that even if this is your challenge, there can be unexpected and positive things that will transpire. Do not be discouraged if you are feeling a low or in a lull. It may be just a pause before you move towards amazing opportunities. There is power and success for all three animals in Horse years,  just know when to move forward and when to hold up and wait.

Horses allies are traditionally the Dog and Tiger. These three form a symmetrical triangle on the Compass which create a strong bond. These animals make the best matches for partnerships, mates and friends. This year these animals are also in the ‘spotlight’ with the Horse. It can be a good or bad thing depending on how you are as an individual. If you are secure in your intentions and what it is you want, know that nothing can alter that focus.  Move with conviction and commitment and nothing can hold you back. You make take baby steps first but build on your successes, know what needs to be altered and keep going.
Tigers may have to hold back this year and let the Horse lead as your strong character will feel energized and want to take lead. Dogs on the other hand will have to push themselves out of their comfort zones and be more aggressive than usual. With the energy of the  Wood Horse year in your favor, there is success on many levels with self growth being highlighted.

Roosters sit in the lucky shadow of Wood Horse energy in 2014 and can accomplish much if they do not let their ‘cocky’ nature get the best of them. Don’t wait around for the show; you must be part of it. Know where your energy and talent is best used . Success comes from the work not the strutting and you will not want to be left in the shadow.

Snakes are abel to rest from the spotlight. They will feel the pull of the horse but they have shed their skins and know how to bask in the sun. All the movement from 2013 has put them in a power position. Use it will. A snakes nature is to wait and see while quietly working towards his goals. Last years action may have been unsettling so now you can take stock. There was a lot to shed last year so relax into your new skin.


Wood will fuel the Fire especially in Horse born people ~ It will amp up all that they have brought to their lives thus far. Its a bit of a Karmic year for most Horse born as they will face those places ‘within’ that push the buttons of survival, relationship and their purpose in life. If you were not on track with your goals up till now, things will fall into place or events will seek to nudge you in the right direction. Your element will also have a major influence in what the year may present to you.

WOOD HORSES 3 Feb 1954 ~ 23 Feb 1955
Those born in the year of the wood horse ( turning 60 this year ) will have much energy. With he dynamic Water Snake year behind you you are well hydrated and it is a metaphor for growth. And so you will move towards your true destiny. You may have to watch your health by taking more down time than usual, as it will not be in your nature to do so. You will feel a surge of strength. The Wood element feeds the Fire energy of horse and dynamic things can happen.

FIRE HORSES 21 Jan 1966 ~ 8 Feb 1967
This will be a year to shine but know how and when to shift. With the wood energy fueling your true nature its important not to burn out as you will feel empowered to do almost anything. As you are in the prime creative phase of your life you must use this  vital energy wisely. This is the year to commit to plans for your future and make your dreams come true. In only12 years you will be 60; chart you path with care and enjoy the benefits.

EARTH HORSES 7 Feb 1978 ~ 27 Jan 1979
You will feel the challenge this year as the WOOD will use up your Earth to grow. Earth nurtures of the roots of wood so you must pace yourself and avoid feeling anxious. Keep the Flame on simmer and allow your own grounded being ness to see you through the any challenging times. Use the strong momentum of the wood horse to motivate you not unsettle or deplete you. It may be a slow start but once you sense for place in the dynamic the momentum you build will last for years to come.

METAL HORSES 30 Jan 1930 ~ 16 Feb 1931   27 Jan 1990 ~ 14 Feb 1991
Dynamic and forceful as you are, you must let go your inner need to be in control of situations & surrender to the amazing movement of the Wood Horse energy. The momentum may be challenging so remember that you can go with the flow and allow the this Wood Horse to guide you. Metal wants to cut wood and in so doing you are at risk of hurting yourself. As a metaphor, whenever we try to stop others, we are actually stopping ourselves. Watch that tendency and flow more with all the magic afoot. By summer you will soften and by fall things will be more relaxed and you can be at ease and in your joy.

WATER HORSES 15 Feb 1942 ~ 4 Feb 1943     12 Feb 2002 ~ 31 Jan 2003
You will be still feeling the influence of the Water Snake and it may take you time to get up to speed with the Wood Horse in 2014. Water is sympathetic to Wood, allowing it growth. The /Water/Fire of your nature will get confused if do not use the flow to be in ease with the year. Water feeds Wood feeds Fire and the combination is powerful and sustaining. Allow yourself to be in service to the higher good. Staying in a compassionate place assists you to move beyond any boundaries, blocks or challenges that may usually hold you back.


