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Charlyne’s first book….

‘Elemental Feng Shui ~ The Art of Orientation’ 

was released in August 22, 2018 and is available at

Interior Design, Feng Shui Design, Landscape Garden Activation & Energy Clearing with a focus to Harmonious, Balanced, Functional & Aesthetic Environments that align us with the Genus Loci or Spirit of Place

                              M. Charlyne Chiasson B.I.D., D.F.S 

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Charlyne in the entrance of a Chinese Temple, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 2014

Charlyne in the entrance of a Chinese Temple, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 2014

Sustainable design embraces both new and old concepts. We live in exciting yet challenging times. Our global and economic awareness calls for exploration of not only new technologies but the ability to harness age old techniques & practices to find ecological solutions. This encompasses all aspects of life from well designed shelter, to generating physical and emotional health with the support of our landscapes, environments and gardens.

My role as an interior designer is to lead people to what sustains us, allows us rest, sanctuary, productivity and well being. My role as a Feng Shui designer with a background in geomantic awareness and activated landscape/garden knowledge is to educate and empower you to and create these landscapes and discover these environments.

Our external landscapes affect our inner spaces. A beautiful home sitting across from a garbage dump becomes lessened by the proximity. A little shack in the woods besides a stream verdant with wildlife and birds can feel like a palace.
Homes should reflect who we are plus bring rejuvenation and a sense of well being to our lives. Businesses should stimulate our creativity and productivity. The gardens, landscapes & environments that surround us should support our intentions and offer inspiration.

True sustainability goes beyond the aesthetics of design, to the ‘life force energy’, ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ that supports all life on the planet. We  feel as much as see the impact of landscapes and interior spaces. Understanding and working with the visual as well as the invisible is core to my design awareness. Dowsing is a way to quantify and validate sensations beyond the visual and then allow this sensitivity to create balanced, functional and aesthetic solutions.

Most of you are familiar with ‘water dowsing’ to locate wells and  community water sources. But did you know that there hundreds of ‘energies’ that can be dowsed for that may affect your choice of land or a home or business location. Unseen influences can affect the quality of life we experience within our homes and and work environments.

My design education, skill and experience with interiors and landscapes, as well as my my extensive training in QI -Mag™ Feng Shui and Geomancy allows me to practice and teach a new way to both observe and create space. Environments and structures that allow us peace and rest create true sustainability.

The concept of sustainability has been a big part of good design over the ages. Classic, simple and renewable options have gifted us with the timelessness of the Zen /Tao & Persian gardens. Architecture like the Taj Mahal, the Blue Mosque and Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘eco’ and geophysical innovations are but some samples of inspired design.

As a culture of humanity we are now asking questions we once avoided. We are realizing that the time is now to seek ways for shifting our footprint on the planet, yet maintain a quality of life that we can enjoy. A quality of life that we can share with our families, friends & neighbors; those across the street and those across the planet.

ADARSA: Elemental Design seeks to bringing all of these objectives together. With the core values rooted in deep ecology, Adarsa allows the wisdom of Feng Shui and Geomancy to inspire original & innovative design concepts and solutions.


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