The past 6 years we have been moving from Yang into a very Yin state that culminated with the Water Snake Year.  Snake sits in the North on the Bagua (compass) so with it we felt the depths of winter, the depth of water and the hidden but palatable growth forces. We have moved from the double Earth Years of 2008/09 into the double Metal Years of 2010/11 & then to the double Water Years of  2012 & 2013. Over this 6 year cycle there has been a slow composting of the past in order for something new to come forth. The latent energy of the seed sitting deep in the ground in winter is about to spring up and burst forth. The image of the Horse with Wings comes to mind and has inspired me to use the allusion of SPIRIT HORSE to show how we can move past any challenges into the realm of transformation.
The Spirit Horse is what I wrote about in my recent newsletter. When the illusive snake shed her last skin as she exited her reign and what we may have witnessed under water may be what is left of the past. This could be past dreams and illusions.  As we contemplate what has been our truth up to now we find ourselves witnessing  a sudden, and awe-inspiring moment as the Horse bursts thru the surface of that mysterious water and takes flight into the atmosphere. The Horse may stun and shock us with his sheer force and majestic power but if we are able to transform from the secretive hidden world of the deep feminine Yin  we can embrace the bright revealing heights of the dynamic masculine Yang energy that ‘spirits’ us into our own true potential.
We can choose to either ‘let go, let god ‘ or choose resistance. I think of the Hopi Prayer that narrates ‘the journey ‘ we are currently on. It uses the metaphor of  being in a river that is moving fast. We cannot stop or hide;  we must instead keep our heads above water, see who is with us and witness the pain of those on the shores who are trying to cling to the banks, which represent that resistance.
As Western astrologers talk of the shifts in planetary energetics the one thing I hear is that we have to acknowledge the point of burning off the Karma of the past. We are challenged with ‘relating’ to all those around us in a compassionate way~ letting go of all that does not serve us and making peace with the past so we can move on to the power and potential we all have waiting for us. 
I sense that the Wood Horse Year will be instrumental in that transformation. If we are lucky and have burned off some of the Karma in our knapsacks and have kept up with our ‘metaphysical homework’ we are onside for the ride; bumpy or not as the Dali lama reminds us ~ it is up to us!


The energy of the Wood that burns Fire may take the planet by storm. Financial institutions may be able to ride the wave or be ‘burned up’ and bottom out.
Fire of the base element, fueled by wood of this years element may create volcanoes, fires out of control, power outages and explosions says more than one Chinese Feng Shui Master. This Yang wood year will see people standing up strongly for what they believe in. Horses stubborn and independent nature will not compromise. This energetic in itself may create problems on the international scene.
When world leaders hold this attitude conflicts get out of control! And we all know that can lead to antagonistic behavior in world hot spots and places where problems have lain under the surface. It can be a volatile year and we must be prepared to take internal action as well as be vocal in support of the higher good and our deepest beliefs.
Health issues are up for many this year ~ especially if you have not been taking care of yourself. Everyone may experience a ‘false start‘ in Wood Horse year so pacing ones self is vital. Whether your work is physical or requires mental stamina, know that stress can take its toll on the body that is detrimental to core energy and performance. We must keep our immune systems strong in Horse Years as we will be stimulated more than we are use to.
My question is how can we find ‘the path of ease’ in all situations this year. Horses can be razor sharp in their focus so I believe with a little fore thought we can plan work so its effortless and effective. The Yang energy of higher, brighter and faster fuels the Fire of the Horse born. Remember that Horses direction on the compass is due south, which evokes heat, passion, intensity, visibility and energy.
Horse energy in its ‘purest’ form is clarity and when combined with independence it can move mountains. This is why any Horse without a strong focus can easily get out of control.
Whether you are content with the herd or whether you run alone your own individuality will show this year especially if you are a Horse. But even if you are not, you will feel that inner spark of your true nature and move towards a better future and stronger goals as a result.




of the CHINESE ZODIAC in the year of


RATS 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, & 2008

Rats sit in the North position on the Bagua /Compass and therefore is directly across from the Horse. Water and Fire are the two most powerful elements and the Rat and Horse are in ‘opposing positions’ in 2014. This makes it an uneasy time for the Rat born. Although the Water in Rats base element can put out the Fire in Horses, its best that Rat hold back this year. With Wood making Horse’s Fire Stronger than ever, the Rat risks creating ‘steam’ of the scorching kind. Rats are better to focus on the long term and keep all extravagance at bay. Its now time to live off all those things you have squirreled away, write your memoirs and concentrating on your health and well being. Do not be tempted to create something new but build on what you have. Rats are usually good with finances and the Horses dynamism may influence your investments positively. Keep a steady course and bide your time, as its a good planning year and 2015 will see more movement in all areas of your life.
For romantics its best here to keep the status quo and make your partners comfort a priority; you will reap the benefits of a happy mate. If single this is not be a year to find a mate. Just know that meaningful relationships are rare be prudent in your choices.


OXEN 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 & 2009

With your base element being water you will have to watch your tendency to be in conflict with the Fire energy that is the base of this Horse year. Best to chill and take your time in all aspects of life this year. Think before you speak, be thoughtful in all your financial dealings and use this year to plan for future endeavors. Next year your ally the Ram/Sheep will be in charge and you can move forward in a more determined way. Romance is not high on the energy coming thru for you but if in a relationship find a way to keep your autonomy while being present for your loved one. Learning to appreciate what others bring to our experiences is a good mediation this year. Heath is favorable so keep up your exercise try less salt in your diet. This alone could be an immense step for over organ health! Do your steady OX thing and the Horse year will show you a new way of being. Late fall will see your energy pick up and move you forward.


TIGERS 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 & 2010

Tigers are the Horses ally and they stand to do well if they do not try to overshadow the Horse energy with their own particular brand of bravado. It can be up and down for Tigers if you are not fully focused on your goals. With clear intentions you will experience the luck and good fortune Horse years bring . Tigers have wood base energy and in a wood year this makes life more fun and brings opportunity knocking. This may lead to expansion in you career or  business. If you are a teacher you may want to write instructional material or a book in your field of expertise. You may find you are drawn to philosophy and spiritual practices.  Horse brings with him the lucky romantic star and it may influence Tigers to be tempted by lusty thoughts and actions. Know that its all about integrity so if in relationship bring that energy home. Overall a potentially powerful and successful year if you do not give into distractions.


RABBIT/CAT 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987,1999, & 2011

For those born this year the sheer force and power of the Wood Horse may find you running to the far corner of you cozy rabbit lair to hide.  You do however have the Wood element in your chart and so even if you feel the need to be cautious I would advise that you take steps to branch out socially and career wise in 2014. Once the Spring is past and summer is well on its way you will feel more confidence to emerge to enjoy and play with this magnificent animal. You too are under the lucky love star and although you will bask in the attention be ware of love triangles. Keeping focused on your work and finances will see you thru the year in a very successful way. Rabbits too have their own luck and in such are able to work with any challenge to better their opportunities. If you are an orator the Wood/Fire combo will allow you to  shine this year. Once you feel the momentum and get use to the wildness, know the Wood Horse is at your back so you can enjoy the ride!


DRAGON 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, & 2012

You also carry Wood energy in your base element and as Spring is your season it matches the energy of this ‘Fiery Wood Horse’. As a powerful being in your own right you can use this energetic alliance to move forth and create things in your life that have alluded you up till now! Travel is in the stars, expansion of your career and all things to do with survival is marked with luck! You match the Horse stride for stride energetically and as this year the horse has ‘wings’ you will fly at his side. Just do not forget that its his year. Spiritual studies and practices are particularly important and will yield amazing results if you are dedicated. Developing your intuition and being tuned in to your inner voice is key this year in many ways. Also a good year for love and romance; you could meet the love of your life or discover your true ‘self love’ capacity. Being present and compassionate for loved ones is also a sweet byproduct of this energetic.


SNAKE 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 & 2013

You are now off the pedestal and can go to your favorite spot and find some peace this year. In your year it does not mean all is roses and for the reposed & quiet snake born it may have been a ‘stretch’ to be the years mentor. A job well done and if you have shed more skins than expected you will need transition time to catch up with the energy of the Wood Horse year. If you sacrificed to be in the spot light in 2013 you will be rewarded by having a good financial year in 2014. Business will prosper so be careful that you do not take on more than you can chew. Its good to go with the energy when its there but remember that you will have to take special care with your immune system in a Wood Horse year, so take it easy. It is your natural tendency to sit still and watch but Horses dynamic influence will affect even the ‘cool snake’. The energy of the romantic lucky star shines on Snakes and you may tie the knot with that special some one this year! Being present for all your relationships will result in the reaping of rewards of the highest nature.

Words for SNAKE born ~  GRATITUDE,  HEALTH, & LOVE

HORSES 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

Its your year to rule so the question is ~ are you up for the job? Typically the animal in the spotlight is just that ‘on show’ . Although this is a natural stance for  the Horse born, you will have to pace yourself and watch for the pitfalls of being on top. Taking care of your health and having strong intentions for what you want to achieve this year can bring success that is immeasurable! Its going to be fast and furious for many this year and you are no exception. As a Horse you have the advantage of knowing how to ride out your year, enjoying the fun along the way. Your energy will be so high you will feel like you have an endless reserve so so taking care of your health is key. The Fire of your base element will power you up as summer approaches but even horses will have to replenish at times. Take time alone get rest and make methodical exercise such as Tai Chi an important part of your routine. You have much to share but be careful not to drain your personal finances. You will make gains but must be careful to save and conserve on the money arena. The lucky love star rides with you this year but it may not affect you directly! Best to focus on your career goals as love will bite you again next year when you will be more able to give it the attention it needs. WORDS for HORSE born ~ HEALTH, CAREER & FINANCIAL RESTRAINT

SHEEP/GOAT 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015

 The Goat born will do well this year if he/she can exercise restraint in money and market speculations! Fall will be better for this individual but your tendency to do high wire acts on the cliffs will have you seeking adventure. The Fire of your base element will add to that desire so its best used in travel and romantic adventures. Taking care of past financial commitments will serve you well. Male Sheep born have the gift of oratory and can be a spokesperson for groups needing help this year. Female Sheep have more influence in family and intimate affairs when it comes to sharing wisdom and advice. A powerful year in many areas so focus on what is important and get rid of all excess. Love and romance will be exciting but you may want to stray from your current relationship. If single you would be well advised to play the field till later in the fall when you cab better focus on one person. Health is good but exercise is vital and down time crucial for the energized Sheep in 2014.

MONKEY 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 & 2016

If last year did not yield the results you expected, take heart. Last years ups and downs may continue for the first months of 2014 but know that each downturn is at a higher level and you will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you make in the long run. A good year to diversify your financial portfolio and seek new areas in which to invest. Career is on a steady up rise and it points to traveling as an asset for advancement. A good year for a move; either to locate nearby or across the globe. Although the love star shines in this Horse year your romantic interests will not be as fun or exciting as the last few years. If you have a partner things will be steady and if not just enjoy those you meet and focus on career and finances as your romantic life will pick up next year. Your health will benefit  from routine which will allow your stamina to keep up with the wild wood Horse energy. Know that stress jeopardizes your immune system so diet and meditation is key for Monkeys this year.

ROOSTER 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, & 2017

This year can go either way for Rooster Born as the Horse will stand out and the showy Rooster will be in the limelight! Fire Roosters will do better than most. Still the best of the Horse year will not come forth if you just strut your stuff; it will require work and focus. You will get caught up in the Horses party and tend to slack off by mid summer so have some tricks up your sleeve for fall. Its your time of year and any seeds you sew now will start showing its fruits by October. Keep in mind those of you with a strong intentions will do well in all areas including career and finances.The love star may strike you but not in the best ways. Volatile and explosive encounters are not unusual or foreign to you and although exciting you will do well to be cautious. Focus on making lasting friendships as the Goat Year in 2015 will be more fruitful in the love department. Investments have potential for Roosters in Horse years  but nothing is guaranteed so watch where you put your pennies. Money will flow for you in 2014 , but you will have to exercise restraint!


DOG 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 & 2018

This year the Dog is a main player as you are the last of the ‘3 animal ally’ with Horse and Tiger. It stands to be an amazing ‘break out year’ for Dog born!Although it may be a bumpy ride on that wild horse you do better seeing whats coming than trying to sense what the illusive snake created for you last year. 2014 is the time to have fun and time to get down and focus on your long range plan! Bringing strong intentions to your future is fueled by the horses wild energy. Your tendency to hold back and wait will not work in a Horse year, especially this one. Making a strong move and really getting out there with your desires will have you reaching goals you thought impossible. When you move past your stubbornly loyal nature to put yourself first, your life will change. Rely on your instincts and gut feelings rather than your logic this year. A great time to explore the creative arts such as music, acting, cooking and or bringing your deep creativity to any job you do. You romantic life will be steady and there will be comfort in being with old friends while making new!


PIG 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 & 2019

This year could prove to be a slow and steady year in business but an amazing year when it comes to making new friends and having fun. Pigs steady slow nature will be challenged by the rapid dynamic Horse energy. If you do not take yourself so seriously you can really benefit from the movement and fiery energy this year presents. You will shine in areas that see you interacting with people. A great year to volunteer for groups that you are passionate about. Pigs are generally lucky and so its time to share the wealth with your wining personality and charm. The opportunity to put yourself out there will show you the joy you can share and partake in. Health issues may arise if you are not proactive with exercises and good diet. Cut down you use of salt you will drop excess water and ease stress on your organs. You have an amazing constitution but this is not the year to push it. Financial restraint is advised as 2015 will be more a year for breaking out than this one.


333 Moon Gate graphic




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 FINAL 33 Jan Newsletter


The year of the Wood ‘Spirit’ Horse will lack the subtlety of the Snakes charm ~ This particular horse will be the polar opposite of the Water Snake (which was Yin and feminine) as at its core is Fire. Horse sits in the South on the Bagua ( Feng Shui compass) giving Fire to Horse as is its base element. We know that WOOD feeds FIRE in 2014 we call this WOOD /FIRE year being double Yang! The color Green and the Spring season is associated with Wood. Thus the GREEN WOOD HORSE will be nothing less than trans formative.

These last days of 2013 Water Snake bring with it huge transition. Opposite to the Fire of Summer, which the Wood Horse will kick us into, Water carries the deep isolation and inner quality of Winter. Moving from the watery depth into the fast pace of the Wood Horse may jolt us all awake in ways for which we are not prepared.

As we wade thru the downside of post holiday energy, expense & the toll of long nights and cold, we acknowledge that this is the most difficult of all seasons as we await the springs arrival. The ebb and flow of winter that can continually knock us back into the depths. Since the solstice the sun stays with us a few more minutes every day we are encouraged


red calig

Traditional calligraphy uses the energy of the word it depicts. The calligraphy is my interpretation of one form of Horse.

The watery snake has awakened our intuitions and our illusions. Its showed us her beauty and allowed us to feel deeply on many levels. Water is emotions and vital life force energy. It takes us to the depths of winter contemplation & into the bubbling movement of spring. From here we are able to immerse in the heat of summer then acquiesce to the stillness of fall. All encompassing water energy also creates the cools mists that reveal partial truths and the frozen realms of where we get stuck in our own dramas. The culmination of of Waters influence show us what is hidden is real and what we think is real is hidden. Such is the we are possibly able to sense the illusions form the truth in our own lives! Personally I am noticing unusually warm days in January and the promise of spring right around the corner, full knowing that the temperature may drop to a deep freeze any moment. That hope & promise disappears and I have nothing to refer to any longer. I sense that the beginnings of the Wood Horse Year will be somewhat like that and we should be prepared to be ‘present and compassionate’ with what ever shows up. I think that it is a crucial time to be resolved to set strong and positive intentions for the coming year and to face all the things now that we have put off. I encourage an emotional as well as physical spring clearing to bring Clarity to mind body and spirit . Remember things never change drastically unless its unexpected!



When Della Burford asked me to present on the Year of the Horse at her Artist /Writing Workshop in Bali I was looking at an image of Nyai Loro Kidul. She is the Indonesian goddess that rules part of the ocean near the SW coast of Java. I have had a wooden mage of the goddess in my van for years.  She looks like a mermaid with wings! I see her energy as that of a powerful goddess sourcing the depths and always ready to burst forth with what she finds there.
It then hit me ~ the Water Snake , illusive and because of the refraction of light in water we never know where she is ~ this is how 2013 has been ~ She worked her magic and showed up when we least expect her! Shifting, shedding skin, throwing curve balls ~ abundance one minute, loss the next ~ always a step ahead and always working the in the watery realms & emotional forces. Her life giving and life energizing water ~ fluid, buoyant alternately suffocating if we are not fully relaxed~ challenging and some what demanding.
Now picture the total transformation of that energy with a WINGED HORSE bursting out of that watery slumber to fly up and into the sun, rain and all that exists above! This creature is very Male , very focused, independent & charismatic For me this the ‘SPIRIT’  source of the WOOD HORSES drive, power and momentum ~ Welcome Spirit Horse ~ winged one & teacher.Vic poster